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Monday 25 September 2017, EURAXESS China in cooperation with the European Delegation in China and the Italian Cultural Institute in Beijing, held a Workshop on Europe-China Join Research Structures. The event attracted more than 150 participants from Joint Research Centers and Joint Labs around China.

The morning session included an overview of the developments of these kind of partnerships as well as a panel of representatives from six successful Joint Research Structures that discussed the best cases as well as the main challenges of their projects.

The afternoon broke the participants into 4 parallel working groups discussion the topics of

  1. Researchers' Mobility
  2. Access to Funding
  3. Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Legal Status of Joint Research Structures

The outcomes of each groups will be used as a base for a report that will be coming out soon. All outcomes will be published at the Platform for Europe-China Joint Research Structures alongside many other information for Joint Research Structures, such as a Directory of these structures, overview of recent years' development, handbook on how to establish joint research structures and instructions how to connect with a network of people involved in these structures.

See more pictures from the workshop here.

Download the presentations from the workshop

2016 Mapping Study

144 Joint Research Structures Identified. Go here to visit the directory. See analysis of the results below.

•The current round closed on 30 November 2016.

•144 joint research structures from 14 countries identified (Science Counsellors, 2013 list, EURAXESS mapping)

•Non-exhaustive list - new ones keep coming on board

Growth Over Time


Locations in China

•28% in Beijing

•25% in Shanghai

•Other notable cities: Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi‘an





Chinese Partners





Size and Type





Division by Fields



Word Clouds by Fields



Go here to download the Handbook on How to Establish a Europe-China Joint Research Structure (2013).

An updated version will be published in 2017.



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