Researcher: wildlife and production animal health – host-agent-environment interface (3 years)

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    21/08/2022 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
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The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is now looking for three researchers that will help create synergies within the Institute and with external partners. NVI hopes these researchers can help increase participation in national and international scientific projects that are in line with the One Health approach to successfully achieve our societal mission. NVI is looking for researchers at a consolidation career stage and with a proven record of scientific excellence and grant experience that can help build/develop these topics within the next three years, securing external funding and establishing new partnerships and networks. NVI hopes this can lead to establishing permanent research portfolios in these thematic areas. See more information here.

Presently, the section Research in Food Safety and Animal Health comprises approximately 20 people, with four located in Tromsø and the rest at Ås near Oslo. The main activity is knowledge development (research) fitting under the term One Health, i.e. the interaction between human and animal health and environmental factors, including zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Many of the employees also provide advice and diagnostic services to relevant industries and authorities. The section has a particular responsibility for knowledge development relevant to the arctic.

The section for Terrestrial Animal Health and Welfare represents an important outward contact point for the Norwegian Veterinary Institute towards state institutions and the industry. The section currently compromises 22 employees, with staff located in Sandnes, Trondheim and Ås. Main duties at the section are work related to emergency preparedness, research, health surveillance and counselling related to animal health, zoonoses and animal welfare. The section holds an expert group on wild animal health, with main focus on diagnostics, research and counselling related to important disease challenges in the interface between wild animals, livestock and humans.  

Tasks and responsibilities

We are looking for a candidate with substantial experience as a researcher, with the ambition to establish and develop an exciting and important research field. The candidate will have a key role in the acquisition and implementation of the institute’s research activities on host-agent-environment interactions (disease ecology), with focus on relevant disease challenges, in particular severe infectious diseases including zoonoses, at the interface between wildlife and production animals throughout Norway, including Spitsbergen (Svalbard). Responsibilities will include development and exploration of ideas (own and in larger teams), taking major (sometimes leading) roles in the development of project applications and project implementation, and strategic network building for further development of the research field (nationally and internationally). The candidate shall contribute to develop knowledge on among others:

  • pathogen population dynamics in and outside hosts, including interactions within and between animals and humans;
  • drivers of pathogen evolution (e.g. mutations) and their relevance to virulence and cross-species transmission;
  • prevalence and persistence of pathogens in animals, animal based products, vectors and outside hosts (environment, surfaces, etc.);
  • optionally also on the interactions between immune responses and pathogen adaptations/evolution.

A significant portion of this position will be spent writing research proposals and scientific papers. The position will offer the possibility to work in the field in addition to laboratory work. Some travelling is to be expected. The main working location will be Ås and/or Tromsø.

More Information


  • An interesting position with exciting and varied tasks
  • A work environment characterised by a high level of competence, professional challenges and diversity
  • A flexible and inclusive workplace
  • Favourable agreements for loans and pension savings in the Government Pension Fund and for this contribution, 2% of salary is deducted

The position is paid in accordance with the Government's salary regulations. The position is placed as a researcher in position codes 1109 or 1110, depending on qualifications.

Additional comments

Research will be the candidate’s main task. Funding to cover direct expenses will be provided to facilitate rapid implementation of activities and development of the research field. Ongoing/funded projects may also be linked to the position, depending on relevance and the candidate’s capacities. The position will provide great opportunities to develop a career platform and collaborations both within the institute, nationally and internationally. Advertisement and hiring for this position is done in parallel to advertisement and hiring of researchers within the fields of microbiome and health economy. The candidate is expected to develop close collaborations with these, in addition to other research groups at the institute as highlighted here already (wildlife health and production animal health).


The candidate will report to/from the section leader, and in the context of projects to/from the relevant project leader/work package leader. The candidate should expect responsibility as project leader. 

As mentioned some travelling must be expected for several reasons: the position is central to the development of the institute’s activities in the Arctic, and shall contribute to close cooperation between the main office at Ås and the regional units throughout Norway. In addition, collaborations with external research teams shall be developed, and this at least in the early stages is best developed through trust-building physical meetings. Fieldwork is likely to be a part of the research, and finally, because science dissemination and networking will be an important part of the job.

We are looking for a person at consolidator career stage. The optimal candidate will qualify for employment as senior researcher. However, candidates that do not fully qualify for this code may also apply, and will if selected, be employed as researcher.

Offer Requirements


Mandatory qualifications:

  • PhD or equivalent degree and documented post-doctoral (or equivalent) experience as researcher within a relevant research field.
  • Very good communication skills in written and oral English.

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of important infectious disease challenges shared among wildlife and domesticated animals both nationally and internationally will be an advantage
  • Well skilled with developing, disseminating and visualising ideas and results.
  • Taking biological and hypothesis driven approaches to problem formulation and experimental design, based on relevance.
  • Good digital skills and interested in developing (the application of) digital tools.

Specific Requirements

Personal features that will be weighted

Professionally ambitious with strong implementation skills, open and inviting in development of own ideas and attentive to input from colleagues and other disciplines. Good at network building, reading, understanding and developing strategies, and capturing the broader perspectives. Curious, constructively critical and respectful towards colleagues. Contributes to the creation of a positive professional and social work environment. Applicants are encouraged to include in their application, a brief reflection on their motivation for the position. 

Language requirements:

Very good presentation skills in both written and oral English are required to prepare good research proposals and scientific papers.

The working language at the institute is Norwegian. It is therefore an advantage for the candidate to have or be willing to acquire good presentation skills in Norwegian or other Scandinavian language. 

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