Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

15 available PhD positions within ANTHUSIA – The Anthropology of Human Security in Africa (a MSCA ITN)

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    15/03/2018 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
    Europe, Edinburgh, Aarhus, Leuven, Oslo

We are happy to announce 15 available PhD positions in the Marie Curie project ANTHUSIA (“Anthropology of Human Security in Africa”) from the field of anthropology or a related field in social sciences and humanities. The positions are based in Denmark, Oslo, Leuven and Edinburgh. You can apply for more than one position.



ANTHUSIA is run by a consortium of four universities in Aarhus (Denmark), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Leuven (Belgium) and Oslo (Norway) and cooperates with numerous partner organizations in Africa. This program enables candidates to combine interdisciplinary insights from Anthropology, Human Security and African Studies in order to develop analytical tools to critically understand and contribute to strengthening human security in Africa, and beyond. In this process, students will be encouraged to critically explore how human security has been conceptualized; how and why particular issues are classified as human security issues; and how these understandings shape everyday interventions. This critical approach can be applied to a range of phenomena, such as the expansion of young populations, processes of urbanization, unequally distributed growth, recurring conflicts, emerging health issues, and population displacement.

ANTHUSIA invites applications for 15 joint fully-funded, three-year fellowships to begin September 1, 2018. Each available fellowship is hosted by one of the universities in Aarhus, Edinburgh, Leuven and Oslo – find out where here: http://anthusia.eu/available-phd-projects/. ANTHUSIA is a joint degree program, which means that the PhD fellow will also spend 6 months at one of the other universities. The program also includes one year of fieldwork in Africa, with a 2-3 month period of secondment to a non-academic partner organization and annual summer/winter schools. The research network offers an academically stimulating and interdisciplinary working environment, an innovative training program that allows the PhD fellows to obtain specialist knowledge on a specific research topic as well as transferable skills that can be employed in non-academic institutions. ANTHUSIA also offers an attractive salary, the opportunity of favorable pension benefits as well as funding for research, travel, conference participation and dissemination, books and equipment.


Eligible candidates must have an internationally recognized Master’s or an equivalent degree in anthropology or related social sciences and humanities disciplines. They must have received their Master’s degree or equivalent (120 ECTS) no later than 31 August, 2018. They must have less than four years of research experience after their Master’s degree and not hold a PhD degree. All applicants must have achieved a high grade point average in their BA and Master’s studies and must have fluent oral and written communication skills in English and submit their dissertation in English. Applicants can be of any nationality. We encourage applicants who have African language skills and relevant experience outside the academy. However, in order to be eligible, candidates have not resided, worked or studied in the country, where the position is located, for more than 12 of the last 36 months before the recruitment date.


You can find the project descriptions here: http://anthusia.eu/available-phd-projects/. You must read the Guide for Applicants beforehand and write a maximum of 5 A4 pages of 2400 characters per page (total 12.000 characters) and use the following structure in your proposal:

• Introduction/background

• Research questions/study objectives

• Theory

• Methodology (incl. ethics)

• Plan for non-academic secondment

• Work schedule

Please include a separate reference list with up-to-date literature on the chosen topic (max 2 A4 pages). You will a helpful Guide for Applicants on the website that will help you in the process.


Under each project, there will be a direct link to the application system (some links will be inserted only in January). You must contact the main supervisor before applying - the contact information is found under each project on the website.

Go to the website for more information on the available projects and links to the application systems: http://anthusia.eu/available-phd-projects/.

Available PhD Projects

1. Epidemics and Health Security: Threats and Opportunities in One Health. Location: AU. Supervisors: Lotte Meinert (AU) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO).

2. Borderlands and Livelihood Security: Social and Economic Dynamics. Location: AU. Supervisors: Lotte Meinert (AU) and Steven van Wolputte (KUL).

3. Mental health Security: The new mad in Burkina Faso’s urban context. Location: KUL. Supervisors: Ann Cassiman (KUL) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO).

4. Youth employability and socioeconomic urban security: expanding the inclusion of South African urban youth through the use of a multidimensional youth employability index. Location: KUL. Supervisors: Filip De Boeck (KUL) and Morten Nielsen (AU).

5. Youth and Political Security: Social Unrest and (in)action in Urban Namibia. Location: KUL. Supervisors: Steven van Wolputte (KUL) and Morten Nielsen (AU).

6. Refugee Livelihood Security and Future Perspectives. Location: AU. Supervisors: Lotte Meinert (AU) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO).

7. Land and environmental security: consequences of large-scale investments in land in southern or eastern Africa. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Knut G. Nustad (UiO) and Michael Eilenberg (AU).

8. Local energy challenges and global sustainability: electricity and human development in Uganda. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Thomas Hylland Eriksen (UiO) and Andrew Bowman (UoE).

9. Infrastructures of human security: post-conflict re-building of societies and futures. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Wenzel Geissler (UiO) and Filip De Boeck (KUL).

10. Urban Segregations and Political Security: New Divisions in Cities in Southern Africa. Location: AU. Supervisors: Morten Nielsen (AU) and Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock (UoE).

11. Toxic exposure. Production, pollution and human security. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Wenzel Geissler (UiO) and Jose-Maria Munoz (UoE).

12. Governance and Human Security: The state and everyday practices of governing in Malawi. Location: UoE. Supervisors: Gerhard Anders (UoE) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO).

13. Humanitarian Interventions and Political security: The Politics and Practice of Human Security. Location: UoE. Supervisors: Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock (UoE) and Michael Eilenberg (AU).

14. Development Interventions and Political Security: Exploring the development-security nexus. Location: AU. Supervisors: Michael Eilenberg (AU) and Gerhard Anders (UoE).

15. Informal sectors and Economic security: Gendered urban everyday life in African Borderlands. Location: UoE. Supervisors: Paul Nugent (UoE) and Morten Nielsen (AU).

Go to the website for more information on the available projects and links to the application systems: http://anthusia.eu/available-phd-projects/.