COMPETITION FOR GRANTING one Research Scholarship in History of Science and Technology - EXPL/FER-HFC/0847/2021 - 1

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    NOVA.id.FCT- Associação para a Inovação de Desenvolvimento da FCT
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    06/05/2022 23:00 - Europe/London
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    EXPL/FER-HFC/0847/2021 - 1


A tender is open for the attribution of one Research Scholarship within the scope of the R&D project Hi-BicLab, History Lab for Sustainable Urban Mobilities: Lisbon's cycling policies (EXPL/FER-HFC/0847/2021), funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P./MCTES through national funds (PIDDAC/OE), under the following conditions:

  1. Scientific Area: Social Sciences and Humanities – History of Science and Technology
  1. Recipients’ profile/category: Applicants to this call may be national, foreign or stateless candidates that are MA holders, with an academic curriculum whose profile is suitable for the activity to be carried out.

Mandatory requirements: A MA degree in History of Science and Technology, History, Economic and Social Geography, Science and Technology Studies, Political Ecology, Environmental History, History and Mobility Studies, or in a similar scientific area, registered and/or recognized in Portugal, with a scientific and professional curriculum whose profile is suitable for the activity to be carried out;

Proficiency in Portuguese.

The selected candidate must, at the moment of the contracting process, be enrolled either in a doctorate, or in a course that does not confer an academic degree, integrated in an educational project of a Higher Education Institution. This requirement is not a factor for exclusion at the application stage.

Preferred factors: interest and knowledge in urban mobility; experience of working in archival consultation; proven written and oral communication skills; ability to work in a team; capacity for interdisciplinary dialogue, in particular between history, geography and transport economics.

Proficiency in English.

  1. Work Plan: The fellow will carry out the research work and support the various tasks and objectives of the Hi-BicLab project, namely through: participation in a literature review; information gathering in archives; creation of databases with historical sources; organisation of a round table and four workshops; creation and maintenance of the project's website and social network accounts; participation in the writing of scientific papers.

The fellow will work in coordination with the rest of the team.

  1. Applicable legislation and regulations: Law No. 40/2004, of August 18, amended and republished by Decree-Law No. 202/2012 of August 27 (Statute of the Scientific Research Fellow) and amended by Decree-Law No. 233/2012 of October 29, by Law No. 12 /2013 of 29 January, by Decree-Law No. 89/2013, of 9 July and Decree-Law No. 123/2019, of 28 August; Regulation of Research Grants of NOVA.id.FCT – Association for Innovation and Development of FCT (https://www.novaidfct.pt/regulamento-de-bolsas-de-investigacao-da-nova-id-fct/); Regulation of Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. in force (https://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/regulamento.phtml.pt);
  1. Workplace: The work is to be carried out at CIUHCT – Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia, under the scientific supervision of doctor M. Luísa Sousa (CIUHCT, FCT/NOVA) and professor David Vale (CIAUD, FAUL), the contracting entity being NOVA.id.FCT – Association for Innovation and Development of FCT.
  1. Fellowship duration: The fellowship is for 6 (six) months, eventually renewable during the course of the project, beginning in May 2022.
  1. Monthly maintenance allowance amount: According to the regulations of the FCT Scientific Fellowships in Portugal (https://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores.phtml.pt) the net salary will be of 1144,6 EUR/month, which will be paid monthly by bank transfer.

Scholarship holders can ensure the exercise of their right to social security in accordance with Decree-Law No. 40/89, of February 1, by joining the voluntary social insurance scheme, pursuant to article 10 of the Estatuto do Bolseiro de Investigação (EBI, https://dre.pt/dre/legislacao-consolidada/lei/2004-58216179-58244491).

NOVA.id.FCT will assume the charges resulting from the contributions that fall on the first of the levels referred to in article 180 of the Code of Contribution Regimes of the Social Security Social Security System.

  1. Selection criteria: The evaluation will have two phases. There will be an evaluation of the curriculum vitae and the motivation letter (score from 1 to 20) (60%). The three best classified candidates will be admitted to an interview (score from 1 to 20) (40%).
  1. Composition of the Selection Jury: Chairwoman: M. Luísa Sousa; Members: David Vale and Jaume Valentines-Álvarez; Substitute Members: Cristina Luís, Patrícia Melo.
  1. Form of advertising/notification of results:

The evaluation results proposed by the jury will be notified, up to 90 days after the deadline for the submission of applications, by email, of the results proposed by the jury, with access to the minutes and the final ranking list.

After notification, candidates will have 10 working days to comment on the draft decision (prior hearing of interested parties, under the terms of the Code of Administrative Procedure). The final decision will be taken after the expiry of the prior hearing period, again notified to all candidates by e-mail. Of this final decision the candidates can file a complaint within 15 working days (to the e-mail address used for the notification), or an hierarchical appeal, within 30 working days, addressed to NOVA.ID.FCT's Board through the address coord1@novaidfct.pt.

  1. Application deadline and form of application submission: The call for applications is open from April 14th to May 6nd 2022.

Documentation to deliver: Applications must be submitted by email, indicating on the subject ‘Application to Hi-BicLab project’, with the following documents (either in Portuguese or English) attached in a single PDF file: a) MA certificate; b) Curriculum vitae; c) Motivation letter; d) Explicit mention of the candidate’s e-mail address for the notification of results.

Form of submission of the applications: Applications should be sent by e-mail to hi.biclab@campus.fct.unl.pt, with the subject “Application BI Hi-BicLab”.

  1. Drafts: The drafts of: i) fellowship contract, ii) final report to be presented by the fellowship holder, iii) final report to be presented by the scientific advisor, and; iv) declaration on honor, can all be found on NOVA.id.FCT website.

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