EURAXESS ASEAN Workshops on Effective Proposal Preparation and Science Communication for Researchers in Thailand

    Thailand, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Bangkok, Songkla
    European Commission

A series of workshops for researchers in Thailand on how to prepare a successful proposal for European research funding programs, as well as on how to communicate your science effectively. These workshops are co-organised by EURAXESS ASEAN and NSTDA with the support of the Thailand-EU Policy Dialgues Suport Facility (PDSF) The workshops will take place in Chiang Mai on 4-5 September, Khon Kaen on 7-8 September, Bangkok on 11-12 September, and Songkla on 10-11 September. These workshops are free of charge but registration is required. For more information on these workshops and to register please click here


About the trainers


Dr. Jose Sepulveda, Director at Applied Research and Technology for Infocomm Centre, Singapore Polytechnic in Singapore

A science and technology professional with extensive international experience focused on technology forecasting, innovation management, and technology productization. He combines his Science background, with his training in Business and Intellectual Property to identify and address, the needs of the market with technological solutions. During his career, he has produced technological solutions for P&G, NXP, NEC, HP, Houston Children’s Museum, and a long list of SMEs. He has worked all over the world focusing on a wide range of projects including, Data Analysis, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Biomedical data analysis, Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things. He is now living in Singapore where he works on translational technology as Director of ARTIC.



Dr. Sanna Fowler

Deputy Director of Development, EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Originally an immunologist, Sanna decided shortly after her PhD at Oxford that the lab bench was probably better off without her. After a career curveball into sports marketing and communication with the America’s Cup sailing team Alinghi, she is happy to have found her way back to science: not in the lab, but in communication and fundraising. She is part of a dynamic team at EPFL, responsible for sharing the school’s incredible discovery and innovation and raising the profile of the institution internationally. Sanna is still passionate about science and feels we are living in a time of silent revolution: democratising knowledge and breaking down the barriers between science and society. She has managed several ‘out of the box’ communication projects including Technologist – a radically different European science magazine, Fusebox – a crowdsourced innovation platform, as well as conferences and exhibitions aimed at the general public.