The Smart Cities Research Center (Ci2) is now accepting grant applications to award 1 Research Initiation Grant (BII) within the scope of the Ci2’s project with the number UIDP/05567/2020.

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    EngineeringComputer engineering
    EngineeringElectrical engineering
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    20/06/2022 23:00 - Europe/London
    Portugal › Tomar


Work plan: Participation in R&D activities, to be developed within the Ci2 Research Unit and its laboratories, through the integration in the work plans of the DragonFly - “Implementation of a mobile robotic surface water quality monitoring system” project. Briefly, the work plan involves the participation in the design and development of a robotic water quality monitoring system able to operate on vast water resources areas, such as dams, natural reserves, or rivers. I will also involve the implementation of an IoT monitoring and alarm system that allows real-time management of resources and detection or identification of activities causing water pollution.

Duration of the grants: The grants will last for 3 months, starting on mid-July 2022, non-renewable, on an exclusive basis.

Application deadline and form of submission of applications: The competition is open from the 3 to the 20 of June 2022. Applications must be formalized by sending: (a) Curriculum Vitae; b) Proof of enrolment in a higher professional technical course, bachelor's or master's degree; c) Proof of the number of credits already obtained and the total number of credits for the course in which they are enrolled. Students at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar are exempt from submitting the proof referred to in paragraphs b) and c). Applications must be formalized by email simultaneously to the addresses ci2@ipt.pt and fmbarros@ipt.pt, including in the “Subject” field: “Ci2 Projeto Dragonfly – Application”.

Financing: The grants are financed by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology).

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The grant amount corresponds to € 486.12

Selection process

Selection method to be applied: Merit of candidates measured by the evaluation of their curriculum to be classified on a scale of 0 to 20 values, according to the following formula and valuation criteria:

N = 5 × FC + IES + AC + CV

On what:

N = Classification obtained, from zero to twenty with rounding to the units;

FC = Fraction of credits already obtained compared to the total credits of the course in which the students are enrolled;

IES = Higher Education Institution in which the students are enrolled considering 5 values ​​if the candidate is enrolled in a course at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar and 2 value if enrolled in a course from another institution;

AC = Alignment of the course in which the students are enrolled in with the work plan, considering 4 values ​​if it is a course in the areas Electrical and Computer Engineering, and 2 value if it is a course in the areas of course in the areas of electricity and energy, or electronics and automation, or related fields;

CV = Up to 6 values as a result of the analysis of each candidate's resume, prioritizing their previous experience in research activities.

Candidates will be ranked in descending order of classification, and in the event of a tie in the classification obtained, in this order:

a) The candidate with the best score in the IES factor;

b) The candidate with the best score on the CV factor;

c) The candidate with the best score in the FC factor;

d) The candidate with the best score in the AC factor;

e) The applicant with a minor age.

Additional comments

Composition of the Selection Jury: Manuel Fernando Martins de Barros (Chairman), Henrique Joaquim de Oliveira Pinho and Pedro Manuel Granchinho de Matos (effective members), and Carlos Alberto Farinha Ferreira (facultative member), Adjunct Professors of the Department of Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.

Form of publicity/notification of results: The results of the evaluation will be published within 10 working days from the deadline for submission of applications and the list is sorted in order of ranking of candidates, with the candidates being notified via email. In the event that the selected candidate withdraws, the candidate in the following position on the lists will be admitted until the foreseen vacancy are exhausted.

Prior Hearing: After the results are announced by e-mail, the candidates must consider themselves immediately notified to, if they wish, speak at a prior hearing within a maximum period of 10 working days after that date. The final decision will be taken within 10 working days after the conclusion of the preliminary hearing of interested parties and notified to the candidates by email. If the initial project decision leads to the granting to all candidates, the prior hearing will be waived, in which case the referred project will be equivalent to the final decision.

Complaint and appeal: The final decision referred to in the preceding paragraphs can be filed a complaint within 15 working days to the President of the IPT or an appeal to the highest executive body of the FCT within 30 working days, both after the respective notification.

The contract template and the reporting template, and more information, are accessible on the IPT and Ci2 web pages (www.ipt.pt and www.ci2.ipt.pt).

Offer Requirements


Students of professional higher technical courses, bachelor's or master's degree, with preference in the areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering and related areas.

Specific Requirements

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

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