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PhD Project - Nano-therapeutic complexes to overcome drug resistance in lung cancer


Research Field
Professions and applied sciences
Funding Type
Career Stage
First Stage Researcher (R1) (Up to the point of PhD)
European Research Programme
Not funded by an EU programme



Application is sought for a Postgraduate Student position for the project titled ‘Nanotherapeutic complexes to overcome drug resistance in lung cancer’.

The project’s main aim is to investigate the potential role of nanoparticle-drug based complexes to overcome drug resistance in lung cancer cells. The project will explore the areas related to:

o The cytotoxicity of nanomaterials on drug-resistant cancer cells.

o Encapsulation of clinically relevant chemotherapeutic agents into nanoparticle-based carrier systems to generate nanoparticle-drug complexes.

o The uptake mechanisms of nanoparticle-drug complexes in drug-resistant cancer cells.

o How nanoparticle-drug complexes affect the release and retention of anticancer drugs within drug-resistant cells.

The research will utilise well-established cytological techniques, molecular assays and chemotherapeutic agents to generate novel nanoparticle-drug complexes with clinical potential. Throughout this project, the student will gain experience in in vitro mammalian cell culture, cytotoxicity assessment, molecular biology assays, nanoparticle characterisation and modification, advanced imaging technologies and chemotherapeutics. In addition to technical expertise, the PhD student will gain experience in cancer cell biology, drug-resistant lung cancer and cell-nanomaterial interaction.

The successful candidate should hold a minimum 2.1 biological or nanotechnology-based science (or another related discipline). Experience in cancer cell biology or nanomaterials would be desirable (but not essential).

The proposed Starting Date will be the 1st of May 2023.

TU Dublin School of Biological, Health and Sport Sciences…

What is funded


Fully Funded (scholarship, fees, materials)

Student Stipend per annum € 18500

Materials & Travel Budget per annum € 2600

Fees covered by the funding



Duration of funding 48 months



Student requirements for this project

Minimum 2.1 BSc. in a Biological or Nano-science based degree (or any related science)


If you are interested in submitting an application for this project, please complete an Expression of Interest.


Organisation name
Technological University Dublin
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