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Postdoc candidate for a MSCA IF - secure connections between portable measuring devices or implants and computers in hospitals via the Internet

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    16/05/2020 23:30 - Europe/Brussels
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
    Luxembourg, Mäertert
    tuomi (application management through Luxinnovation)

tuomi is interested in hosting a postdoctoral fellow within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship programme. 


         Please note that this opportunity is not a funded position (yet); it depends on

         1. The organization selecting you for continuing the process and

         2. A successful proposal written mostly by you (with some input from your host organization           in Luxembourg) and submitted before September 9th 2020.



Project idea: 

Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of medical treatments and patient care while reducing costs. With our partner companies and medical professionals, we work on a project to establish secure connections between portable measuring devices or implants and computers in hospitals via the Internet.

We are one of the first providers to develop a software solution for a secure online connection among an implant and approved human beings, e.g. the patient and the physician. For the first step, the goal is to reduce routine examinations while collecting high-quality, long-term data that are available on-demand. The cloud solution minimizes the risk of data loss. Permanent backups ensure that no data is lost even in the event of a hardware malfunction. Since only encrypted data records are stored and transferred, sensitive data is permanently protected against unauthorized access.

We have always developed new ideas based on what we have achieved so far. Especially in the medical area, there are many opportunities for us.

We have our next steps in mind but if you have ideas, be sure that they will be heard!


Offer Requirements

The last years, we have invested more and more into the development of software solutions for the medical sector. As we always want to offer the most user-friendly solution, we are looking for an applicant with a strong medical background and knowledge. Strong communication skills in English are highly appreciated as you will be in charge of identifying the needs of the medical personnel as well as the patient and explaining them to our programmers. You will be working hand-in-hand with all relevant partner companies to ensure that all hardware and software components are ideally adjusted.

You will be one of the main contact persons for the relevant regulatory authorities. Therefore, you should have knowledge of the requirements of the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

Additionally, the implementation and documentation of our Quality Management measures will be part of your responsibilities.


Institute description: 

tuomi is an IT company that develops software solutions for the medical sector, among other things. The company has valuable knowledge in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), data security and the development of mobile and cloud applications. That is the reason why tuomi can meet the stringent quality assurance measures required in the field of software development set down by the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

Initially, the company established itself as an IT service provider after its foundation in 1995. In 2010, tuomi started developing mobile and cloud applications for different areas. tuomi was one of the first companies to invest in the NFC technology and we are a trendsetter in this field. We contributed our expertise to various projects, e.g. the EU-funded project recodura. In addition, tuomi successfully implemented software projects for Samsung, the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) and Bayer Healthcare in Singapore. Today, tuomi’s Digital Guide is used in the Brockenhaus National Park Visitor Centre and the Palatinate Museum in Bad Dürkheim, just to name two.

At tuomi, we always seek new opportunities. If you have new ideas, you will have a chance to realize them. Especially in the medical field, there are endless opportunities to use our software for the benefit of human beings. One thing is for sure: It never gets boring!




tuomi is a family-run and family-friendly company. We are proud that we have a very low fluctuation, not only among our employees but also among our customers. Communication at eye level and an open-door policy are part of our DNA. In order to ensure optimal supervision of all our projects, tuomi is always looking for young, creative and innovative people to strengthen the team. tuomi is valued as an attractive employer with interesting projects and a modern working environment. People are our main focus, which is why individual needs are met with flexible solutions and working time models.

If required we will help you finding a home in the Luxemburg region. For the transition period we can provide housing.



About Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship

The MSCA IF are postdoctoral fellowships, financed through the European Commission for a duration of 2 years, covering salary and research costs of the researchers, who can come from anywhere in the world. The evaluation process of these programmes is more about the project and the career development of the candidate, than his/her publication record. The organizations in Luxembourg that want to host such talented researchers include large public research organizations as well as private companies that offer interesting job perspectives after completion of the fellowship.

Minimal eligibility criteria

  • Individual: applicant applies together with host institute
  • PhD at the deadline or Masters plus 4 years of full time equivalent research experience
  • Not working or living in Luxembourg for longer than 12 months before the call deadline
  • For rules see here or contact your NCP


How to apply

Please submit your CV to Charles Betz, Advisor - European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation, until May 15th 2020 and refer to which position(s) you are applying for; you can also send several finetuned CVs if you are interested in multiple positions. Make sure you address the text and requirements mentioned by the respective hosts. 

Please note that applications are made through Luxinnovation, your contact point for Horizon 2020 in Luxembourg, before being handed over to the host company.


Luxinnovation, the Luxembourgish Innovation agency and National Contact Point for MSCA, will support both you and your future host institute during your application phase. For all applicants coming to Luxembourg we offer guidance documents, webinars, training in proposal writing and we will review your proposals if you wish so (depending on our availability). In 2019, MSCA IF proposals from Luxembourg had an average success rate of 28.5%, and proposals reviewed by our service 42%.

More information can be found on our website.


  • Internet of Things (IoT),
  • mobile health,
  • wearable & implantable technologies,
  • medical devices,
  • software for medical environment,
  • medical device regulation,
  • physician



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