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    Centre for Research in Economics and Management (NIPE)
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    27/01/2022 23:00 - Europe/London
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A call for applications is now open for the attribution of 1 grant for Master Students within the scope of the R&D project "CLICTOUR - Climate change resilient tourism in protected areas of Northern Portugal", reference no. NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000079, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, through the Operational Programme of the North Region - NORTE 2020 under the following conditions: 

Scientific Area: Economics

Recipient category: The research scholarship for Master students is aimed at candidates enrolled or candidates who prove to have the necessary conditions to enrol in the Master Degree or who meet the necessary conditions to enrol for a non-degree course at the University of Minho.

Requirement for granting the fellowship:

  • The applicants may apply without prior registration in the course for which the fellowship is open. The requirement to enrol in a degree course or non-academic degree course will be verified on the date of contracting the fellowship;
  • Only fellowships whose selected applicants present a valid proof of enrollment in a degree course or non-academic degree course will be contracted, according to the type of the fellowship, issued by the academic services of the Higher Education Institution, indicating, respectively, the academic year or its duration (star and term).
  • Enrolment in non-certified courses (without curricular units) will not be considered as proof of enrollment.

Candidate’s profile:

  • Admissibility requirements
    • Hold a Bachelor's degree in Economics or Management with a minimum final grade of 18 points out of 20 in the course;
    • Ability to plan and organize;
    • Ability to rigorously analyse information and have a high sense of criticism and responsibility; 
    • Knowledge of statisticians and econometrics (STATA, NVIVO, MatLab, R).

Application Admissibility Requirements

It is essential, under penalty of non-admission to the call, to attach to the application the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Certificates of the previous academic degrees held, specifying mandatorily the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all the curricular units performed. Alternatively, the candidate must submit a declaration of honour, declaring that he/she has completed the Degree required in this call, at the time of the application deadline;
  • For degrees obtained abroad, proof of recognition of academic degrees assigned by foreign higher education institutions and registration of the conversion of the final classification (GPA) to the Portuguese classification scale, or, alternatively, the candidate's declaration of honour declaring that he/she has obtained the recognition of the foreign degree equivalent to the Degree required in this call, at the time the application deadline; 
  • Motivation Letter. 


Workplan and objectives to be achieved:

Aim: To support the development of research related to socio-economic analysis for the framing of protected areas in the new context and concept of tourism, specifically targeting climate extremes, forest fires and coastal erosion. To support research related to the development of the project's general equilibrium model. 

The fellowship holder will carry out activities in support of the organization and technical-scientific development of the project, namely: 

  • Support to the literature review on the expansion of the social accounting matrix for tourism activities;  
  • Support to the literature review on the application of climate impact coefficients in economic activity sectors; 
  • Support to the coordination of the collection of information for the construction of the social accounting matrix and the IO / CGE model (in particular, factor endowment and elasticities); 
  • Support the design of surveys for information collection; 
  • Support the processing of the data collected; 
  • Other tasks to support the development of the project. 

Host/Contracting institution and scientific supervision: The workplan will be carried out at the Centre for Research in Economics and Management (NIPE), University of Minho, located in the Campus de Gualtar, Braga, Portugal, and in other places necessary, under the scientific orientation of Assistant Professor Rita Sousa. 

Criteria and procedures for applications assessment and selection:

The applications assessment will focus on the Applicant's Merit, following evaluation criteria, valued on a scale of 1 to 5 values (or another scale): 

Applicant Merit - AM (100%): 

  • Academic path (considering the classifications of academic degrees), with a weighting of 50%; 
  • Academic and professional curriculum (considering professional and scientific background), with a weighting of 40% 
  • Motivation Letter, with a weighting of 10%.

The final classification of the applicant’s merit with the achieved through the following formula: 

AM = (a*0,5) +(b*0,4) +(c*0,1) 

The final classification (FC) will correspond to 100% of the evaluation obtained in the Applicant Merit (AM). 

The academic degrees and diplomas documents, or their respective recognition when awarded by foreign higher education institutions are not mandatory in the application phase, being replaced by a declaration of honor of the candidate with the contents of academic results. The documents of academic qualification or respective recognition will be required in the contracting phase and must attest facts that occurred on a date prior to the application. In situations of divergence between the information contained in the declaration and the documentation submitted for contracting the grant, only the information contained in the latter will be consider. If the documents proving the ownership of the academic degree and diploma, or the respective recognition under the terms of Decree-Law No. 66/2018, of August 16, do not correspond to the classifications awarded in the evaluation of the academic path, which can change the candidate's ranking, the fellowship won’t be contracted. 

Notes: Applicants with degrees obtained abroad must present proof of recognition of qualifications in Portugal and conversion of the final classification obtained in them to the Portuguese classification scale or declaration under the terms indicated in the previous point. Candidates who do not comply with one of these provisions, the selection panel will assign “0” in the grade of the graduation and/or master course. Candidates will be evaluated on the remaining parameters.

Disclosure of results: The provisional results of applications, based in the selection panel minutes, will be send to the applicants by email until 90 working days from the applications deadline. 

If case of unfavourable results, the candidates have a period of 10 working days to comment, if desired, in a prior hearing to interested parties, pursuant to articles 121 and 122 of the Code of Administrative Procedure (DL no. 4 / 2015 of January 7th). 

