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Postdoctoral position in prehistoric rock art (Transitions in Australian rock art) Ref. 819404

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    Universitat de Barcelona
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    31/01/2022 14:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Spain › Barcelona
    H2020 / ERC


Project descriptions

LArcHer is an interdisciplinary research project led by ICREA Research Professor Inés Domingo. LArcHer project aims at pioneering a new and more comprehensive way of understanding one of Europe’s most extraordinary bodies of prehistoric art, awarded Unesco World Heritage status in 1998: Levantine rock art (LRA). The ground-breaking nature of the project relies on combining a multidisciplinary (Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT) and multiscale approach (from microanalysis to landscape perspectives) to gain a holistic view of this art. It also aims at closing existing gaps between science and heritage mainstreams, to better understand the values and threats affecting this tradition and bring about a change in the way we understand, care, use and manage this millenary legacy. One of the key aims of this project, related to this position, is to use LRA as a proxy to explore the origin of anthropocentrism and narrative art in prehistory, and compare this change with similar changes taking place in other parts of the World. Particularly for this position we are interested in exploring equivalent changes in Australian rock art. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of rock art will be an integral part of this position.

Previous experience, knowledge and data on Australian rock art will be prioritized to optimize resources and capacities and securing successful and meaningful outcomes in the targeted delivery time frame.

Responsibilities and tasks within the project: the successful applicant will be expected to:

  • Develop leadership on the multiple facets of rock art research
  • Qualitative, quantitative and comparative analysis of Australian rock art and other major rock art traditions
  • Use of digital recording techniques for rock art recording and tracing
  • Collaborate in fieldwork campaigns (surveys and excavations)
  • Management tasks for LArcHer project (max. 10% of the time) including drafting applications for permits and formal reports, among others.
  • Prepare and present the achieved results in international and national conferences and publications.

Other duties as required

How to apply


Required documents



As per in the UB call:

  • application according to the standard application form Annex II of the call for proposals

  • https://seu.ub.edu/ofertaPublicaCategoriaPublic/listPublicacionsAmbCateg...

  • Application letter explainning how the candidate fulfils the requirements requested in the call for applications,  that each and every one of the details stated in the application and in the attached documentation are true (curriculum vitae and a copy of the academic transcript). At any time, the University may require any applicant to provide documentation accrediting the aspects declared as responsible).

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Copy of academic transcripts

  • 2 Reference letters



Send your application to:

The application together with the other required documents, must be submitted, within the period stipulated (up until January 31th 2022),to the registry of the University of Barcelona, using a generic application procedure available at



For further information contact : ines.domingo@ub.edu







Inés Domingo



email subject



Convocatòria de concurs públic per a proveir un contracte d¿investigador

postdoctoral en el Departament d¿Història i Arqueologia finançat per el

projecte de recerca 422130 ERCCoG LARCHER ¿Breaking barriers between

science and heritage approaches to levantine rock art through

archaeology, heritage science it¿ Codi 402130 PD2


More Information


Gross salary per year

33.936,65 €

Eligibility criteria

  • Adequacy of CV (max. 50)
    • PhD in Australian rock art (25)
    • PhD in rock art (20)
    • PhD in archaeology (10)
  • Motivation letter (max. 30)
  • Experience in the field (20)

Minimum score to pass the selection process: 60

Selection process

Two phases:

  • Preselection of candidates fulfilling the requested criteria
  • Candidates shortlisted will be interviewed

Additional comments

2 years

The candidate proposed for hiring must accept the job offer within 10 working days from the date of notification of the selection.

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Offer Requirements

    SPANISH: Excellent


  • PhD in rock art research (an expertise in Australian rock art will be prioritized)
  • Experience in digital rock art documentation
  • Fieldwork experience in rock art recording and analysis
  • Experience in the use of databases and GIS
  • Fluent in Spanish and English (or commitment to learn Spanish to become fluent early during the contract)
  • Ability to work independently and in cooperation with a research team.
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to disseminate publications, reports, call for papers, etc.
  • Ability to produce results on time.

Specific Requirements

  • Fieldwork availability (several seasons per year for data collection in remote and sometimes physically challenging locations)
  • Full time commitment to the project
  • Two reference letters from sound scholars in rock art research are required

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
University of Barcelona
Montealegre, 6-8

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