“CLIMATE@COA - Climate and human adaptation during the Last Glacial Period in the Côa Valley region (Portugal)” (reference: COA/CAC/0031/2019) - Lugus 787056

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CALL FOR Post-doctoral Research Grant (BIPD)


University of Coimbra opens a call for one Post-doctoral Research Grant (BIPD), in the framework of the CLIMATE@COA project “Climate and human adaptation during the Last Glacial Period in the Côa Valley region (Portugal)” (reference: (COA/CAC/0031/2019), financed by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P./MCTES through the National Funds (PIDDAC), in the following conditions:

Scientific area: Geoarchaeology.

Skills/Qualifications/Admission requirements: Holder of a doctorate degree in Geoarchaeology or related areas, with preference given to candidates with research knowledge in the field of micromorphology from Palaeolithic contexts.

The recipient of the fellowship must cumulatively meet the requirements provided for in paragraph 3 of article 7 of the RBIFCT:

a) The doctoral degree obtained in the 3 years prior to the date of submission of the application;

b) Investigation be carried out in a host organization other than that in which the degree was obtained;

c) Research activities do not require post-doctoral experience;

d) The research activities have a development and execution term equal to or less than three years;

e) The fellowship holder does not exceed, with the conclusion of the fellowship contract in question, including possible renewals, an accumulated period of three years in this type of fellowship, consecutive or interpolated.


For the assessment of paragraph e) it is important the candidate(s) verifies(y) whether they have already held this type of fellowship under Regulation No. 950/2019, of December 16, as well as in the previous regulatory period, financed directly or indirectly by the FCT.


Work plan/ Objectives: The main activity to be performed by the fellow holder is to carry out the geoarchaeological tasks planned in the project, including participation in field and laboratory work. Participation in other tasks and activities included in the general objectives of the project is also assumed.


Regime: The attribution of the fellowship does not generate or entitle a relation of a legallabour nature, and the fellowship is undertaken in an exclusive dedication regime. The fellowship holder is awarded the Fellowship Statute of the UC, in its current wording, according to the Research Fellowship Holder Statute , and according to the Regulation for Research Fellowships of the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., both in their current wording.


Location: CEGOT/FLUC at the University of Coimbra.

Duration: 6 months.

Renewal: Possibility.

Scientific orientation: Luca António Dimuccio; Lúcio José Sobral da Cunha.


Financial conditions: The amount of the fellowship is € 1 686.00 corresponding to the monthly compensation stipulated in the FCT table

(https://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores.phtml.en), plus social security (Seguro Social Voluntário, first level contributions) and personal accidents insurance. The payment will be made by bank transfer. This amount will not be increased during the entire period of the fellowship duration.


Selection methods: Based on Curriculum evaluation and Interview of the best 3 ranked applicants.

In the curriculum evaluation (AC) the following criteria will be considered:

M = absolute merit of academic training, or level of qualification certified by the competent authorities;

PT = previous knowledge in areas directly related to the work plan and adequacy of the candidate's profile;

CA = additional characteristics such as demonstrated motivation for the work to be developed and availability to start functions.


In the interview (E) the following criteria will be considered:

E1 = discussion of any of the points of the curriculum that were not fully clarified through the simple curriculum evaluation;

E2 = discuss the work plan to be developed, considering the objectives and methodologies established during the project candidature application..


Selection criteria: The classification formula for the relative positioning of candidates will be AC=M*0.5+PT*0.4+CA*0.1 where M refers to absolute merit, PT to the adequacy of the candidate's profile to the work plan and CA to additional characteristics such as demonstrated motivation for the work to be developed and availability to start functions. Curriculum evaluation (AC) aims to analyse the qualifications of candidates and is expressed on a scale from 0 to 20, with valuation up to the hundredths.

The interview (E=E1*0.5+E2*0.5) aims to clarify any of the points of the curriculum and discuss the work plan and is expressed on a scale from 0 to 20 values, with valuation up to the hundredths.

The ranking formula for the final placement will be AC*0.7+E*0.3.


Jury responsible for selection:

1. Luca Antonio Dimuccio (president)

2. Lúcio Cunha (vowel)

3. Nelson Rodrigues (vowel)

4. João Serra Pratas (substitute vowel).


Formalization of application:

Motivation letter;

Detailed Curriculum Vitae;

Copy of the qualification certificates;

Declaration on honour regarding the benefit of other previous scholarships awarded under the current Regulation;

Other documents that the candidate deems relevant (e.g., scientific publications); .

Declaration on the honor of the candidate(s) with the indication of the fellowship(s) of the typology to which the contest was held and the respective duration(s).

Applicants with academic degrees obtained abroad will be required to present a Certificate of Recognition in accordance with applicable law. This document is mandatory only in the contractualization phase.


Applications submission: Applications must be sent by email to luca@ci.uc.pt during the opening period of the call..

Submission of applications: Between 09/02/2022 and 22/02/2022.

Submission deadline date: 22/02/2022.


Additional information: The evaluation results will be announced within 90 working days after the end of the applications submission deadline, by notifying the applicants via email.

After the announcement of the results, candidates are considered automatically notified to, if they wish to do so, comment on the results on a preliminary hearing period within 10 days after that date. After this, the selected candidates will have to declare in writing their acceptance. Unless a justification worthy of consideration is presented, if the declaration is not submitted within the referred period, it is considered that the candidate waivers the fellowship.

In case of resignation or withdrawal of the selected candidate, the next candidate with the highest evaluation score will be notified immediately.

Once the selection process is completed, the fellowship contract will be drawn up in accordance with the draft contract provided by the FCT.

After the contracted period, the fellowship holder and supervisor must prepare the final report in accordance with the respective assessment criteria that were established.


Selection reserve list: N.A.

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Offer Requirements


Holder of a doctorate degree in Geoarchaeology or related areas, with preference given to candidates with research knowledge in the field of micromorphology from Palaeolithic contexts..

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