Research Grant for a candidate registered or who meets the conditions to apply for the Doctoral Program in Architecture at Universidade Lusíada (Lisboa). Refª BID_CITAD_UI4026/2020_ ConstruçãoCircular

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    Fundação Minerva / Universidade Lusíada / CITAD
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    11/08/2022 00:00 - Europe/London
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    BID_CITAD_UI4026/2020_ ConstruçãoCircular


2.1. Work plan and goals to achieve

The Work Plan is within the scope of the research project “Circular construction for the sustainability of housing in Portugal”, and comprises the following activities:

a) State of the Art – bibliographic review;

b) Collection and analysis of information referring to case studies;

c) Collaboration in the RP “Circular construction for the sustainability of housing in Portugal”;

d) Collaboration in publications related to the research theme.


The main objectives to be achieved are:

a) Contribute to the sustainability of housing in Portugal through Circular Construction;

b) Identification of innovative materials, products and construction systems compatible with the concept of Circular Construction;

c) Dissemination of results. Proof of the candidate's enrollment in the PhD in Architecture

This program of work will be supervised by Prof. Alberto Reaes Pinto of Universidade Lusíada.

At the end of the fellowship, the award holder must submit a final report in accordance with regulations, to be evaluated and approved by the supervisor.

2.2. Duration of the Fellowship and conditions for its renewal, when applicable

The fellowship will have a duration of 12 months, with the potential for renewal up to a maximum of 48 months, and will be conducted based on exclusivity.

2.3. Form of submission of applications - documentation for application to support the assessment and contracting

Applications must be submitted by email and accompanied by the following documents:

- Personal Identification Document (Citizen’s Card, Identity Card, or Passport);

- Curriculum vitae;

- Copy of academic certificates, or a Declaration on Honour, according to the proper protocol, that you have the appropriate qualifications and their classifications, with the eventual presentation of the academic certificates being mandatory to be awarded the fellowship.

- A record of recognition of any academic qualifications awarded by foreign higher education institutions and record of the conversion of the final mark awarded to the Portuguese classification scale, or corresponding Declaration on Honour.

-Proof of the candidate's enrollment in the PhD in Architecture, given and operating at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa or, alternatively, a declaration of honor by the candidate in which he undertakes to enroll in the Master's, with the conclusion of the contract depending on the functioning of the said Master and the respective proof of enrollment;- Any other supporting documents considered necessary.

- Any other supporting documents considered necessary.

Academic degrees obtained in foreign countries require record of recognition by a Portuguese Institution in accordance with Decree-Law no. 66/2018, of August 16th and Ministerial Order nº. 33/2019, of January 25th. Presentation of the record of registration is mandatory to sign the research fellowship contract. More information can be found at:


Applications must be sent by email, including the application reference number (BID_CITAD_UI4026/2020_ConstruçãoCircular) in the subject line, to: apassos@lis.ulusiada.pt

Only applications submitted within the stipulated period will be considered. Any document submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

2.4. Financing sources

This fellowship will be awarded within the scope of the activities of the research unit CITAD – Centro de Investigação em Território, Arquitetura e Design, project reference UIDB/04026/2020, financially supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P./ MCTES using national funds (PIDDAC).

More Information


The value of the monthly maintenance allowance is 1.144,64 € 


Eligibility criteria

Research experience in the area of Sustainable Construction

Selection process

Selection method 

Academic training (40%); Experience in the topics of the work plan (30%); Interview (30%)

Candidates whose application is evaluated with a final grade lower than 10 out of 20 points are not eligible for the grant.

All candidates will be interviewed.

 Selection Panel 

Chair: PhD Maria João Soares

Oanel member: PhD Maria de Fátima Silva;  PhD Horácio Bonifácio

Substitute panel: PhD Cristina Caramelo Gomes;  PhD João  Duarte


The results will be communicated by email up to 90 days after the deadline for the submission of applications.

Selection reserve list

If, the applicant classified in first place is not available to fill the vacancy, the candidate classified in second place will be considered, if considered adequate by the selection panel, and so on. This use of the reserve list can occur up to 20 days after the date on which the selection panel approved the minutes with the ranking of candidates.

Complaint and Appeal Deadlines and Procedures

If results of the fellowship call are unfavourable, applicants have a period of 10 working days after the disclosure of results to comment, if they wish, are a preliminary hearing of interested parties, under the terms given in the Code for Administrative Procedure. The final decision will be taken after the preliminary hearing and communicated by email. After this notification, a complaint may be lodged, within 15 days, to the email address used for notification, or an appeal made to the highest body of the funding entity within 30 working days.


Additional comments

5.1. Applicable legislation and regulations


Workplace/Scientific Orientation

CITAD, at Fundação Minerva / Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, under the scientific supervision of PhD Reaes Pinto. In some circunstances, the fellow may need to travel to other locations to collect data for research purposes.

Way of consulting the scholarship contract and final report models


Web site for additional job details

Offer Requirements

    PORTUGUESE: Mother Tongue


- The applicant must have a master in the area of Architecture

- Involvement in research activities

Specific Requirements

- Hold a Master's degree in Architecture

- Be enrolled/enrolled in the PhD in Architecture at the Lusíada University of Lisbon

- Possess mastery of the usual design tools and information management necessary for the development of the work: Microsoft Office, CAD design programs, 3D modeling and image processing tools

- Knowledge of the English language, spoken and written


Pursuant to Article 9 of the relevant Regulations for Research Fellowships, only candidates who meet the following conditions in terms of nationally are eligible for the fellowship:

  1. Portuguese citizens and citizens of other European Union member states;
  2. Third-country citizens;
  3. Stateless Persons;
  4. Beneficiaries of political refugee status.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Fundação Minerva / Universidade Lusíada / CITAD - Centro de Investigação em Território, Arquitetura e Design
Rua da Junqueira, 188 a 198

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