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Funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (MES) - https://www.mon.bg/bg/100542


The programme is in line with the recommendation of the International Assessment Panel implemented under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF), to promote post-doctoral students (scientists who have acquired the educational and scientific degree "doctor" but not more than 5 years after acquiring it) and supporting the development of their careers.



The attraction, retention and development of highly qualified young scientists and post-doctoral students will ensure the quality reproduction of the human potential for research work in Bulgaria. The ultimate goal of the programme is to create a new generation of highly qualified specialists, engaging in high-quality, society-driven research and results to support the implementation of the Innovation Strategy of Smart Specialization (ISSS).




In each structural unit of beneficiaries receiving funds under the programme, a commission is formed, which necessarily includes representatives of young scientists. The Commission shall develop a mechanism and rules for the transparent selection of candidates who will participate in the programme and determine the number and rates of remuneration for young scientists and post-doctoral students. Commission decisions are approved by the management bodies of the beneficiary. When appointing scientists under the programme, job descriptions of the National Classification of Occupations and Positions of 2011 which correspond to the main functions and tasks performed or to be performed by the persons may be used, while, following the job description, the employer may add further clarification (young scientist, post-doctoral student).

Within one month after the end of the first year of the programme implementation, the beneficiaries shall provide the MES internal commission with detailed annual reports on the expenditures and the results of the programme implementation and the extent to which the programme's indicators are achieved. The Commission carries out a review and analysis, assesses the results of the programme and makes or fails to make a reasoned proposal for the continued funding of the beneficiary.



The module aims to stimulate the scientists: assistant, chief assistant and associate professor who answer the requirements of post-doctoral students and reintegration into scientific career of prospective scientists who have acquired the first educational and scientific degree "doctor", working in the country and abroad. This will contribute to the transfer of knowledge to the beneficiary organization, the development of competitive and modern scientific fields and the stimulation of individual innovation potential at a high level as a fundamental step for the development of sustainable innovation environment.  

The module funds can be used to fund the living sllowances of scientists who answer the requirements for post-doctoral students. Both newly recruited and already appointed at the structural units of the beneficiaries post-doctoral students should work in: the priority areas of the NSDSR (2017-2030); the thematic areas of ISSS 2020; the scientific infrastructure of NRSI; in projects funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation; in projects funded by the National Science Fund or national science programmes.


Module Eligible Funding:   

Basic monthly remuneration for a post-doctoral student - not less than BGN 1,500 and not more than BGN 3,000. 

The funding under the National programme cannot be used for identical activities funded by EU funds, other national funding or other donor programmes.


Required application documents  

Post-doctoral student:

• Curriculum vitae.

• Doctoral Degree and Foreign Language Certificate.

• Letter of motivation, including information about the area of scientific interest. The scientific area for which the post-doctoral student is applying must be clearly indicated.*

• A detailed project including a research programme and specific approaches/methods for its implementation (up to 10 pages).

• A description of the applicant's current scientific work.

• List of publications and projects in which he/she participated.

• List of contributions with papers, posters, presentations in scientific conferences and events.

• Project for future scientific and career development of the candidate supported by the host scientific supervisor /section/lab Head.

• Other materials proving the professional qualities of the candidate at his/her discretion. Awards or diplomas.

• A brief CV of the supervisor from the host institution - selected articles on the subject and citations.

  • Important - Before applying the docs a contact with a host institute/ lab and supervisor should be established.  


* The scientific areas which are eligible for post-doctoral fellowship are:

  • Chemistry (CHE),
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC),
  • Information and Engineering Sciences (ENG),
  • Environment and Geosciences (ENV),
  • Life Sciences (LIF),
  • Mathematics (MAT),
  • Physics (PHY).



  • Documents for post-doctoral fellowships are submitted in English.
  • Application documents to be deposited for participation in the Programme outside Bulgaria may be sent to e-mail: <phd_program@cu.bas.bg
  • The funding is renewable for each year
  • The candidate must be eligible at the date of documents’ application.

The Scientific Council (SC) of the Unit, at its meeting, approves the proposed applications of post-doctoral students who are ELIGIBLE under the conditions of the Programme. The documents of all approved applications shall be deposited in the registry office of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences together with the protocol of the unit's SC, explicitly mentioning for which module of the Programme the relevant documents refer.

Documents are filed:

• in the office of the BAS-Administration, room from 9.00 am to 17:00.

• to e-mail address:  <phd_program@cu.bas.bg> only for post-doctoral students applying outside Bulgaria.

• Deadline for submission of documents: 31  January, 2019.

• Deadline for evaluation of the candidates: 1 monthafter the end of documents application


Deadline for reporting on the first year of implementation of the Programme: 1 November 2019.

The last two amounts for living allowances have to be paid after the Scientific and Financial Reports are accepted by the SC of the unit.        

The summarized reports, by units, are accepted by the Governing Council of BAS until 14 November 2019.       

The GC of BAS accepts a summary report on the implementation of the Programme and sends it to MES.

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The responsibility for the funding offers published on this website, including the funding description, lies entirely with the publishing institutions. The application is handled uniquely by the employer, who is also fully responsible for the recruitment and selection processes.