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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (IF) - Postdoc Position in ARIE Research Group, CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, SPAIN

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    25/08/2017 20:30 - Europe/Athens
    FP7 / People-Marie Curie Actions
    Spain, Madrid
    CEU Universities
    Institute of Technology

The MSCA fellows will be involved in one of the following three main aspects of Energy Optimization in Buildings guided by our multidisciplinary team: With regard to Building Construction Materials, the MSCA fellow may research the toxicity of building construction materials as well as the prediction of their toxicological aspects. Particularly, fire retardant materials and particle-reinforced concrete will be tested and simulated under extreme conditions. As for Indoor Air Quality, the MSCA fellow may research the Indoor Air Quality in Buildings and how it affects the users’ health within the INFILES Competitive Project "Permeability Energy Impact of residential buildings in Spain and characterization of their infiltrations", in collaboration with Prof. Ph. D. Jesús Feijo of Universidad de Valladolid. Finally, regarding the Energy Consumption, and in order to optimize the electrical network infrastructure by remotely managing the information of smart meters using PLC communications technology, the MSCA fellow may research on the development of a platform intended for smartphones and iPads which allows the user to visualize the data pertinent to the electrical consumption.

The ARIE Research Group is a multidisciplinary team and privileged Research and Innovation group belonging to CEU San Pablo University whose research lines are related to the Energy Optimization of Buildings within the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP Smart Cities and Communities). It takes part of the international strategy of Efficiency Management, Energy Efficiency, Eco-Innovation, and Sustainable Building Construction Materials in Architecture. Our research lines consider three main aspects of Energy Optimization in Buildings: Building Construction Materials, Indoor Air Quality, and Energy Consumption. It is intended to be a key agent in the RIS3 plan of the Comunidad de Madrid region and therefore includes the development of new technologies applied to the Electrical and Lighting Installations in Buildings (Smart Meters and Smart Grids), Telecommunication Systems in Buildings, Hydraulic Installations in Buildings, HVAC Systems in Buildings, and the Efficient Management of the Use of Building Construction Materials. www.arieceu.com

The objective of this research is to converge towards integrated research activities at European level and to provide research and training programmes for researchers studying in various disciplines, covering the broadly defined area of Energy Optimization of Buildings. The research combines theoretical approaches represented by advanced simulations, laboratory experiments and the scaling-up of promising solutions and their selected emerging engineering and architectural applications covering the three main aspects of Energy Optimization in Buildings. Our purpose is to increase the energy efficiency in buildings by researching on building construction materials, indoor air quality, and Smart Meters in order to transform the user into an active agent within the electrical system. Consumers’ associations are demanding user-level communication interfaces that provide more transparent information and the society is claiming for a more efficient and sustainable architecture. Furthermore, this research becomes a part of a widening project of creating a virtual centre by increasing the knowledge and technology degree of innovation potential aspects of Energy Optimization of Buildings, and by creating an effective collaborative framework that ensures the coordinated and optimized use of available resources and expertise all over Europe.

At the deadline for the submission of proposals (14/09/2017), researchers (*):  shall be in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience.  must not have resided or carried out their main activities in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the abovementioned deadline.

An expression of interest shall be sent to Prof. Ph.D. José Manuel del Río Campos before 15th of July 2017. Your file should contain the following elements:

• A short CV: Only CVs with considerable scientific achievements will be considered. Candidates should have an excellent track record of research; they should demonstrate the ability to grow into scientific/technological leadership roles.

• A two-page research proposal.

• A short statement explaining why CEU would be the best host institution for your research.

• Two letters of reference.


Contact person: 

Prof. Ph.D. José Manuel del Río Campos

Degree in Architecture Institute of Technology

CEU San Pablo University Website: www.arieceu.com

Email: jmdrc.eps@ceu.es (Project Responsible)

Keywords: Materials Science, Engineering, Architecture, Multidisciplinary Physics.


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