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MSCA-COFUND-CLEAR-Doc - PhD Position #CD21-02: Si-based architectures for High data rate A-RoF applications

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    Université Gustave Eiffel
    PhysicsSolid state physics
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    21/03/2022 17:00 - Europe/Brussels
    France › Paris
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND


Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs) are fast-growing for very high data rate applications. Long distance optical communication architectures and data centers are quite pioneering in the development and progress of these future technologies. Other systems such as Analog Radio-over-Fiber (A-RoF) benefit from technological progress in optical communications but also from the high performances of the single-mode optical fiber (SMF) such as low attenuation and transparency to complex modulation scheme. A-ROF architectures are fully aligned with the concept of the emerging Centralized-Radio Access Network (C-RAN) as a potential 5G implementation. For instance, a transmission scenario of a carrier aggregated signals with a 200MHz bandwidth, 64x64 Multiple-Input Multiple Output (MIMO) configuration and 3 sector antennas, a fronthaul link requires 2.4 Tb/s data by using Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI). For dense MIMO in millimetre-wave band, the actual structures are not capable of covering this traffic demand. A-RoF technique allows the transportation of native wireless waveforms in cost-efficient and low energy consumption solutions.

The main issue of this work is to design new RoF architectures based on Silicon PICs for 5G and beyond fronthaul segment. Different topologies of optical links are under interest in such architectures: IM-DD (Intensity Modulation-Direct Detection), PM-ID (Phase Modulation-Interferometric Detection) and PM-CD (Phase Modulation-Coherent Detection). We will focus on the PICs for the Remote Radio Head (RRH) site for the mm-wave MIMO configuration. Different PICs will be developed by integrating laser diodes, photodiodes, waveguides, filters and other substantial components.

The proposed A-RoF architectures will be characterized both in simulation and measurement. Simulations will be performed based on the electrical models of microwave-photonics components for RoF applications developed at Esycom Lab, including distortions induced by non-linearities and noises [1], [2]. The performances of these architectures will be evaluated from the state-of-the art integrated photonics components on Silicon designed and fabricated at CEA-Leti (laser diode, optical waveguide, SOA, etc…). Currently, this integrated photonics technology is mature, and its component performances are quite predictable that allows a reliable modelling of complex architectures [3]. To achieve these objectives, some pertinent photonic component models developed at Esycom Laboratory will be adapted to the integrated technology from CEA-Leti. Some pre-defined technologies will be simulated including the integration of photonics devices. Then, the critical technological limits will be strongly analysed and optimized for such technology and for such A-RoF architectures, which is a real innovative point.

This will contribute to identify the impairments introduced by the optical channel and the impact of available integrated photonics on the different tested waveforms. An optimization of the PIC performances will be performed in the second step. Thereafter, the characterization and measurements of these realised PIC will be done in analog domain to validate the simulated results. The architectures will be evaluated in terms of power consumption associated to the data rate because it represents a challenge in 5G cost-effective applications.

This thesis will be in collaboration with the industrial partner CEA Leti at Grenoble (France) which has an expertise in silicon PIC design and fabrication. During the PhD theses, a stay at CEA-Leti is envisaged to design and characterize the PIC architecture. Also a stay at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), a Greek academic partner which has an expertise in future 5G mmWave networks, is envisaged. Indeed, the designed circuits and architecture will be characterized under 5G waveforms at University of Thessaloniki for the international part of the thesis work. The collaboration with AUTH aims to benchmark the Si-PICs in realistic 5G scenarios for enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) communications, proceeding in two demo-experiments: Firstly, the Si-PICs will be fully characterized in the Physical layer, including measurements on transmission bandwidth, driving voltage/power consumption, radio-distance, modulation format (QPSK, 16-QAM...), EVM/SNR metrics etc. to provide experimental input and validation of the numerical models of Esycom Lab. Then, the Si-PICs by Esycom/CEA-Leti will be tested in a multi-Radio Access Technology (multi-RAT) Fiber Wireless network architecture at AUTH’s 5G pilot infrastructure supporting the 28/60/80/110/150 GHz (Ka-/V-/E-/W-/D-) band with various Analog/IF (or Ethernet) interfacing options. Depending on the achieved performance of the fabricated Si-PIC, it will be used to demonstrate spectrally-efficient, high-capacity 5G/6G Fiber Wireless fronthaul links, capable of satisfying the needs of emerging 5G/6G use cases, such as UHD video streaming.


[1] W.E. Kassa, S. Faci, A.L. Billabert, L. Menager, S. Formont, C. Algani, “Circuit modeling of phase modulated microwave optical links and performance analysis,” Optical and Quantum Electronics, Dec.2017, /10.1007/s11082-017-1230-1.

[2] E. Moutaly, P. Assimakopoulos, S. Noor, S. Faci, A.L. Billabert, N.J. Gomes, M.L. Diakite, C. Browning, C.Algani, “Phase Modulated Radio-over-Fiber for Efficient 5G Fronthaul“, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 37, n°23, pp. 5821-5832, 10.1109/JLT.2019.2940200, Dec. 2019

[3] S. Bernabé, T. Ferrotti, B. Ben Bakir, B. Szelag, F. Gays, A. Myko, O. Castany, B. Charbonnier, M. Epitaux, J. Cornelius, J. Coronati, “Integration challenges for Terabit Class Mid Board Photonic Transceivers“, IEEE CMPT Symposium, Nov. 2016, Japan, 10.1109/ICSJ.2016.7801292

International Mobility:

A 3-month secondment at The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. For more information, contact the PhD thesis supervisor.

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    Physics: Master Degree or equivalent
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  • At the time of the deadline, applicants must be in possession or finalizing their Master’s degree or equivalent/postgraduate degree.
  • At the time of recruitment, applicants must be in possession of their Master’s degree or equivalent/postgraduate degree which would formally entitle to embark on a doctorate.

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