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NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University Lisbon | Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Notice of Call for International Competition for

Recruitment of Assistant Researcher (Investigador Auxiliar)

Professor Virgilio António Cruz Machado, Director of the NOVA School of Science and Technology, within the scope of the competences delegated by Order No. 8272/2020, of 26 August, hereby informs that an international call for applications is open, with the internal reference "LAQV_IA_02_2022" for a period of 15 working days, for the recruitment for the research career in a private law regime, under the terms of Regulation No. 393/2018, of 28 June, of one (1) PhD Assistant Researcher in the Area of Chemistry with focus on (Bio)Chemistry and Omics in the scope of the project Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry - Clean Technologies and Processes, project with reference "LA/P/0008/2020", financed by national funds through the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P., under the terms of Regulation no. 872/2019, of 12 November, Decree-Law no. 63/2019, of 16 May, and other applicable national and community legislation.

  1. Type of employment contract and key legislation

The recruitment of the PhD researcher shall be made by means of a permanent working contract (contrato de trabalho sem termo), for the category of Assistant Researcher (Investigador Auxiliar) carried out under the terms of the Regulations governing careers, recruitment and employment contracts of researchers under employment contracts at the NOVA University of Lisbon- Regulation no. 393/2018, of 28 June.

All matters not set out in this notice shall be governed by Regulation No. 393/2018, of 28 June.

  1. Main functions, activities and exclusivity

The Assistant Researcher will be responsible for the design, development and execution of scientific research work that is aligned with LAQV-REQUIMTE's strategy and the sustainable objectives of the 2030 Agenda. In this context, the work to be developed should focus on on quantitative proteomics and nanoproteomics based on the concepts of sustainability and analytical minimalism for the characterization of biological systems and biomarker development for diagnostics and prognostics.

The Assistant Researcher shall be recruited under private law and full dedication, which implies the renunciation of the exercise of any public or private remunerated function or activity, including the exercise of a liberal profession, and the rules established in article 52 of the Statute of the Scientific Research Career shall apply.

  1. Place of work

The Assistant Researcher will work in the premises at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, located on the Campus de Caparica, in Portugal, and will make all national trips, or abroad, inherent to his/her functions or necessary for the exercise of his/her activity.

  1. Monthly salary and contract start date

The PhD Researcher(s) will receive a gross monthly remuneration of 3,248.27 euros, based on the 1st salary position in the category of Assistant Researcher under private law, full-time contract with exclusive dedication, in accordance with Annexes I and II of Regulation no. 393/2018, of 28 June, with the salary updates determined by Decree Law no. 10- B/2020, of 20 March and Decree Law no. 109-A/2021, of 7 December.

The contract is expected to start from June 2022, after homologation of the final result of this call and acceptance of the post by the selected researcher.

  1. Admission requirements

National, foreign and stateless candidates may apply to this competition, holding a PhD degree in Biochemistry or related areas, duly registered and/or recognized in Portugal [mandatory requirement], and possessing the following minimum requirements for admissibility:

  1. A minimum of 10 years of postdoctoral proven experience on protein characterization in complex biological samples, i.e. biological fluids, human and animal cells and tissues;
  2. Proven expertise in the use of mass spectrometry and bioinformatic tools applied to the research fields mentioned on this notice’s point 2;
  3. Proven expertise in the use of ultrasonic techniques in proteomics sample processing and preparation;
  4. A minimum scientific productivity of 30 articles indexed in WoS;
  5. Demonstrable experience in the coordination and organization of outreach and scientific dissemination activities;
  6. Expertise in attracting private and public investment for R&D;
  7. Demonstrable expertise in the creation and management of mass spectrometry-based facilities.

Other requirements: Teaching, participation in national and international research projects will be valued. A fluency in English, motivation for research, good work capacity and a spirit of initiative will be considered essential.

  1. Evaluation of Applications and Composition of the Jury

Under the terms of Regulation no. 393/2018, of 28 June, the evaluation of the applications will be carried out by a jury and will follow the procedure laid down in articles 16, 18, 19, 20, n.os 1 and 2, 21 to 23, 24, 26 and 27 of the Statute of the Scientific Research Career (ECIC).

In accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of ECIC, the jury has the following composition:

- Presidente/Chairwoman: Tamara García-Barrera, Full Professor of Universidade de Huelva, Espanha;

- Vogal/Member: Tamara García-Barrera, Full Professor of Universidade de Huelva, Espanha;

- Vogal/Member: Marco Aurélio Zezzi Arruda, Full Professor of UNICAMP;

Vogal/Member: Gilberto Paulo Peixoto Igrejas, Associate Professor with Habilitation of Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro;

- Vogal/Member: José Paulo Moreira dos Santos, Full Professor, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa;

- Vogal/Member: José Ricardo Ramos Franco Tavares, Associate Professor with Habilitation, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa;

  1. Selection criteria
  1. Scientific production in the subject area of the call for applications (45%); the relevance of the results obtained by the candidate will be considered, with great emphasis on the work indicated by the candidate as his/her most significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the area for which the call for applications is open;
  2. Extension and dissemination activities of scientific knowledge, namely in the organization of courses, seminars and conferences (25%);
  3. Participation in relevant scientific projects in the subject area of the call for applications (10%); the candidate's previous experience and potential to constructively and effectively coordinate and integrate nationally and internationally funded projects in the subject area of the call for applications will be considered;
  4. Experience in teaching and advanced training, namely in the supervision of postgraduate students in the scientific area of the call for applications (7.5%);
  5. Career development plan, concerning the lines of research in the area for which this competition is open and to which the candidate proposes to devote himself at LAQV (10%); obeying the following requirements: i) Presentation of the main problems to which he intends to devote his future research, contextualizing them in the current state of the art in these areas; ii) Systematized and succinct description of the research strategies that the candidate proposes to adopt, to develop his research and solve or contribute to solving the problems he enunciates; iii) Explanation of the reasons and motivations for his choices. The career development plan must not exceed more than 5 pages of A4 size, written in 12 pt font size.
  6. Participation and performance in tasks attributed by the management bodies of the institutions to which they were connected and performance of tasks involving the economic and social valorization of knowledge, namely through community service provision (2.5%).
  1. Hearing of Interested Parties

The lists of admitted and excluded candidates, as well as the final classification list and ranking of candidates, shall be the object of a hearing of interested parties, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 121 and 122 of the Portuguese Administrative Procedure Code.

  1. Final Decision

The jury's final deliberation will be homologated by the Director of NOVA School of Science and Technology who is also responsible for deciding on the hiring.

The list of admitted and excluded candidates and the final ranking list will be published in the Chemistry Department of FCTNOVA in a visible place and sent by e-mail, with receipt of delivery, to all candidates.

  1. Submission of Applications

Applications must be submitted between May 20, 2022 and June 14, 2022, by sending, by email to div.rh.recrutamentondoc@fct.unl.pt, a single PDF file containing the following documents, written in Portuguese or English:

  1. Application, using the form available at https://www.fct.unl.pt/en/faculdade/concursos/investigadores;
  2. PhD certificate;
  3. Short CV (max. five pages) with attached list of publications indicating the publications the applicant considers most significant;
  4. Career development plan (max. five A4 pages).

The candidate must organise his/her Curriculum Vitae in such a way as to respond separately to each of the criteria set out in 7. and, under penalty of exclusion, identify and justify, among the works produced by him/her, which three to five he/she considers to be the most significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the area or areas for which this competition is open.

  1. Policy of non-discrimination and equal access

NOVA School of Science and Technology actively promotes a policy of non-discrimination and equal access, whereby no candidate may be benefited, prejudiced or deprived of any duty on the basis of ancestry, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, chronic illness, nationality, ethnic origin or race, religion or political convictions.

  1. Data Protection

In accordance with the RGPD - General Data Protection Regulation, the data collected will be processed exclusively for the processing of the application.

  1. Probationary period

The Assistant Researcher recruited under the scope of this competition has a probationary period of three years, which ends with the favourable opinion referred to in article 39 of the Statute of the Career of Scientific Research, and provided that he/she has a performance evaluation above a level defined for that purpose.

  1. Final provisions and interpretative precedence
  1. It is the responsibility of the Jury of this competition to decide on its processing and on any doubts and complaints, in the light of Regulation no. 393/2018, of 28 June, and of the applicable provisions of the Administrative Procedure Code (Decree-Law no. 4/2015, of 7 January, updated by Law no. 72/2020, of 16 November).
  2. For interpretative purposes, in case of doubt, the text of the notice published in Portuguese shall prevail over the notice published in English.

NOVA School of Science and Technology, May 20, 2022


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