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Sustainable Finance in the Global South



Join us for the Sustainable Finance Research Forum's latest event, dedicated to how to scale up Sustainable Finance in the Global South. Learn about financing the transition to a sustainable economy in low and middle-income countries.


This new —exclusively online— event by the Sustainable Finance Research Forum will have a specific focus on low and middle-income countries.

It will feature three keynote speeches:

  • one by Antoni Ballabriga (Global Head of Responsible Business, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria);
  • one by Nicola Ranger (Senior Researcher, University of Oxford);
  • one by Kenneth Amaeshi (European University Institute).

The three following sessions will complement the program:

  • Round table: How can research support the industry?
  • A research perspective on financing strategies.
  • One size does not fit all: Country case studies.

The event will be held online.


Date & Duration
- (9am - 5:15pm)
Brussels, Belgium
green economy


Aiming for a sustainable economy and living in a sustainable society —that's it: safely co-existing on Earth over a long time— are not EU-exclusive goals. Sustainability is a global goal.

Helping EU partner countries in accessing finance for their sustainable infrastructure projects is especially crucial, particularly those countries that have more difficulties in attracting sustainable investments.

For this reason, this new event by the Sustainable Finance Research Forum will have a specific focus on sustainable finance in low and middle-income countries. During the event, researchers and practitioners will meet to discuss current challenges related to sustainable finance in the Global South. In particular, the Forum will:

  • share views and experiences with the financial sector’s community, both in EU and partner countries, including case studies shedding light on partner countries’ specificities;
  • foster knowledge exchange between researchers and the financial community, on how to scale up sustainable finance in the Global South;
  • discuss challenges and opportunities regarding sustainable investment in emerging and developing economies;
  • increase investors’ appetite for research on sustainable finance and related data and intelligence, given low and middle-income countries’ specific challenges.

This will contribute to provide good, policy relevant, scientific research to feed the experts’ recommendations to the Commission.

The Sustainable Finance Research Forum provides an open platform to discuss approaches and experiences of academics and policy officers with financial sector practitioners to strengthen the role of open science and knowledge sharing between the financial sector and the research community.


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