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Marie S.Curie PF 2021 Host in Biochemistry-Call for Exp of Interest

This hosting has expired

    01/09/2021 11:30 - Europe/Brussels
    HE / MSCA
    Spain, Tarragona
    Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
    International Research Proposal Support Unit

Professors Josep Bonet Avalos and Allan D. Mackie, of the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain), are interested in receiving Expressions of Interest of potential candidates for the Marie Sklodowska – Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (MSCA-PF-2021) call. Selected candidates will receive dedicated support from our group to write a successful proposal.

We are looking for postdocs interested in the development of mesoscopic simulation methods for their application in fluid dynamics under extreme conditions of front propagation and multi-phase reaction. Our ongoing research is centred on the formulation of the thermodynamics of fluctuating systems, which are of micro/nano-scopic dimensions, together with its Langevin dynamics. The main challenges that we currently face are:

  • The generalised Dissipative Particle Dynamics method (GenDPDE) applied to multicomponent systems.
  • The derivation of accurate expressions for the relationship between the macroscopic fluid properties and the model parameters.
  • Applications of the GenDPDE to relevant problems of interest in different areas within Chemical Physics and Chemical Engineering.

At present our group is strongly focused on the development of mesoscopic simulation methodologies within the framework of an international collaboration with other groups in the UK, USA, and EU, and with dedicated funding until at least 2025. The leading position of our group is based on an ample background of research in Statistical Mechanics, Fluid Theory, Molecular Simulation, Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, and Stochastic Processes.

The ideal candidate for the Marie Curie PD call of 2021 should have a strong profile in:

  • Statistical Mechanics in general
  • Numerical methods with an ability for programming using current computer languages
  • Knowledge of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics will be valued


We are looking for talented and innovative young scientists and engineers, strongly committed to high quality frontier research and able to add new insights to the existing URV core expertise. Only candidates with an outstanding record of research achievements and publications in top-quality journals will be considered.

The molecular simulation group of the URV, as Hosting Institution, has all the technical, computational, and scientific facilities needed to carry out this project. In addition, as part of the postdoctoral training, the researcher is expected to spend time visiting our international collaborators.

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) is well positioned, both nationally and internationally, due to the excellence of the research and the commitment of its internationally recognised staff. URV is made up of 12 Faculties and Schools, with 24 Departments, which welcome annually more than 11000 undergraduates, about 1500 master and 1200 PhD students (20% of them full time employees). In 2019, it was named the World’s 78th Best Young University aged less than 50 years and in the range 401-500 of the Best Universities in the World (by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings), and in the range of 501-600 by Academic Ranking of World Universities. The fact that the URV is within the top 10% of Universities in number and impact of its publications is a clear measure of the quality of the research that we offer to future MSCA-PF fellows.

Testament to the quality of its research is the fact that the URV is host for around 100 MSCA fellows, in different programmes (COFUND, ITN, IF), displaying a strong bond to the principles of the MSCA programme.



At the deadline for the submission of the proposals (15/09/2021), researchers must demonstrate:

  • Experienced Researchers: In possession of doctoral degree. At the call deadline, supported researchers must have a maximum of 8 years fulltime equivalent experience in research, measured from the date that the researcher was in a possession of a doctoral degree and certified by appropriate documents.
  • Nationality: Any.
  • Mobility: The researcher must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the host organization for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the deadline for submission of proposals (a relaxed rule for CAR and RI).
  • Must be fluent in English (both written and spoken).



Researchers willing to apply should check that they fulfil the eligibility criteria and then send an expression of interest, consisting of:

  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A motivation letter
  • Two academic contacts for references

Expressions of interest must be submitted to uspir@urv.cat (Title of the e-mail “URV - MSCA-PF-2021 Prof. Avalos/Mackie”).

Proposals will be pre-selected on the basis of internal evaluation. Candidates will be informed of the results of the pre-selection a week after the deadline.

WEB of the research group: https://www.urv.cat/html/grupsrecerca/reconeguts/general-G808.php


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