French-Indonesian Science and Technology Cooperation Program (NUSANTARA) - Call 2018 Open

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The objective of NUSANTARA is to promote and support new projects of scientific and technological cooperation, between French and Indonesian researchers in both public and private sectors. This call is Excellence based.

Deadline: 13 October 2017


The programme is open to the following research fields (not to Nuclear, Defense or Military technologies):

- Food Technology;

- Energy (new and renewable energy);

- Health and Medicine;

- Marine and Maritime Technology;

- Transportation Technology;

- Information and Communication Technology;

- Human and Social sciences;

- Advanced material, i.e. nanotechnology;

- Climate change and the preservation of the environment: animal and vegetal biodiversity; water, land, climactic changes;

- Assessment and prevention of natural risks and or disaster management – including early warning system which involve geological, seismic, volcanic, climactic, geomagnetic Sci.

The call details are attached.


call_for_proposals_nusantara_2018.pdf (403.76 KB)