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4 European Industrial Doctorate Positions in H2020 EID MOSAICS (auditory implants)

A call for four PhD positions is open within the context of the recently granted European Industrial Doctorate (EID) project MOSAICS - European Industrial Doctorate to train experts in auditory implants for minimized outcome spread and maximized participation in society. MOSAICS, led by the partnership between Cochlear Ltd., the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, and the Radboud Medical Centre, world-class centre for hearing related research, will help provide innovative hearing product solutions.

The objective of the project is to understand, identify, and intervene on the unexplained variability in outcomes among adult cochlear implants (CI) users by adopting a novel multidisciplinary approach that includes engineering, biophysics, neuroscience and psychology.

4 early stage researchers (ESR) with different backgrounds will be trained to face the variability challenges within the field of adult cochlear implantation. Especially, they will focus on those CI adults doing rather poorly with their CI. In order to cover all aspects of the holistic framework, the 4 ESRs will closely collaborate. The 4 ESRs will look beyond the clinical predictors and metrics that are currently being used in the clinical routine. The ESRs will be offered the possibility to have secondments at Artinis Medical Systems BV (Netherlands), the Ida Institute (Denmark), the Maastricht University Medical Center (Netherlands), the Hannover Medical School (Germany), the Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland) and the VU University Medical Center (Netherlands) depending on the project they are assigned to.

How to Apply

Application Deadline is 30 September 2019