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Assistant in the group of research and teaching staff at the Department of Strength of Materials and Structures at Lodz University of Technology

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    Lodz University of Technology
    EngineeringMechanical engineering
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    17/02/2022 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Lodz University of Technology is one of the finest universities of technology in Poland. Its tradition and experience in training professionals and conducting research date back more than 75 years. It is an attractive partner for business. It cooperates with the largest national and international corporations. It conducts research of a European standard, develops new technologies and creates innovation in collaboration with the leading research centres all over the world. One of the pillars of Lodz University of Technology management is equal treatment of staff regardless of their gender, age, race or other demographic and social characteristics. In 2016, TUL was the first technical university in Poland to receive the HR EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH award certifying that the University adheres to the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.



• higher education - master of science degree (preferably the fields of Mechanics and Machine Design, Automation and Robotics, eventually Physics or Mathematics),

• skills of spoken and written English (B2 level),

• knowledge of engineering software: FEM and CAD,

• ability to solve basic problems of mechanics (statics) and strength of materials,

• basic knowledge of the programming language (e.g. java, python, C ++) and the ability to apply,

• engineering competencies,

• teaching experience

• the ability to transfer knowledge and build relationships with students in the didactic process

• very good organization, independence and strong motivation to work

• high interpersonal skills allowing for effective teamwork

• readiness to implement team projects

• scientific publications are welcome,

• good knowledge of the Polish language is welcome.


We offer:

• possibility of raising qualifications and training as well as the development of a scientific career,

• possibility to undertake activities in interesting didactic and scientific projects as well as in works for the socio-economic environment,

• trips abroad as part of European programs, e.g. Erasmus +, or international conferences

• favourable social conditions,

• location in the city centre with easy access and parking for staff,

• the work in a good atmosphere.


It is expected that Lodz University of Technology will be the primary place of work at the time of employment. Full-time employment.



• Participation in research work carried out at the Department, including experimental work and numerical tests in the field of broadly understood strength of materials, especially the behaviour of thin-walled structures, their stability, load-carrying capacity and failure, structures made of isotropic or orthotropic materials e.g., composite materials (FRP, FML laminates).

• Conducting classes in the strength of materials, technical mechanics, finite element method for the first cycle of studies in Polish or English.

The staff of the Department conduct research and classes. The department achievements are well-known and recognized by other Scientists conducting research in area of stability of thin-walled structures.


We develop mathematical models, conduct numerical simulations and experimental tests of thin-walled structural elements made of steel materials or laminates, including hybrid ones. We investigate thin-walled structural elements loaded statically or dynamically, mechanically and thermo-mechanically, considering their stability (including interaction of various buckling modes), post-buckling equilibrium paths, load-carrying capacity and phases of failure (including delamination and its propagation in the case laminates). We analyse the fixation of mandibular bone fractures in terms of strength by conducting numerical simulations using the results of experimental studies on the structure of the mandibular bones of other research teams.

This activity is complemented by scientific and technical works in the field of stress and deformation analysis of structural elements of machines and devices carried out in cooperation and for the needs of industry.


The main areas of research activity are:

• development of mathematical models, numerical simulations and experimental verification of thin-walled structural elements made of isotropic and composite materials (FRP, FML or FGM laminates),

• analysis of the failure mechanisms and energy absorption in thin-walled elements subjected to impact,

• experimental and numerical tests in the field of fracture mechanics for laminates,

• numerical simulations and experimental studies of biomechanical elements with the main focus on the stress state and deformations in bone systems and implants (e.g. mandible, teeth, implants and bone connecting elements).


List of the required documents:

1) application for employment to the Rector of Lodz University of Technology;

2) Personal questionnaire for a person applying for employment at Lodz University of Technology, as provided in Annex no. 1.1 to the OTM-R POLICY - OPEN TRANSPARENT MERIT-BASED RECRUITMENT;

3) Data Privacy Statement as provided in Annex no. 1.2 to the OTM-R POLICY - OPEN TRANSPARENT MERIT-BASED RECRUITMENT;

4) Consent to the processing of personal data, as provided in Annex no. 1.3 to the OTM-R POLICY - OPEN TRANSPARENT MERIT-BASED RECRUITMENT;

5) copy of certificate of degree of Master of Science,

6) abstract including scientific, teaching and organizational activities,

7) list of publications in accordance with current list of periodicals given by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


All documents should be sent by February the 17th to the following address:

Katedra Wytrzymałości Materiałów i Konstrukcji, Wydział Mechaniczny, Politechnika Łódzka,

ul. Stefanowskiego 1/15, 90-537 Łódź,

and to e-mail: w1k12@adm.p.lodz.pl

If documents are to be sent by post, please include the words 'Job Application' on the envelope.

The expected date of the announcement of the decision: March 2022

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