Project Partnership Offer

    31/12/2020 16:30 - Europe/Brussels
    Turkey, Istanbul
    Bahçeşehir University

I am Ali Veysel Ozden, MD, Ph.D. I am the co-founder of Vagustim, which is a wearable bilateral non-invasive auricular vagus nerve stimulation device. I have expertise in physiatry so i have been dealing with neuromodulation since 2007 and in addition autonomic nervous system since 2010. I have written a book about autonomic nervous system dysfunction and related disorders in 2015. I am looking for project partners as we are planning to apply for a Horizon 2020 project on this subject.


Stress factors lead to cause increased activity in the sympathetic nervous system. In this case, the sympathetic system creates a common response in the body and can significantly suppress the parasympathetic nervous system activity. This disruption of the body’s coherence also brings with it long-term discomforts associated with autonomic dysfunction (a disorder of ANS activity). In the long term, this situation may cause chronic pain, headache, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal problems, cardiac problems, and etc.


The electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve increases parasympathetic activity. Thus, the disorder in the autonomic nervous system can be balanced, the increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system can be controlled. As a result, stress-related diseases can be treated and eliminated.


Our solution, vagustim device, stimulates auricular vagus nerve bilaterally from concha and tragus parts noninvasively. It has bluetooth connection with the mobile application and the current can be customized. Also the device can gather personal data via smart watches or by the mobile phone itself.


For project collaborations, please send an email to aliveysel.ozden@hes.bau.edu.tr


Keywords: vagus, vagus nerve, nervus vagus, vagus nerve stimulation, nervous system, sympathetic, parasympathetic, autonomic, autonomic dysfunction, headaches, depression, neurodegenerative, neurology, gastrointestinal, recovery.


Note: I am planning to apply for a Horizon 2020 project as a coordinator on the subject I have mentioned above. This advertisement is to find project partners who are experienced on the subject. I have not applied for the project yet. Project funds will be available if the project application is accepted.



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