Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

MSCA Invididual Fellowship at the Institute of Economy, Geography and Demography

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    31/08/2020 18:00 - Europe/Brussels
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
    Spain, MADRID
    Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is Spain’s largest public research institution and ranks third among Europe’s largest research organisations. It is distinguished by its multidisciplinary nature, covering all fields of knowledge, from basic research to the topmost advanced technological developments. The CSIC has more than 10 000 employees, including nearly 4 000 staff researchers. Currently, it has 120 institutes spread across the country, of which 67 of them are fully-owned institutes and 53 are Joint Research Units in partnership with other Spanish universities or research institutions.

The Center for Human and Social Sciences (CCHS), which includes the Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography (IEGD) as one of the six research institutes within it, is one of the biggest centres of the CSIC. The CCHS, known for its high-profile scientific contributions, was created in 2007 and hosts more than 200 researchers in almost all the fields of human and social sciences. The CCHS has a high capacity in fundraising and coordination, management and development of research projects from European calls.

The research undertaken in the Department of Population of the IEGD covers a wide range of population issues, including:

- family dynamics

- migration and migrants

- health and mortality

- ageing and living conditions

- historical demography.

The Department of Population of the IEGD leads three European projects at the moment:

- Methodologies and Data mining techniques for the analysis of Big Data based on Longitudinal Population and Epidemiological Registers (LONGPOP) (MSCA ITN), Principal Investigator: Diego Ramiro: http://longpop-itn.eu/

- Southern Europe and low fertility: micro and macro determinants of a crucial demographic and cultural revolution (SEU-FER) (MSCA IF). MSCA fellow: Stanislao Mazzoni.

- Early conditions, delayed adult effects and morbidity, disability and mortality in modern human populations (ECHO) (ERC Advanced Grant), Principal Investigator: Alberto Palloni: https://echo-erc.csic.es/

NEWS related to COVID-19 research! An additional budget under Horizon 2020 of EUR 32.5 million for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Individual Fellowships will be dedicated to funding the mobility of researchers working on issues related to the coronavirus crisis.

The Department of Population is currently working on projects related to COVID-19 in the areas of health and ageing, sociodemographic analyses and mobility. The fellow's individual project could address a topic related to any of this or new research lines in the areas of work of the Institute.

The fellow will join an international team and be able to conduct independent research supported by renowned specialists in population and demography. Moreover, the fellow will participate in seminars, congress and other scientific activities organised at the IEGD-CCHS-CSIC. Finally, s/he will have access to the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library of the CCHS, a research library specialised in Human and Social Sciences that offers one of the biggest collections in Spain.


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