Master enrolled in non-academic degree courses research fellowship: LIMEdiat_BI2022_1

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    CECS-Communication and Society Research Centre
    Educational sciences
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    28/04/2022 23:00 - Europe/London
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The University of Minho (UM) opens a call for the attribution of 1 Master enrolled in non-academic degree courses research fellowship, reference no LIMEdiat_BI2022_1, in the area of Educational Sciences, under the Research Fellowship Statute (EBI) and the University of Minho Regulation of Scientific Research Fellowships (RBIC).

The Fellowships will be funded by the Municipality of Guimarães under the scope of the European project Erasmus+ LIMEdiat – Licenciatura Europeia em Mediação para a Inclusão Social com a referência 2020-1-FR01-KA203-079934, cofinanciado pela Agencia Nacional Erasmus+ de França/ /Educação & Formação.

The research activities will take place at the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS), University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Portugal, under the scientific orientation of Professor Doctor Ana Maria Carneiro da Costa e Silva.

The fellowship holder will carry out activities in support of the organization and technical-scientific development of the project, namely:

  • Collaboration in the management of communication and dissemination of project results;
  • Collaboration in the preparation of information to be integrated into the online teaching-learning platform in mediation;
  • Collaboration in the identification, design, and dissemination of pedagogical tools for teaching-learning in mediation;
  • Other tasks to support the development of the project.


The Call runs between 13 and 28 April 2022, until 11:59 pm (GMT). Applications and application support documents requested in this call (‘Application Admissibility Requirements’) must be submitted via e-mail to anasilva@ie.uminho.pt, indicating the call reference in the email subject “LIMEdiat_BI2022_1”. Applications sent by other means or extemporaneously will not be accepted.


Application Admissibility Requirements

It is essential, under penalty of non-admission to the call, to attach to the application the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Certificates of the previous academic degrees held, specifying mandatorily the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all the curricular units performed. Alternatively, the candidate must submit a declaration of honour (link), declaring that he/she has completed the Degree and the Master's Degree required in this call, at the time of the application deadline;
  • Proof of research experience in projects in the area of Mediation;
  • For degrees obtained abroad, proof of recognition of academic degrees assigned by foreign higher education institutions and registration of the conversion of the final classification (GPA) to the Portuguese classification scale. Alternatively, the candidate's declaration of honour (link) declaring that he/she has obtained the recognition of the foreign degree equivalent to that of a Degree and the Master's Degree required in this call, at the time of the application deadline;
  • Motivation Letter.


Applicable legislation and regulations

Research Fellowship Statute (EBI), approved by Law No. 40/2004 of August 18, in the current wording published by Decree-Law No. 123/2019 of August 28; and the University of Minho Regulation of Scientific Research Fellowships (RBIC) of the University of Minho published in Diário da República n.º 199/2020, series 2, of June 22, 2020 (dispatch n.º 6524/2020).

More Information


The fellowship will last for 6 months and may, eventually, be renewed up to the applicable legal limit.

The fellowship amount, paid monthly by bank transfer to the account identified by the candidate, corresponds to 1114,64€, according to the FCT fellowships table, available at https://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/docs/Tabela_Valores_SMM_LOE_2021.pdf



Benefits: Reimbursement of Voluntary Social Insurance (SSV), corresponding to the 1st echelon of the contributory base (for fellowships lasting 6 months or more) and Personal Accident Insurance.


Exclusivity regime: The grantee will perform the activities under exclusivity, as foreseen in article 5º of the Research Fellow Statutes and applicable regulations.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates must meet the eligibility conditions provided for in article 9 of the FCT Regulation for Fellowships (RBI).



The academic degrees and diplomas documents, or their respective recognition when awarded by foreign higher education institutions are not mandatory in the application phase, being replaced by a declaration of honour of the candidate with the contents of academic results. The documents of academic qualification or respective recognition will be required in the contracting phase and must attest to facts that occurred on a date prior to the application. In situations of divergence between the information contained in the declaration and the documentation submitted for contracting the grant, only the information contained in the latter will be considered. If the documents proving the ownership of the academic degree and diploma, or the respective recognition under the terms of Decree-Law No. 66/2018, of August 16, do not correspond to the classifications awarded in the evaluation of the academic path, which can change the candidate's ranking, the fellowship won’t be contracted.

Applicants with degrees obtained abroad must present proof of recognition of qualifications in Portugal and conversion of the final classification obtained in them to the Portuguese classification scale or declaration under the terms indicated in the previous point. For candidates who do not comply with one of these provisions, the selection panel will assign “0” in the grade of the graduation and/or master course. Candidates will be evaluated on the remaining parameters.

