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    Universidade do Minho
    Communication sciences
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    15/02/2022 23:00 - Europe/London
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(Research Fellowship for a PhD student; 1 vacancy)

(already enrolled or to be enrolled by 31/03/2022)


A call is open for one (1) PhD Fellowship within the R&D project "JUSTFUTURES - Climate Futures and Just Transformations: Narratives and Political Imaginaries of Young People"/University of Minho, PTDC/COM-OUT/7669/2020, funded by national funds through the Foundation for Science and Technology, under the following conditions:


  • Scientific Area: Communication Sciences or related areas

Recipient category: Communication Sciences PhD students (already enrolled or to be enrolled by 31 March 2022)

Degree courses: Degree Grant: this is intended for R&D activities carried out by students enrolled in a PhD and the award of a degree based on work carried out within the JUSTFUTURES project

Requirement for granting the fellowship:

  • Candidates may apply without prior enrolment in the course for which the scholarship is opened. The requirement of enrolment in a degree or non-degree course shall be verified on the date the scholarship is contracted.
  • Scholarships will only be contracted if the selected applicants present valid proof of enrolment in the degree or non-degree course, according to the type of scholarship being applied for, issued by the academic services of the Higher Education Institution, respectively indicating the academic year in progress or its duration (start and end).
  • Enrolment in non-credited non-degree courses will not be considered as proof of enrolment.

Candidate’s profile:

  • Graduates in Communication Sciences or in another area of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Masters (Masters completed or to be completed in 2022) in Communication Sciences or in another area of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Candidates without a Master's degree but with a particularly relevant curriculum vitae may be admitted to the competition.
  • A good command of the English language at oral and written level is a preferential factor.
  • At the time of contracting, candidates must present proof of enrolment in a PhD programme.

Applicant’s eligibility: Applicants must comply with the eligibility conditions laid down in article 9 of the Research Grants Regulation of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2019).

Workplan and objectives to be achieved:

  • Literature reviews on communication and climate change and youth activism.
  • Analysis of youth movement narratives on climate change.
  • Analysis of media discourses on climate change.
  • Social network analysis.
  • (Co-)authorship of four scientific articles and their acceptance in scientific journals indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus.
  • Completion of a PhD thesis (article-based) as a result of the work carried out.
  • The evaluation will focus on the performance in fulfilling the above tasks and objectives, namely in the rigour and quality of the research work carried out and the compliance with dates to be agreed.

Applicable legislation and regulations: Research Fellowship Holder Statutes, approved by Law no. 40/2004 of August 18, in its current version published by Decree-Law no. 123/2019 of august 28; Regulation of Scientific Research Fellowships of the University of Minho (RBIC), published in “Diário da República”, 2nd series, n. 119, through dispatch no. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, ratified by ratification declaration n. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021 and Regulation of Research Studentships and Fellowships (RBI) of the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. - in force.

Host/Contracting institution and scientific supervision: The work will be carried out at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Minho, Campus Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga, under the scientific supervision of Professor Anabela Carvalho.

Fellowship duration: The grant will have a duration of 6 months, expected to start in April 2022. The grant may eventually be renewed up to a total of 24 months or according to the end date of the project, upon positive evaluations of the implementation of the work plan.

Amount of the research grant: The monthly amount of the grant is 1104,64 euros/month, according to the table of values of FCT, I.P. grants in the country (Annex I - Table of monthly maintenance allowances of the Research Grants Regulations of FCT I.P) and Annex II of the Research Grants Regulations of the University of Minho, published in Diário da República, 2nd series, n. 119, dispatch n. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, rectified through rectification declaration no. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021, according to the applicable regulations.

Payment will be made until the 23rd of each month, by transfer to the grantee's IBAN indicated in the contractualization process.

Other components of the research grant: Reimbursement of Voluntary Social Insurance, corresponding to the 1st Category of the contribution base (for scholarships lasting 6 months or more) and Personal Accident Insurance.

Exclusivity regime: The grantee will perform the activities under exclusivity, as foreseen in article 5 of the Research Fellow Statutes and applicable regulations.

Selection panel: The first effective member will substitute the President of the selection panel in case of impediment, with the first substitute member replacing the first effective member.


Anabela Simões de Carvalho

Effective Members:

Idalina Maria Fernandes de Jesus

Carla Ferreira Malafaia de Almeida

Substitute Members

Mehmet Ali Uzelgun

Maria Helena Martins Costa Pires


Criteria and procedures for applications assessment and selection:

Candidate's merit - MC

The evaluation of the applications will focus on the Candidate's Merit, applying the following evaluation criteria, valued on a scale of 1 to 5 values:

a) Academic background (which reflects academic degree classifications), with a weighting of 50%;

b) Personal curriculum vitae (reflecting the scientific and professional career), with a weighting of 40%;

c) Letter of motivation, with a weighting of 10%.


The final classification of the candidate's merit will be obtained by applying the following formula:

MC=(a×0,5) + (b×0,4) + (c×0,1)


Candidates ranked in the first five positions, who obtain a minimum score of 4 in the MC, will be admitted to the Interview phase.

Interview - ENT:

The panel will evaluate the interview based on the following sub-criteria, valued on a scale of 1 to 5 values:

B.1: Interpersonal skills (30%)

B.2: Demonstrated knowledge in the area of the competition (30%)

B.3: Motivation (20%)

B.4: Language Skills in Portuguese and English (20%)

The classification of the Interview (ENT) will be obtained by applying the following formula:

ENT=(B1*0,3)+(B2*0,3)+(B3*0,2)+ (B4*0,2)

The Final Grade (FG) of the candidate will be obtained with the following formula:



The panel reserves the right not to award the grant if the candidates do not correspond to the profile suitable for developing doctoral research within the JUSTFUTURES project.

