European Innovation Council (EIC) Horizon Prize: Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid

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The European Commission has launched the first of six European Innovation Council (EIC) Horizon Prizes on Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid.
The Prize on Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid will reward the best, proven, cost-effective, tech-based solutions for Humanitarian Aid and will amount to €5m. Five prizes of EUR 1 million will be awarded, one in each of the following categories:
a) shelter and related assistance;
b) water, sanitation and hygiene;
c) energy; d) health and medical care; and
e) open category.
Technologies include – but are not limited to – nanotechnologies, advanced materials or 3D printing.The contest is open to all legal entities (i.e. natural or legal persons, including international organisations) or groups of legal entities. Please refer to the call text for details.
Joint applications by a group of participants are admitted. In this case, the participants must appoint a 'lead participant' to represent them towards the Commission. The participants will be jointly responsible and must all fulfil and respect the conditions set out in these Rules of Contest. Applications must be submitted by the (lead) participant via the Participant Portal Submission Service.
Deadline for registration of interest: 15 September 2019
Deadline for submission:15 January 2020
All details can be found here.
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