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    Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego
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    21/11/2022 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Kozminski University is currently recruiting for the position of:


Department of Management in Networked and Digital Societies

Ref. no.: 21/NAUKA/PROJEKT/KZSS/22


Competition for a post-doc position in the research project (no. 2020/38/A/HS6/00066) entitled “Nonsense and propaganda online: internet communities and bots propagating misinformation”, carried out within the framework of the MAESTRO-12 competition and funded by the National Science Centre

Information about the project:

The project entitled “Nonsense and propaganda online: internet communities and bots propagating misinformation”, carried out at Kozminski University and managed by Professor Dariusz Jemielniak, PhD, DSc, aims to analyse the network, structure, and organizational culture of selected misinformation online communities (in particular, language, social structure, leadership, demographic dimensions, reputation systems, internal logic and beliefs, narratives and myths), in a study combining computer science, management, sociology, and ethnography. The project will rely on a novel Thick Big Data methodology, combining Big Data approaches (TribeFinding, SNA, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis) with qualitative ones (digital ethnography, narrative analysis). One of the tangible side-effects of the project will be developing research tools for Polish researchers, as well as an international bot detector.

Project description:



Duties and responsibilities will include:

  • developing code for data acquisition, analysis and visualization in computational social science,
  • participating in international conferences to present research findings,
  • collaborating with the project manager,
  • disseminating research findings, writing scientific papers,
  • carrying out other tasks as requested by the project manager.


Verified on the basis of information provided in the CV, in the application form, and in the submitted documents. May also be verified during the interview.

  • proficiency in the Python programming language,
  • experience in computational social science,
  • competence in English at least at the C1 level,
  • having obtained the academic degree of PhD (PL: “doktor”) at a different higher education institution than Kozminski University, not earlier than 7 years before the year of becoming employed within the framework of the project. (*),
  • PhD diploma recognised in the Polish system of education.

(*) This period may be extended by a time of long-term (in excess of 90 days) documented sick leaves or rehabilitation leaves granted on account of being unfit to work. In addition, the period may be extended by the number of months of a child care leave granted pursuant to the Labour Code and in the case of women, by 18 months for every child born or adopted, whichever manner of accounting for career breaks is preferable.

Additional desirable skills:

Verified on the basis of information provided in the CV, in the application form, and in the submitted documents. May also be verified during the interview.

  • proficiency with sentiment analysis,
  • good command of SNA tools (preferably Gephi and/or Condor),
  • competence in Polish at least at the B2 level,
  • non-hierarchical approach to work,
  • the ability to self-motivate and to carry out tasks independently.


Recruitment process

The conditions of selection and employment of applicants are in accordance with the Regulations on awarding funding for research tasks funded by the National Science Centre as regards research projects relevant to the MAESTRO 12 competition.

The competition consists of two stages. The first stage involves verifying the submitted applications by checking if they are complete and if a given applicant meets the set requirements. An interview is the second stage of the competition. An applicant will be evaluated on the basis of the Rules of evaluation of applicants, stated in the appendix no. 1 to this recruitment notice.

The Competition Board reserves the right to: interview selected applicants only, verify the information provided by each applicant, and close the competition without selecting anyone to be employed in the offered post-doc position.

The results of the competition will be published on Kozminski University’s website.

We offer:

  • an opportunity of full-time employment based on a contract of employment, maximum planned period of employment: up to 54 months,
  • remuneration within the framework of the project is approximately 8 250 PLN gross per month,
  • an opportunity to develop scientifically in a research team with a strong focus on project acquisition,
  • an opportunity to improve one’s qualifications by taking part in development programmes offered by Kozminski University,
  • a chance to take part in international scientific conferences,
  • employment is planned to start at the beginning of November 2022 or as soon as possible after that date.

Important information about the employment opportunity:

Full-time remuneration for a post-doc type post may be planned provided that during the period of receiving remuneration, the person to be employed at the post meets the following conditions:

  • at the time of receiving remuneration, they will not be receiving any other remuneration paid from the funds granted to research projects under NCN calls under the heading of direct costs;
  • in the period of receiving the remuneration they will be receiving no remuneration from another employer pursuant to an employment contract, including an employer with registered office outside of Poland.

If you have any questions regarding the project and the content of the recruitment notice, please send them to the Project Manager, i.e. Professor Dariusz Jemielniak, PhD, DSc, to the following e-mail address: darekj@kozminski.edu.pl

Other questions regarding the application process may be sent to hr-rekrutacja@kozminski.edu.pl

Persons interested in the position advertised are asked to submit the following application documents as a proof of fulfilment of the set requirements:

  • a CV in Polish or English containing a list of publications,
  • a motivational letter,
  • a scanned copy of the PhD diploma,
  • any documents proving the applicant’s familiarity with the skills specified in the requirements and in the additional desirable skills are welcome (e.g. training completion certificates, testimonials);

using the application form available on the website: https://system.erecruiter.pl/FormTemplates/RecruitmentForm.aspx?WebID=d7... until 19.10.2022 r.

Attention: we would like to inform you that we are extending the deadline for collecting applications until 21/11/2022.

This is to inform you that by submitting your job application, you give your consent for your personal data provided in your application to be processed by Kozminski University, ul. Jagiellońska 59, 03-301 Warsaw for the purpose of the recruitment process managed by Kozminski University, for the position named in the job notice.


Appendix no. 1: Rules of evaluation of applicants


Applicant’s record of academic achievements, including publications in reputable publishing houses / scientific journals (50% of the final score)

0 pts. – No academic achievements

1 pts. - Poor academic achievements

2 pts. - Good academic achievements

3 pts. – Very good academic achievements

4 pts. - Outstanding academic achievements



Applicant’s competences to carry out the tasks to be performed in the research project (50% of the final score).

0 pts. – No competences

1 pts. - Poor competences

2 pts. - Good competences

3 pts. - Very good competences


More Information

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1 position(s) available at
Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego
03-301 Warsaw, POLAND
Jagiellońska 59

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