Selection process

The evaluation will be based on the Candidate Merit (MC), taking into account several subcriteria. The evaluation subcriteria to be used will be as follows:

  • a. Academic path (0 to 35 points);
  • b. Professional curriculum (0 to 35 points);
  • c. Motivation letter (0 to 30 points).


The Candidate Merit (MC) classification will be obtained by applying the following formula: MC = a + b + c


The Jury may decide to call for an Interview (ENT) with the three candidates with the best scores. In this case, the following sub-criteria will be evaluated:

  • a. Interpersonal skills (0 to 20 points);
  • b. Knowledge demonstrated in the contest area (0 to 50 points);
  • c. Motivation (0 to 10 points);
  • d. Language skills (0 to 20 points).


The interview classification (ENT) will be obtained by applying the following formula: ENT = a + b + c + d


In the case of an interview, the Final Classification (CF) of the Candidate Merit (MC) and the Interview (ENT) will be obtained by applying the following formula: CF = (MC*0,6) + (ENT*0,4)


If the interview does not take place, the final classification (CF) will correspond to 100% of the evaluation obtained in the Candidate Merit (MC).



The jury may not attribute the fellowship if the quality of the candidates is inferior to that intended.



President of the Jury

- Ana Maria Carneiro da Costa e Silva, Professora Auxiliar do Instituto de Educação da Universidade do Minho


Effective Members

- Isabel Maria da Torre Carvalho Viana, Professora Auxiliar do Instituto de Educação da Universidade do Minho

- Isabel Moreira Macedo, Investigadora Auxiliar do Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade da Universidade do Minho


Substitute Members

- Ana Paula Caetano, Professora Associada do Instituto de Educação da Universidade de Lisboa

- Pedro Cunha, Professor Catedrático da Universidade Fernando Pessoa


Reserve/substitute list: in case of cancellation of the fellowship, up to 6 months after its attribution, the vacancy(s) will be filled by the candidate(s) from the list of substitutes, according to the final ordering.

Additional comments

Publication of results

The final results of the evaluation will be publicized through a list sorted by the final grade obtained, posted in a visible and public place in the host institution, as well as by email to all candidates, attaching the minutes with the deliberations of the Jury, within 90 working days after the deadline for submission of applications. The notification will be sent to the email address used by the applicants for the submission of the application/indicated in the application, with receipt of delivery of the notification.



Complaint and Appeal Procedures

After the notification, applicants have a period of 10 working days to produce their arguments at a prior hearing of interested parties, under Articles 121 and 122 following the Code of Administrative Procedure (CPA).

A complaint may be filed against the final decision, within 15 working days, addressed to the President of the Jury. Interested parties may also present an optional hierarchical appeal, addressed to the Pro-Rector for Research and Projects, Professor Dr. Sandra Paiva.



Contract template and final report template

The granting of the fellowship takes place through the signing of a contract between the University of Minho and the grantee, in accordance with the draft contract in its updated version in accordance with point 2.4 (Version 2021).

Failure to deliver any of the documents necessary to complete the process of contracting the fellowship, within 6 months from the date of communication of the conditional decision to grant the fellowship, implies the expiry of the aforementioned concession and the closure of the process.

The activities under the fellowship contract can only begin after proper authorization by the contracting entity.

Without prejudice to the other causes provided for in the applicable fellowship regulations (FCT and UMinho) and in the Research Fellowship Statute, the fellowship ends with the conclusion of the contracted work plan, as well as with the end of the period for which it was granted or renewed. At the end of the fellowship, the fellowship holder is obliged to present the Final Report of the work carried out, in accordance with the objectives and evaluation criteria defined with the scientific advisor, within 30 days after the end of the fellowship. The final report must be prepared in accordance with Annex I of the Scientific Research Scholarships Regulation of the University of Minho - order No. 6524/2020 of 06-22-2020, amended by rectification declaration No. 447/2021 of 06-22 -2021. Contract template and final report template (link).

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Offer Requirements

    Educational sciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    PORTUGUESE: Excellent
    ENGLISH: Good


The research fellowship is meant for enrolled masters or masters who may prove to have the necessary conditions to enrol in non-academic degree courses integrated into the educational project of the institution (UMinho), developed in association or cooperation with one or more R&D units. Applicants to the current call must comply with the following:

  • Be a national citizen or a citizen from other European Union Member States;
  • Be a citizen from third-party states;
  • Be a stateless citizen;
  • Be a citizen who may benefit from the political refugee status.


Applicants’ admissibility requirements

  • Have a Master's in Education, area of specialization in Educational Mediation
  • Have experience in collaboration in projects in the area of Mediation


Preferential requirements

  • Scientific publications;
  • Participation in the organization of scientific events;
  • Experience in participating in work/research teams;
  • Participation in research projects in the area of Educational Mediation.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
CECS-Communication and Society Research Centre
4710-057 Braga
Campus de Gualtar

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