Complaint and appeal procedures: The final results of the evaluation will be published through an ordered list, posted in a visible and public place of the host unit, as well as by email to all applicants, enclosing for that purpose, the minutes of the jury deliberations.

The selected candidate must inform its willingness to accept the grant, in writing. In case of rejection, the fellowship will be awarded to the next candidate in the ordered list of applicants.

The final decision can be contested within 15 working days, by sending to the President of the jury the corresponding claim. Interested parties may also submit an optional hierarchical appeal, addressed to the Pro-Rector for Research and Projects, Professor Eugénio Ferreira.

Application deadline and submission: The call for applications is open from 14/01/2022 till 27/01/2022. 

Applications must be formalized by sending an application letter with the following documents: curriculum vitae; qualifications certificate or declaration of the applicant; motivation letter; statement proving that meets the conditions for the grant typology, according to the application requirements; other documents important to the evaluation process. 

Applications must be sent by email to nipe@eeg.uminho.pt, indicating the reference of the call for applications in the email subject “CLICTOUR_BSC2_NIPE”. Applications submitted by other means will not be accepted. 

Fellowship contractualization: The fellowship will be attributed by signing a fellowship contract between the University of Minho and the fellow, accordingly with the contract minute (annex IV of the Regulation of Research Fellowships of the University of Minho (RBIC), published in Diário da República, 2nd Série, no. 119, through dispatch no. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, ratified by ratification declaration no. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021, as indicated in 2.4 of the FCT document: “Rules for Granting and Management of Grants within the scope of R&D projects, including infrastructure projects, the multi-annual financing program for R&D units and other FCT financing instruments (Version 2021)”. 

The contract may only be concluded after all the documentation required is collected, which must take place within a maximum period of 6 months. 

Once all the documentation has been received, the contracting entity has a period of 60 working days to conclude the scholarship contract. Once received, the fellow must return the contract duly signed within 15 working days. 

The activities under the fellowship contract can only began after proper authorization by the contracting entity. 

Term and cancellation of fellowship contracts:

Without prejudice to the other causes provided the fellowship regulations (FCT and UMinho) and in the Statute of the Research Fellow, the fellowship ends with the completion of the work plan, as well as with the expiration date for which it was granted or renewed. 

At the end of the fellowship, the grantee is obliged to present a Final Report of the work carried out, in accordance with the objectives and evaluation criteria defined with the scientific advisor, within 30 days after the end of the scholarship. 

The final report must be prepared in accordance with Annex I of the Scientific Research Fellowships Regulation of the University of Minho (RBIC), published in Diário da República, 2nd Série, no. 119, through dispatch no. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, ratified by ratification declaration no. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021. 

More Information


Fellowship duration: The grant will have a duration of 6 months, starting in February 2022, and may eventually be renewed up to the applicable legal limit. 

Amount of the research grant: The value stipend (Monthly Maintenance Allowance) is 835,98 euros per month, in accordance with the stipends values published by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT I.P.) in the country (Annex I – Monthly Stipends Values for the maintenance allowances of the FCT Regulation for Research Studentships and Fellowships) and Annex II of the Regulation of Scientific Research Fellowships of the University of Minho (RBIC), published in “Diário da República”, 2nd series, no. 119, through dispatch no. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, ratified by ratification declaration no. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021, according to the applicable regulation. 

Payment is made on the 23rd of each month, through bank transfer to the Bank Identification Number of the fellow identified in the contractualization process. 

Other benefits: Reimbursement of Voluntary Social Security (Social Security contributions), corresponding to the 1st level of discounts (for research grants with a total duration 6 months or higher) and personal accident insurance. 

Exclusivity regime: The grantee will perform the activities under exclusivity, as foreseen in article 5º of the Research Fellow Statutes and applicable regulations.  

Eligibility criteria

Applicants’ eligibility: Applicants must comply with the eligibility conditions laid down in article 9 of the Research Grants Regulation of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2019). 

Applicable legislation and regulations: Research Fellowship Holder Statutes, approved by Law no. 40/2004 of August 18, in its current version published by Decree-Law no. 123/2019 of august 28; Regulation of Scientific Research Fellowships of the University of Minho (RBIC), published in “Diário da República”, 2nd serie, no. 119, through dispatch no. 6524/2020 of 22-06-2020, ratified by ratification declaration no. 447/2021 of 22-06-2021 and Regulation of Research Studentships and Fellowships (RBI) of the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. - in force. 

Selection process

Please consult the “OFFER DESCRIPTION” section to see all the selection methods.

Selection panel: 

Selection panel President: Rita Sousa, Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho.  

Effective Members: Luís Francisco Gomes Dias Aguiar Conraria, Full Professor at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho. Cristina Alexandra Oliveira Amado, Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho;  

Substitute Members: António Vieira, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho; João Cerejeira, Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho;  

The first effective member will substitute the President of the selection panel in case of impediment, being nominate the first substitute member in the place of the first effective member. 

Offer Requirements

    Economics: Bachelor Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good


Please consult the “OFFER DESCRIPTION” section to see the skills and qualifications required.

Specific Requirements

Preferential requirements:

  • Oral and written fluency in English.
  • Frequency of at least one course unit in Environmental Economics, Tourism or other areas associated with the project.
  • Research experience in environmental economics, tourism or other areas associated with the project.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Centre for Research in Economics and Management (NIPE)
Campus de Gualtar, edifício 8

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