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Marie Skłodowska-Curie project oportunities @BCAM (Bilbao, Spain) in Applied Mathematics, computational Mathematics and Data Science

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    31/07/2021 15:00 - Europe/Brussels
    HE / MSCA
    Spain, Bilbao

The Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics (BCAM) established in Bilbao is a world-class research centre on Applied Maths with a focus on interdisciplinary research in the frontiers of mathematics, attraction and training of talented scientists, development of new numerical and simulation methods, interaction with industry, and promotion of scientific and technological advances worldwide.

Aiming to strengthen the Basque Science and Technology System, BCAM was created in Sept. 2008 by the Basque Government. BCAM obtained the Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence award in 2013 and 2017, by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

BCAM counts with around 100 researchers from over 25 different countries with experience in some of the most prestigious research centres on their area, organized in 5 research areas. There are research personnel, PhD and postdoctoral students. The senior positions are permanent appointments.

BCAM is a young research centre; this sense, the scientific strategy of the Centre is based on three Scientific Platforms that have been set up in order to establish an interdisciplinary system capable of facing the challenges of Mathematical Science in a broad manner by bringing together Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences:

  • Core in Applied Mathematics: PDE, Numerical Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Algebraic Geometry, Probability and Statistics.
  • Computational Mathematics: Modeling and computer simulations using numerical, stochastic and Monte Carlo methods.
  • Applications of Mathematics to Industry, Social Sciences and Health Sciences.


The centre is currently structured into 5 Research Areas and 13 Research Lines, and integrates people from more than 25 countries. The structure of the research teams at BCAM is the following:


Computational Mathematics:

Mathematical Modelling with Multidisciplinary Applications:

Mathematical Physics: 

Analysis of Partial Differential Equations:

Data Science:


One of BCAM’s priorities is to attract the most highly qualified researchers and encourage their potential at all stages of their careers, thereby consolidating its position as an authentic place of excellence training at all levels, as well as being a catalyst and driving force for the individual careers of all those who have opted for the Center. We have had several post-doctoral researchers who have completed their period at BCAM, all of whom are now actively employed in other institutions, most of them in permanent positions and scattered all over the world in countries. These young post-doctoral researchers also play a decisive role in the training of young people belonging to the Internship or doctoral schemes.


Candidates should provide:


At the deadline for the submission of proposals (18/09/2021), researchers (*):

  • Supported fellows must be postdoctoral researchers at the date of the call deadline, i.e. in a possession of a doctoral degree, defined as a successfully defended doctoral thesis, even if the doctoral degree has yet to be awarded

  • Recruited researchers must comply with the following mobility rule: they must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the beneficiary (for European Postdoctoral Fellowships), or the host organisation for the outgoing phase (for Global Postdoctoral Fellowships) for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately before the call deadline.

  • For researchers wishing to reintegrate from a third country, there must be a direct mobility to an EU Member State or Horizon Europe Associated Country within the last 12 months before the call deadline.

  • At the call deadline, supported researchers must have a maximum of 8 years full-time equivalent experience in research. Career breaks (e.g. due to parental leave ), will not be taken into account.


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