The documents proving the possession of academic degrees and diplomas, or the respective recognition when they have been awarded by foreign higher education institutions, may be dispensed with at the application stage, being replaced by a declaration of honour from the candidate, and this condition will only be verified at the scholarship contracting stage. This declaration must certify facts that occurred prior to the application. In case of discrepancy between the information stated in the declaration and the documentation submitted for the purposes of contracting the scholarship, only the information stated in the latter will be considered. In case it is verified that the documents proving the title of the academic degree and diploma, or the respective recognition under the terms of Decree-Law no. 66/2018, of 16 August, do not correspond to the classifications awarded in the evaluation of the academic path and may, consequently, alter the candidates’ ranking, the contracting of the scholarship will not be effected.

Note: Candidates with degrees obtained abroad must submit proof of the recognition of the qualifications in Portugal and conversion of the final classification obtained therein to the Portuguese classification scale, or a declaration under the terms indicated in the previous point. Candidates who do not comply with one of these provisions will be marked "0" by the panel in the mark of the bachelor and/or master's degree course. Candidates will be evaluated on the remaining parameters.

Disclosure of results: The draft results of the evaluation, supported by minutes of the panel’s deliberations, shall be sent to the applicants by email, under the terms of article 12 of the FCT RBI.

If case of unfavourable results, the applicants will have a period of 10 working days to comment, if they wish, in a prior hearing to the interested parties, under the terms of articles 121 and 122 of the Administrative Procedure Code (DL n. 4/2015 of January 7).

Complaint and appeal procedures: The final results of the evaluation will be published through an ordered list (in alphabetical order, by final mark obtained), posted in a visible and public place in the host Unit, and by email to all candidates, attaching, for the purpose, the minutes with the deliberations of the panel.

The selected candidate must express his/her intention to accept the scholarship in writing. In case of non-acceptance, the scholarship will be awarded to the next candidate in the ordered list of applicants.

A complaint may be lodged against the final decision, within 15 working days, addressed to the President of the selection panel. Interested parties may also submit an optional hierarchical appeal, addressed to the Pro-Rector for Scientific Projects and Research Management Professora Doutora Sandra Paiva.

Constitution of a selection reserve list: Candidates placed in the following positions on the final ranking list of the competition are included on a reserve selection list, which may be used until 31 December 2023.

  • Application deadline and submission: The application is open from 18 January 2022 to 15 February 2022.

Applications must be formalised by sending a letter of application accompanied by the following documents: curriculum vitae; qualifications certificate or declaration of the candidate; motivation letter; declaration proving that the conditions for the type of scholarship are met, in accordance with the application requirements; other documents relevant to the evaluation process.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to carvalho@ics.uminho.pt, indicating the competition reference in the Subject line. Applications sent by other means will not be accepted.

Fellowship contractualization: The fellowship will be attributed by signing a fellowship contract between the University of Minho and the fellow, accordingly with the contract minute (annex IV of the Regulation of Research Fellowships of the University of Minho (RBIC), published in Diário da República, 2nd Série, n. 119, through dispatch n. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, ratified by ratification declaration no. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021, as indicated in 2.4 of the FCT document: “Rules for Granting and Management of Grants within the scope of R&D projects, including infrastructure projects, the multi-annual financing program for R&D units and other FCT financing instruments (Version 2021)”.

The contract can only be signed after receipt of all the documentation required according to the type of grant, which must occur within a maximum period of 6 months, including proof of academic degrees or diplomas and registration in a PhD program.

After receiving all the documentation, the contracting institution has 15 working days to sign the grant contract. Once received by the grant holder, s/he must return the duly signed contract within 15 working days.

The grant contracts may only begin after due authorization from the contracting entity.

Term and cancellation of fellowship contracts: Without prejudice to the other causes foreseen in the applicable grant regulations (FCT and UMinho) and in the Statute of the Research Grant Holder, the grant terminates with the completion of the contracted work plan, as well as with the end of the period for which it was granted or renewed.

At the end of the fellowship, the grant holder is required to submit a Final Report on the work carried out, in accordance with the objectives and evaluation criteria defined with the scientific advisor, within 30 days after the end of the fellowship.

The final report must be prepared in accordance with Annex I of the Regulations for Scientific Research Grants of the University of Minho - Dispatch no. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, rectified by declaration of rectification no. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021.

More Information

Offer Requirements

    Communication sciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    PORTUGUESE: Mother Tongue
    ENGLISH: Excellent


  • National citizens or citizens of other Member States of the European Union;

  • Citizens of third States;

  • Stateless;

  • Citizens who are beneficiaries of political refugee status.

Specific Requirements

  • Graduates in Communication Sciences or in another area of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Masters (Masters completed or to be completed in 2022) in Communication Sciences or in another area of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Candidates without a Master's degree but with a particularly relevant curriculum vitae may be admitted to the competition.

  • A good command of the English language at oral and written level is a preferential factor.

  • At the time of contracting, candidates must present proof of enrolment in a PhD programme.


Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Universidade do Minho - Instituto de Ciências Socias
Campus de Gualtar Edifício 15 - ICS, 4710 ​057

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