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Post-doctoral position at the University of Granada: Apply for an Athenea3i-2018 Research Fellowship at the Department of Physiology

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    31/10/2018 12:00 - Europe/Brussels
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND
    Spain, Granada
    International Reserach Projects Office
    Promotion & Advisory Unit

Professor Luis C. López, from the Department of Physiology at the University of Granada, welcomes postdoctoral candidates interested in applying for an Athenea3i Research Fellowship in 2018 at this University. The information about the Fellowship conditions, how to apply, Eligibility Criteria, Selection Process, Evaluation Process, etc. is available in https://athenea3i.ugr.es/. Please note that applicants must comply with the Eligibility Criteria (https://athenea3i.ugr.es/?page_id=23).  

The MiTo lab-UGR (http://wpd.ugr.es/~luisca/) is located in the CIBM (http://en.ptsgranada.com/research/) of the University of Granada, which is one of the new infrastructures of the Health Campus - PTS Granada (http://en.ptsgranada.com/). The CIBM employs groups of highly qualified researchers and aims to put the autonomous region of Andalusia at the forefront of biomedical research in Europe. The Centre houses the first Stem Cell Bank in Spain (BANCELAN). Research groups from the following organizations have their headquarters in the CIBM: Biotechnology Institute, Federico Olóriz Neuroscience Institute, Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, and Institute of Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine. The CIBM possess central miliQ water, central liquid nitrogen, central gases (CO2, N2, and propane gas), autoclave, dry ice, electronic and confocal microscopes, flow cytometry facility, cell culture facility, MS facility, radiation lab, MRI for small rodents and videoconference room. Animal facilities located in the CIBM are fully staffed with trained animal caretakers and contain the most modern cages and equipment, all in accordance with European guidelines. Equipment for the preparation of special chow diet is also available.

The MiTo lab-UGR is interested in studying different aspects related to the mitochondrial biology in health and disease using cell and animal models. We are currently working in the following research lines:

  • Study of the CoQ biosynthetic pathway and its regulatory mechanisms.

  • Identification of new pathomechanisms in mitochondrial diseases.

  • Therapeutic approaches in mitochondrial diseases: pharmacological therapies and cell and gene therapies.

  • Nutrient-sensing signaling pathways and mitochondria.

  • Sulfide metabolism.

  • Mitochondria and aging.

While we have funds to develop these research lines, we are, however, opened to initiate new research lines related to mitochondrial biology if the MSCA candidate makes us an specific proposal for that.

Research Area:

  • Life Sciences (LIF)

For a correct evaluation of your candidature, please send the documents below to Professor (luisca@ugr.es):

  • CV

  • Letter of recommendation (optional)


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