20 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Molecular Biology on international postdoctoral fellowship programme EIPOD4

How to apply

1. Read the guide to applicants available here.

2. Watch one of the two webinars provided by the EIPOD team:

3. Develop an interdisciplinary project proposal. This will be submitted as part of your application (see 7). The provided project template (available here) must be used.

4. Contact an EMBL host. EMBL’s research groups can be screened by research unit and topic. Make sure the group leader(s) you are interested are participating in the call. Participating EMBL hosts are available here.

5. Choose an EMBL partner: Not sure who to choose? Most EMBL hosts have suggested collaborators (see collaborator link for the EMBL host you are interested in on the participating faculty page available here). Discuss with your EMBL host.

6. Choose an External partner if relevant: Optional for the academic track. Mandatory at the time of submission for the clinical (clinical partner needed) and industry tracks (Industry partner). Not sure who to ask? Discuss with your EMBL host. Check collaborator suggestions from your EMBL host listed on the participating faculty page.

7. Open an application. The link to the online application database is available here. It will be possible to open an application in the database when the call opens on June 15th.

For your application to be eligible the following is required:

  • The application must be submitted via the programme's online application platform.

  • Applicants must meet the programme's academic and mobility requirements.

  • Two letters of reference submitted via the online application database and due at the application deadline. Please note that we only accept references from institutional email addresses. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their referees submit their reference by the call deadline.

  • The proposal must use the provided project proposal template and respect the formating guidelines and page limits (see the Guide to Applicants).

  • Letter of support from the EMBL host (download template letter for signature here). Please have it signed by your EMBL host and upload it in the “Confirmation from EMBL project host” section of your application.

  • Letter of support from external partner if relevant (download template letter for signature here). Please have the form signed by your external partner and upload it in the “Project section” of your application. After you enter the name and affiliation of your external partner in the relevant field you will be prompted to upload the signed letter of support from the external partner.

The table below contains important dates in the application and evaluation process.



June 15th-September 9th

2020 EIPOD call is open

September 10th

Submitted applications are checked for eligibility

September 16th-28th

Evaluation of eligible applications by external experts

October 8th

Short-listing committee meets

October 12th

EIPOD office sends out invitations

November 30th & December 1st

Visit of candidates to labs involved in their EIPOD projects

December 1st, 17:00

Welcome event for interviewing candidates at EMBL Heidelberg

December 2nd and 3rd

EIPOD Interviews at EMBL Heidelberg