Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

MSCA IF - Prof. Federico José Barrero García - Research Area: Information Science and Engineering

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    31/07/2019 12:30 - Europe/Brussels
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
    Spain, Sevilla
    Universidad de Sevilla
    Electronic Engineering Department / Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería

Brief description of the institution:

The Universidad de Sevilla (US) was established in 1505 and, with more than 70000 students and 6700 staff, is the third largest university in Spain. US embraces academia, industry, engineering and science and, with a relevant educational and technological infrastructure, is an intellectual reference in the South of Europe.

More than 10000 students are following postgraduate courses, enrolled into 86 master programs and 152 doctoral programs. And the university holds academic partnerships with 850 institutions throughout the world.

US is also devoted to research and innovation; therefore, in addition to its 4300 academic staff, there are 1600 researchers and over 470 scientific groups associated to the university. Research is carried out within academic departments, in 6 research centers and 9 university research institutes.

Research facilities offer highly advanced research services at the Center for Research, Technology and Innovation (CITIUS) that provides the most advanced and state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and techniques to research groups, public research institutes and industries This is complemented by important national research centers such as the Institute in Mathematic Research (IMUS), the Biomedicine Research Institute (IBIS), the National Research Center for Accelerators (AMS) and the Institute of Microelectronics (IMSE-CNM).

The researchers with Marie Curie contracts at US will be considered for tenure track at the end of their contract.

Brief description of the Centre/Research Group: We develop our research activities in relation with applications of multiphase variable-speed drives and generators in traction, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, ‘more-electric’ aircraft, marine propulsion, offshore wind energy generation, other renewable electric energy generation plants, and general high power industrial processes will be my primary research interest. The attention in multiphase (more than 3) motor drives has grown recently. These drives have been proposed for example in applications where their lower torque pulsations, lower DC link current harmonics, higher overall system reliability, and better power distribution per phase characteristics can be exploited, like in electric propulsion systems. The low DC link voltage (battery) in Electric Vehicles (EVs) imposes high phase currents, providing the multiphase drive a natural splitting of the current. Another interesting advantage is its ability to continue operating in fault conditions, improving the reliability. Fault-tolerance capability of multiphase drives allows the post-fault operation if three or more healthy phases remain, being possible the generation of a symmetrical rotating airgap field and the operation.

Project description: The development of high performance control algorithms applied to multiphase drives, with the final goal of implementing a multiphase drive EV propulsion system.

Please send the CV and Letter of recommendation, for a evaluation of your candidature, to professor fbarrero@us.es


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