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ASEAN BCG Researcher Development Programme



The Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model or BCG has been introduced by the research community and promoted by the Thai government as a new economic model that supports inclusive and sustainable growth while reducing waste, pollution and dependence on finite resources. 
In January 2022 the ASEAN BCG Network was launched as a coalition of public, private and non-government organizations in ASEAN committed to BCG who are focused on building capacity in research, development and technology diffusion to enable the adoption of applicable technologies for sustainable development. The network will serve as a gateway to catalyse collaboration with other non-ASEAN organizations in research, technology demonstration, technology localization and commercialization on BCG.
Programme Overview
The programme consists of 2 phases. The 1st Phase will offer opportunities for ASEAN researchers to improve essential researcher skills such as critical thinking, science communication, and networking skills through a series of online courses.
In Phase 2, 30 researchers selected from the 1st phase will participate in an on-site program in Thailand. Mentors will work with researchers to strengthen their proposal writing and project leadership skills and support them in developing a research funding proposal that can respond to global food, energy, and environmental challenges.

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Date & Duration
- (2 - 3pm)
Career Development


Session 1 'ASEAN Foresight and Sustainable Development Goals' (1 February 2023) - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Session 2 'How to communicate your science effectively' (15 February 2023) - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Session 3 'Design-thinking your research career' (22 February 2023) - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Session 4 'Managing your research career' (1 March 2023) - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Session 5 'Research Collaboration' (8 March 2023) WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Coming up

Session 6 'Writing for scientific journals' (22 March 2023) REGISTER

Session 7 'Proposal Writing for international funding' (29 March 2023) REGISTER

Session 8 'Scientific Presentations' (5 April 2023) REGISTER

Session 9 'Networking skills' (27 April 2023) REGISTER



ASEAN BCG Network with the support of EURAXESS ASEAN