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Professor Jean-Jacques Helesbeux is seeking a fellow for MSCA PF 2023 in Medicinal Chemistry

8 Dec 2022

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EU Research Framework Programme
49035 ANGERS Cedex


Organisation / Company
Université d'Angers
Faculty of Health
SONAS Laboratory
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Higher Education Institute
40 rue de Rennes - BP 73532


Professor Jean-Jacques Helesbeux is seeking a fellow for MSCA PF 2023 in Medicinal Chemistry in SONAS Laboratory from the University of Angers, France.

About SONAS Laboratory

SONAS research interests are focusing on natural products chemistry with numerous projects dealing with metabolomic approaches, the development of analytical methods and procedures (mass spectrometry, NMR-based dereplication protocols), the valorization of natural products and structural analogues in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and for the management of plant diseases. This last research theme is linked to organic chemistry and the development of (semi-)synthetic strategies to access new derivatives with improved pharmacological profile and biological activities. It starts with sourcing of strategic plant materials. Over the years, our laboratory managed to gather plants from different places in the world and possessing a high content in various molecular scaffolds. Besides that preliminary step, researchers at SONAS also optimized methods to extract and purify specialized metabolites further used as starting materials for chemical modifications.

Presentation of the project

Over the last decade, SONAS has set up different methodologies to selectively modify every part of vitamin E analogues backbones, opening doors to the semisynthesis of numerous structurally diverse libraries. Our team also explored the valorization of natural dihydrochalcones, extracted from local apple tree leaves. Collaborations with our european partners (Austria, Germany, Italy) led to the identification of anti-inflammatory natural products that were further structurally modified to access new analogues with improved pharmacological properties. Such collaborative studies have strengthen our knowledge in the modulation of lipid mediators biosynthesis. Some preliminary results should pave the way towards new scaffolds that could more efficiently target enzymes that control inflammation.

Keywords : natural products; (semi-)synthesis; anti-inflammatory drugs; lipid mediators; chronic inflammation


Applicants must comply with the mobility rule (having stay in France less than 12 months in the past 3 years before the 13th of September 2023). Applicants also must have maximum 8 years of active research experience after graduating their (first) PhD.

If you are interesed in this offer and have the required background, please apply by sending your CV and the application form attached to the offer to and

We encourage you to apply ASAP before the 15th of March. If we receive fitting applications before the 15th of March that has an fitting profile, we will close the offer in Euraxess.