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The Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente (CERENA) of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and of Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade is pleased to announce the opening of a call for 2 (two) PhD Grants at the research areas Earth Resources or Chemical Engineering under the Research Fellowship Holder Statute and the FCT Regulation (RBI) for Research Studentships and Fellowships (EBI).

The grants to be awarded will be funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) under the collaboration agreement between FCT and Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente (CERENA), UID/ 04028/2020), for Funding the Multiannual Plan of Research Scholarship for PhD Students.


The work plan will be developed at CERENA, under the supervision of researchers integrated in CERENA and framed in the strategic plan of the unit. More information on the proposed areas/themes can be found at the link: https://cerena.pt/scholarships.



PhD Scholarships aim to finance research activities leading to a doctoral degree at Instituto Superior Técnico.


The research activities leading to the academic doctoral degree will take place at Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente (CERENA), which will be the host institution of the scholarship holders, without prejudice that the work may be carried out in collaboration with more than one institution.

The research activities leading to the doctoral degree of the selected candidates must be framed in the activity plan and strategy of CERENA and should be developed within the scope of the Doctoral Programmes in Earth Resources or in Chemical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico.

It is essential, under penalty of not being considered to the Call, to submit the following documents:

• Details of identification document/passport;

• The applicant's Curriculum Vitae;

• Certificates of the academic degrees held, specifying the final classification and, if possible, the grades obtained in all courses, or, alternatively, the candidate's declaration of honour on how he/she concluded the bachelor's or master's degree by the end of the of application deadline;

•Registration of recognition of academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions and registration of the conversion of the respective final classification to the Portuguese classification scale, or, alternatively, the applicant's declaration of honour on how he/she obtained the recognition of a foreign degree equivalent to bachelor or master until the end of the application period;

• Motivation letter with indication of the doctoral program and area/theme to which you are applying https://cerena.pt/scholarships;

• 2 Recommendation letters;

• The application and all associated documents, including motivation and recommendation letters, must be written in Portuguese or in English.


Regarding the aforementioned admissibility requirements, the following should be noted:

• Only applicants who have completed the national studies cycle leading to a bachelor or master degree until the end of the application period will be admitted. If they do not yet have the degree certificate, a declaration of honour from the candidates will be accepted. The granting of the scholarship will depend on the presentation of proof of the academic qualifications required.


• In the case of academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions, and in order to ensure the application of the principle of equal treatment to candidates who hold foreign and national academic degrees, it’s compulsory the recognition of these degrees and the conversion of the final classification to the Portuguese classification scale.

• The recognition of foreign academic degrees and diplomas as well as the conversion of the final classification to the Portuguese classification scale may be required in any public higher education institution, or at Direcção-Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES, just for automatic recognition). For more about this subject please check http://www.dges.gov.pt.

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Payments due to the scholarship holder are made by bank transfer, to the account identified in the scholarship holder's file. The monthly allowance is paid on the first business day of each month

Payments of registration, enrolment or tuition fee components are made by FCT directly to the national institution where the scholarship holder is enrolled for the PhD.


Eligibility criteria

The evaluation considers the candidate's merit and his/her suitability for the Research Unit's strategic plan. Applications considered admissible will be scored on a scale of 0 to 5 in each of the following evaluation criteria:


Criterion A - Merit, with a weight of 40%;

Subcriterion A1 - Academic classifications, with a weight of 80%: Bachelor, Master or Integrated Master in Engineering or similar areas;


Subcriterion A2 - Adequacy of the Academic Degree, with a weight of 20%: Bachelor, Master or Integrated Master in Engineering or similar areas;

Criterion B - Personal Curriculum, with a weight of 20%;

Subcriterion B1 - Detailed analysis of the Curriculum vitae, scientific publications and experience in the Doctoral Program area, weighing 80%


Subcriterion B2 - Letters of Reference, weighing 20%

Criterion C - Motivation Letter, weighing 20%

Criterion D - Face-to-face or videoconference interview, conducted in Portuguese or English, with a weight of 20%, for candidates with intermediate classification over 3, according to the following formula:

Intermediate Rating = (0.5 × A) + (0.25 × B) + (0.25 × C)

For the purpose of deciding on the granting of scholarships, applicants will be ranked according to the weighted average of the classification obtained in each of the four criteria, translated by the following formula:

Final Classification = (0.4 × A) + (0.2 × B) + (0.2 × C) + (0.2 × D)

For tie-breaking purposes, the ranking of candidates will be made based on the ratings assigned to each of the evaluation criteria in the following order of precedence: criterion A, criterion B, criterion C and criterion D.

Selection process

The evaluation jury of the applicants is composed by the following members:

  • Moisés Luzia Gonçalves Pinto, Associate Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico, (Coordinator).
  • João Gomes, Coordinating Professor, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa
  • Maria de Lurdes Dinis, Associate Professor, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto



  • José Manuel Marques, Professor Associate, Instituto Superior Técnico, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Maria João Pereira, Full Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico Universidade de Lisboa



The evaluation jury will assess applications in accordance with the evaluation criteria of this Call, considering the elements of evaluation. All panel members, including the coordinator, are committed to respect a set of responsibilities essential to the evaluation process, such as the duties of impartiality, the declaration of any potential conflict of interest (CoI) situations and confidentiality. At all times during the evaluation process, confidentiality is fully protected and ensured in order to guarantee the independence of all opinions produced.


For each application, a final evaluation form will be produced by the panel, in which the arguments that led to the ratings attributed to each of the evaluation criteria and sub-criteria will be presented in a clear, coherent and consistent manner.


Minutes of the responsibility of all its members will be produced from the meetings of the evaluation panel. Minutes and annexes must include the following information:

• Name and affiliation of all members of the evaluation panel;

• Identification of all excluded applications and respective reasons;

• Methodology adopted by the panel for particular cases;

• Final Evaluation Sheets for each applicant;

• Provisional list of classification and ranking of applicants, in descending order of the final classification, of all applications evaluated by the panel;

• Conflict of interests statements from all panel members;

• Possible delegations of votes and competences due to justified absence.

Additional comments


The Call is ruled by this notice, by the FCT Research Scholarship Regulation, approved by Regulation No. 950/2019, published in the II Series of the DR of December 16, 2019, by the Research Scholarship Statute approved by the Law 40/2004, of August 18, in the current wording, and by other applicable national and community legislation.


Web site for additional job details

Offer Requirements

    Engineering: Master Degree or equivalent


Applicants should comply with the following:


• Be Portuguese citizens, or citizens of other member states of the European Union;

• Be citizens from third-party States;

• Stateless persons;

• Citizens benefiting from political refugee status.


Applicants to PhD Scholarships need to:

• Hold a bachelor or master degree in the areas of engineering or in related areas;

• Have permanent residence in Portugal, if the work plan is partially carried out at a foreign institution (mixed scholarships), a requirement applicable to both national and foreign citizens.

• Not having benefited from a PhD scholarship or PhD scholarship in industry directly financed by FCT, regardless of its duration.

  • Not holding a doctoral degree

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