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Ref LXI_MSCA_25 - Postdoc candidate for a MSCA PF in Data Privacy, Protection, Information Technology Law, Private International Law and GDPR Certification

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    15/05/2021 23:30 - Europe/Brussels
    HE / MSCA
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    The European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP) (application management through Luxinnovation)

The European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP) is interested in hosting a postdoctoral fellow within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship programme.


     Please note that this opportunity is not a funded position (yet); it depends on

     1. The organization selecting you for continuing the process and

     2. A successful proposal written mostly by you (with some input from your host

        organization in Luxembourg) and submitted before September 15th 2021.     



Project idea

The project should be related to compliance of data processing with the GDPR and other applicable regulations on personal data protection. A particular interest in comparative law with other jurisdictions, as well as in GDPR compliance with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart industry, etc. The project will be linked to Europrivacy, an innovative certification scheme developed in the H2020 European Research Programme for assessing and certifying the GDPR compliance of data processing activities, including in the domain of emerging technologies, and with the support of innovative technological enablers.


Offer Requirements

ECCP is looking for a post-doctoral fellow with demonstrated interest in personal data protection and privacy, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies, as well as with a deep understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Knowledge of or interest in non-EU personal data protection regulations would be an asset. Privacy-related or DPO certificates (e.g. IAPP CIPP/E) would be an asset. We will consider candidates with a PhD in law, cybersecurity, international relations, or political sciences. Our highly motivated and resourceful team is seeking and enthusiastic candidate with international experience, strong communication skills (written and spoken fluency in English, knowledge of legal terminology) as well as with practical and technical manner of thinking who is dynamic in accomplishing their duties.


Institute description

The European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP) is specialised in research and innovation in the data protection and certification domain. It was established as a result of the research project in the context of the European research programme Horizon 2020. ECCP is particularly active in Privacy and Personal Data Protection with a focus on data protection assessment and certification, as well as in legal compliance with emerging tecnologies such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, V2X, etc. ECCP is working in close cooperation with several European partners and is directly connected to several European research projects, including:

  • The SECAN Lab of the University of Luxembourg, which is a lead research centre on cybersecurity and ICT technology, including SDN, NFV and IPv6
  • IoT Lab, which is a researcher centre based in Geneva active in IoT and digital transformation research
  • The Italian Institute for Privacy (IIP), which is a major centre of expertise in privacy and personal data protection, encompassing national and European norms, obligations, and law.
  • The European Law Student Association (ELSA)
  • Archimede Solutions a research partner specialized in data protection related research and involved in several European research projects


ECCP is leading research in personal data protection, compliance and emerging technologies. It research and develops innovative models of certification combining ISO models with emerging technologies and standards. It is also working with IoT Lab as a European centre for IPv6 certification. It is supporting certification of information and communication technologies, encompassing products, services, and information management systems. It is also directly supporting certification and labelling services such as the IPv6 Ready Logo programme. ECCP is in charge of maintaining and further developing the Europrivacy Certification Scheme on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance assessment. It is supported by an International Board of Experts in data protection.


About Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship

The MSCA PF are postdoctoral fellowships, financed through the European Commission for 2 year positions, covering salary and research costs of the researchers, who can come from anywhere in the world. The evaluation process of these programmes is more about the project and the career development of the candidate, than his/her publication record. The organizations in Luxembourg that want to host such talented researchers include large public research organizations as well as private companies that offer interesting job perspectives after completion of the fellowship.

Minimal eligibility criteria

  • Individual: applicant applies together with host institute
  • PhD at the deadline (PhD date cannot be more than 8 years ago)
  • Not working or living in Luxembourg for longer than 12 months before the call deadline
  • For rules see here or contact your NCP


How to apply

Please fill out the application form until May 15th 2021 – please note that we cannot accept applications without the application form. We need your CV with a list of publications and if relevant a short project proposal (maximum 3 pages) as well as the offer reference you are interested in. You can also send several fine-tuned CVs if you are interested in multiple positions – please fill out a new application form in that case. Make sure you address the text and requirements mentioned by the respective hosts.

Please note that applications are made through Luxinnovation, your contact point for Horizon Europe in Luxembourg, before being handed over to the host company.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.


Luxinnovation, the Luxembourgish Innovation agency and National Contact Point for MSCA, will support both you and your future host institute during your application phase. For all applicants coming to Luxembourg we offer guidance documents, webinars, training in proposal writing and we will review your proposals if you wish so (depending on our availability). In 2019, MSCA IF proposals from Luxembourg had an average success rate of 28.5%, and proposals reviewed by our service 42%.

More information can be found on our website.

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  • Privacy
  • Information Technology Law
  • Private International Law
  • GDPR Certification
  • Personal Data Protection




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