IMPORTANT NEWS: Become a member of the RESAVER pension fund and attract top researchers on mobility

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Invitation to join EU pension fund for researchers

The first pan-European pension fund RESAVER, is now operational. Organisations across Europe employing mobile researchers are now invited to join the multi-country and multi-employer pension arrangement.

RESAVER is a state-of-the-art occupational pension solution designed to meet the needs of the European research sector. It is a flexible pension arrangement that can be adapted to the requirements of each institution and each country, while complying with national social and labour laws.

RESAVER is an occupational pension plan which:



Is open to both public and private institutions that employ researchers in the European Economic Area (EEA)

Enables employees to remain affiliated to the same pension vehicle when moving between countries and employers

It is also open to non-mobile employees

Is set up for the benefit of researchers but can also be used for other employees within an organisation

Is supplementary to social security pension systems


By becoming a member of the RESAVER Pension Fund, research organisations will be able to attract top-tier researchers by offering them a pension that is compatible with mobility. Organisations will also benefit from a more efficient management of pension plans and lower over-head costs through economies of scale. In addition, employees enrolled in RESAVER will benefit from lower fees and best-in-class investment opportunities.

We would very much welcome the participation of your organisation in RESAVER Pension Fund as this will contribute to improving working conditions for mobile researchers across the European Economic Area. It will also bring us one step closer towards the creation of a genuine European open labour market for researchers within the European Research Area.


Please refer to factsheet attached for more details.

To follow progress with RESAVER, please visit www.resaver.eu for updates.

For further information, contact: resaver@aonhewitt.com