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Pre-doctoral Fellowship

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    Computer Vision Center
    Computer science
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    21/08/2022 12:00 - Europe/Athens
    Spain › Barcelona


1. General Rules:

The object of this call is the selection of a candidate to work as pre-doctoral researcher in the Computer Vision Center. This selection process is subject to Law 14/2011, of 1 June, of Science, Technology and Innovation, by the CVC Statutes where applicable and the rest of the applicable labor law.

Fellowship recipients will have a temporary full-time working contract.

To have been granted and benefitted from this fellowship does not imply any commitment from the Computer Vision Center to the subsequent incorporation of the said fellowship recipient to the Center’s staff.

2. Outline of the fellowship:

The CVC offers pre-doctoral fellowships for research personnel in training to develop tasks within a scientific project in the field of Computer Vision, specified in Section 3 of this call. Selected candidates will enroll to the official PhD Program.

Please, consult complete details and requirements of the fellowship in the website offer.

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  1. Duration of the fellowship:

The fellowship has a duration of 4 years and it’s carried out through a pre-doctoral contract. If the pre-doctoral fellow obtains his/her PhD title before the start of the 4th year of the fellowship, he/she will be authorized to be contracted this last year as a post-doctoral researcher with a raise in the salary, higher than in the pre-doctoral phase.

At the end of each fellowship year, the fellow will have to submit a work report, stating the objectives and work plan of the following year, as well as a positive report from his/her thesis director. The renewal of the fellowship for the following year is subject to the positive review of the academic committee of the PhD program. The contract can be terminated if the evaluation is negative.

  1. Payment:

Candidates will receive 16.638,84 euros gross/ year during the first two years; 17.827,33 euros gross/ year during the third year; and 22.284,17 euros gross/ year during the fourth year. The corresponding employee’s taxes (IRPF and Social Security) will be deducted from these gross amounts in accordance with the current legislation and in agreement with what it is established in the Statute of the Training Research Personnel, approved by Royal Decree 63/2006, of 27 January.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Incompatibilities:

This fellowship is not compatible with any other fellowship or grant that has the same objective and is financed with public or private funds; Spanish or European, as well as any wage or salary that involve a contractual or statutory relation.

It could be authorized payments coming from educational tasks (courses, conferences or speeches) or research tasks (books, papers), directly associated to the research, and provided that they have a sporadic and not regular nature. The said payments cannot exceed the 30% of the total fellowship annual amount. The authorization is given by the Director of the CVC.

Selection process

  1. Evaluation criteria:

The committee will take into consideration the following data:

  • CV and academic record
  • Specific expertise required on the call
  • Other merits that can be corroborated (like quality of previous scientific publications)

If the position requires some specific knowledge, it will be announced accordingly in the text of the call.

Additional comments

  1. Submission of applications:

Candidates should apply by filling in the application form at the end of the page. The deadline to submit applications is 21 August 2022.

Candidates should send a CV and academic record of his/her degree. The marks obtained in the courses should be included in the academic record. When submitting documents issued by foreign education centers, these should be submitted in accordance to the PhD program requirements. You can only upload one file that should include all required documents.

If submissions are incomplete or with mistakes that could be corrected, candidates will be required to correct the said mistakes within the next 10 working days. In the case the mistakes are not corrected within the given period, the submission will be considered as invalid and it will be excluded.

The list with the definitive candidates will be published on the CVC announce board and will be emailed to the selected candidates.

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Offer Requirements

    Computer science: Master Degree or equivalent

Specific Requirements

Previous experience with deep learning techniques and main frameworks (PyTorch, Tensorflow)

Prior experience with vision and language models will be positively evaluated

Prior experience in research and scientific publications will be positively evaluated

Fluent spoken and written English will be necessary

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Computer Vision Center
Campus UAB, Edificio O Bellaterra

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