Aviso n.º 9280/2022

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Aviso n.º 9280/2022

(Notice no. 9280/2022)

International selection competition procedure for the hiring of a Principal Investigator under Articles 18 and 20 of Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29, as amended by Law No. 57/2017, of July 19.


Pursuant to the provisions of article 11, paragraph 2, of Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29, it becomes public that by Dean’s decree of April 6, 2022, the opening of an international selection competition procedure was authorized for the completion of a Principal Investigator job vacancy for the exercise of scientific research activities financed by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), I. P., under an uncertain fixed-term employment contract under the Labor Code in the Faculdade de Ciências Médicas|NOVA Medical School, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.


1 — 1 — The Doctorate to be hired will perform within the scope of the programmatic funding of the iNOVA4Health Unit — Program in Translational Medicine, UIDP/04462/2020 the role of Principal Investigator in the scientific area of ​​Biomedicine with special emphasis on the area of Cellular and molecular biology. Goals of the 2030 Agenda: Area 2 — Health Sciences and Medicine, Goal 3 — Health Of Quality.


2 — General requirements of the application:

a) Portuguese nationals, foreigners or stateless persons, holding a PhD degree in Life Sciences, Health Sciences, or related areas;

b) Holders of a scientific and professional curriculum that reveals an adequate profile for the activity to be developed, namely in the areas of Biomedicine, with relevance to the themes that fall within the scientific strategy of the Chronic Diseases Research Centre (CEDOC) of the NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, particularly in research areas represented by this Centre in the INOVA4Health Research Unit.


If the PhD has been awarded by a foreign higher education institution, it must comply with the provisions of Decree-Law no. 341/2007, of October 12, and any formalities established there must be fulfilled until the formalization of job contract.


3 — Specific requirements of the application:

a) Curriculum that reveals experience in the area of ​​Biomedicine, with special emphasis on the area of Cellular and molecular biology;

b) Knowledge and experience in the areas of advanced therapies are especially valued. cell-based models of disease and translation for clinical research.


4 — Contracting:

The contracting is made through a fixed uncertain term work contract under the Labor Code, as a Principal Investigator, and is remunerated according to the remuneration index 220, 1st step in the category of Principal Investigator of the scientific research career, according to Annex I of Decree-Law no. 124/99, of 20 April, and pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 2 of the Regulatory Decree No. 11 -A/2017, of 29 December, for the exercise of research activities under the project UIDP/04462/2020.


5 —Place of work:

The workplace is located on the Chronic Diseases Research Center (CEDOC), Faculdade de Ciências Médicas|NOVA Medical School - UNL, Rua Câmara Pestana n.º 6, 1150-082 Lisboa.


6 —Documents that must instruct the application:

i) Motivation Letter - Career development plan that explains the candidate's integration into the strategy of CEDOC and, in particular, in the areas of investigation of INOVA4Heath;

ii) Detailed Curriculum vitae according to the application requirements;

iii) Copy of PhD certificate or diploma;

iv) Other relevant documents for assessing the adequacy of the requested profile.


7 — Methods of selection and definition of the respective weights:

a) The curricular evaluation will be performed in a numerical scale ranging from 0 to 20 and will consider the items i) and ii) defined above ascribing the following ponderation: i) Motivation Letter (Career development plan) (30%); ii) Detailed Curriculum vitae (70%).

b) If deemed necessary by the jury, the top three candidates will be selected for an individual interview.

c) In this latter case, the curricular evaluation will have a weight of 90% and the interview a weight of 10%. The final classification of each individual candidate will result from the average of the evaluations provided by the jury members.

d) In case there is no interview, the final classification will be equal to the classification obtained in the curriculum evaluation.

e) In the case of a tie, it is incumbent to the president of the jury to choose the candidate.

f) In accordance with Decree-Law no. 29/2001, of February 3, candidates with disabilities are favored when equally classified. This prevails above any other legal preference. The candidates must declare their type and degree of disability in their motivation letter, as well as the means of communication/expression to be used in the selection process.


8 — In accordance with article 13 of Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29, the Jury is composed as follows:

President of the Jury – Doctor Paulo de Carvalho Pereira, Coordinating Investigator, NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa;

1st Effective Member – Doctor Mónica Sousa, I3S, Institute for Research and Innovation in Health, Universidade do Porto;

2nd Effective Member – Doctor Henrique Girão, Faculty of Medicine, Universidade de Coimbra;

1st Substitute member – Doctor Miguel Pedro Pires Cardoso de Seabra, Full Professor, NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa;

2nd Substitute member – Doctor Duarte Custal Ferreira Barral, Associate Professor, NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.


9 —Notification of candidates:

Candidates are notified by e-mail.


10 — The ordering lists of the candidates as well as the homologation of the final deliberation of the Jury are made available in the page of the Faculdade de Ciências Médicas|NOVA Medical School.


11 — Application deadline:

The applications, duly instructed with the documents referred to in item 6 of this Notice, must be submitted within 10 working days of the day immediately following the publication of this Notice in the Diário da República and must be sent by e-mail, indicating the reference in Title to the electronic address ec.applications@nms.unl.pt.


12 —This Notice is advertised on the Bolsa de Emprego Público, at www.bep.gov.pt , on the first business day following its publication in the Diário da República, as well as on the https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu and on the electronic page of the Faculdade de Ciências Médicas|NOVA Medical School of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.


13 —In all that is not expressly provided for in this Notice, the procedure is governed, in particular, by the provisions contained in Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29, as amended by Law no. 57/1017, of July 19, in Regulatory decree no. 11-A / 2017, of December 29, in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and in the Code of Administrative Procedure.


14 — Non-discrimination and equal access policy:

Faculdade de Ciências Médicas|NOVA Medical School, an organic unit of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, actively promotes a policy of non-discrimination and equal access, so that no candidate can be privileged, benefited, harmed or deprived of any right or exempt from any duty due, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, economic situation, education, social origin or condition, genetic heritage, reduced working capacity, disability, chronic illness, nationality, ethnic origin or race, language, religion, political or ideological convictions and trade union membership.


March 9, 2022. — The Director, Professor Helena Canhão.

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