Mobility and Reintegration Programme of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) - Call Open

MoRePro is Mobility and Reintegration Programme of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). It represents an effort of SAS to attract outstanding researchers and provide them with adequate conditions and support for their scientific work. It is also a means of internationalisation, support of mobility as an inherent part of the scientific career, and finally, help Slovak researchers with returning back home.

Who is it intended for?

For scientists that posses PhD or equivalent degree while they are not limited by the age or their work experience after obtaining PhD (or equivalent) degree. They can be foreign or Slovak scientists currently operating abroad or in the Slovak Republic and with the interest in working at some SAS organisation and implement their project there. Applicants could not be employees of any SAS organisation within 12 months before application submission except applicants after the long-term stay abroad of at least 3 years duration that have been hired maximum 6 months before application submission.

What is the Programme MoRePro offering?

MoRePro Programme offers high level of freedom in choosing the best suiting research topic as well as adequate funding for its investigation. Successful applicants can be hired for up to 4 year-long stay. SAS has quality infrastructure in its disposal together with the wide network of active national and international cooperation. Its 45 scientific organisations guarantee possibilities of inter- and multidisciplinary approach.

What is the Programme MoRePro requesting?

Quality – at the side of applicant, proposed project as well as at the side of cooperation between the scientist and the host organisation. Ability of applicant to acquire additional funding for the implementation of the project and his/her potential to prepare and submit competitive ERC project. Effort to grow as a future leader and to develop international cooperation.

Application to the Programme is submitted via the online system following the call announced.

Deadline for application is 27 September 2019.

Template of application and structured CV, and other documents can be found in the section Downloads.

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