Matchmaking fairs for researchers interested in business, by European EURAXESS Network - Researchers2Businesses

MATCHMAKING FAIRS - Researchers2Businesses

EURAXESS network members are inviting you for online matchmaking fairs Researchers2Businesses organised as part of EURAXESS Hubs project.

Our aim is to provide researchers with an opportunity to discover variety of existing career opportunities outside academia and for companies to facilitate the connection with this talent via thematically focused online events.

Special oportunities for refugee researchers are also welcome to be presented to shelter talents escaping conflicts.

Events are free of charge.


Companies: with research, technology development and innovation or related activities carried out in Europe, i.e. with headquarters or branches located in 42 countries where EURAXESS Network is represented. All types of organisations (private, public, non-for-profit) and all company sizes are welcome.

Early-stage researchers and postdocs: PhD students and postdocs primarily within up to 8 years after graduating from PhD studies, conducting research in Europe or outside Europe. Researchers escaping from conflict zones are very welcome to participate.

*Organisers will select participants so they fit well into the overall concept of the matchmaking fair and will try to provide fair opportunities

TOPICS AND DATES            

All early-stage researchers, postdocs and companies generating new knowledge, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions in the field of Health & Wellbeing and Climate, Environment & Mobility are welcome to participate.

Health & Wellbeing, June 6 - 7th, 2022

Climate, Environment & Mobility, June 20th, 2022


Fairs will consist mainly of 1 on 1 meetings of researchers with company representatives. Company representatives shall be available for at least 12 personal 1 on 1 meetings. Here researchers and companies can focus on sharing achievements, discussing typical positions available for staff with research background, their responsibilities, ways of cooperation with academic institutions, specific career and cooperation offers. Scheduling of individual meetings in the defined time slots will be possible in advance as well as during the course of the event based on the agreement of both sides.

Companies will also be given the opportunity to present their activities in parallel group sessions and researchers to hear about companies´ portfolios.

Health & Wellbeing

Climate, Environment & Mobility


Online registration is open for up to 150 young researchers and for up to 50 companies per event. The registration process is two-step. After the registration process is closed, the organisers will take a look at all registration profiles and will contact all participants to inform them if they were accepted for the fair participation and how to proceed with building the profile in the platform where the event will be hosted.

Participants can register via the links provided under the specific fair below.

Health & Wellbeing, Registration

Climate, Environment & Mobility, Registration


In case of any questions, please contact us at: euraxess@saia.sk


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