3 PhD positions in artificial tactile systems in European Training Network "NeuTouch"

3 PhD positions are available on the MSCA ITN NeuTouch.

Recruitment is for the following research themes.

1. Characterization of spiking activity of tactile afferents

6. Spiking Neural Networks for information representation and decoding

14. Neural nanowire based tactile skin

Details on the research themes.

APPLICATION is via the project's website.

NeuTouch aims at improving artificial tactile systems, by training a new generation of researchers that study how human and animal’s tactile systems work, develop a new type of technology that is based on the same principles, and use this technology for building robots that can help humans in daily tasks and artificial limbs that can give the user the sensation of real touch.

The successful candidates will be part of an international and multi-disciplinary network of universities and research centres, that are expert in the three main areas of scientific research needed to successfully accomplish the ultimate goals of the project: neuroscience, modelling and computational neuroscience, neuromorphic engineering, robotics and prosthetics. The network is also completed by small industries and spin-off companies where students will deploy, validate and test their know-how in real products. The union of scientific world and companies is the key to provide a complete education to students, encompassing best scientific practice and entrepreneurship, giving this new generation of researchers the capability to bring innovation to the scientific community and to the industrial world, leading to the development of science that will have a direct impact in society/will respond to the needs of people.