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Public Notice - Assistant Professor

Notice no. 1321/2021 published in Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 224, 18/11/2021

Deadline: 03/01/2022

According to article 39th of the Estatuto da Carreira Docente Universitária (University Teacher Career Statute (ECDU)), approved by Decree-Law 448/79 of 13th of November with the new amendment introduced by Decree-Law 205/2009, 31st of August, by delegation of competencies, Virgilio António Cruz Machado, Dean of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, declares open the international competition, for a period of 30 working days, from the first day after the publication date of this Notice in Diário da República, for the position of 1 (one) Assistant Professor in the following Scientific Area:

• Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, subarea of Thermofluids, with emphasis on thermodynamics and heat transfer, within the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

This is an international application procedure and follows the guidelines stated in article 37th and following ones of the Estatuto da Carreira Docente Universitária (University Teacher Career Statutes (ECDU)), as well as the Regulamento de Concursos da Carreira Docente Universitária da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (University Teacher Career Application Regulations) and the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, published in annex to the Regulation no. 3012/2015, (Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 58, 24th of march) and Order (extract) no. 2334/2016, (Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 532, 16th of February), respectively.

Pursuant to subparagraph h) of article 9th of the Portuguese Constitution, the Portuguese State, as employer, actively promotes a policy of equal opportunities among men and women in the access to employment and career development, and takes scrupulous measures to avoid every form of discrimination.

I – Admission requirements and reasons for exclusion of candidates 1. Comply with the general requirements of admission to the public functions recruitment.

2. According to article 41th-A of ECDU, the application procedure has the following requirements:

a) Doctorate degree (PhD).

3. Have a good knowledge of spoken and written Portuguese and English.

4. An h-index of 5 or more in the SCOPUS database is required.

II – Other requirements

The following factors will be valued:

Skills and scientific knowledge in the field of energy technologies, namely thermochemical conversion equipment;

Experience in teaching thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics courses;

Skills in experimental characterization and/or numerical modeling of heat transfer processes and reactive flows;

Ability to attract investment or participation in research or industrial projects with funding from private or public entities, and/or innovation and technology transfer.

III – Application procedure:

1. The application must be completed by filling out the respective application form, which is available at http://www.fct.unl.pt/faculdade/concursos/docentes, and should provide an email address for procedure notification.

2. The applicants must submit the following documentation in Portuguese or English.

3. The application must be submitted digitally and in duplicate (2 PEN), containing copies in non-editable electronic format (Portable Document Format - PDF) of the following documents:

a) Curriculum vitae of the candidate, which must include:

i) The teaching, research, knowledge transfer and university management activities that integrate the set of functions to be performed by an Assistant Professor, under the terms of article 4 of ECDU, and considered relevant for the present tender procedure, according to the terms of this announcement;

ii) The identifications "Researcher ID", "Scopus Author ID" and "Google Scholar ID".

b) PhD certificate in in the disciplinary area of the competition;

c) Publications mentioned in the CV, specially the most representative, in view of their contribution to the development and evolution of the disciplinary area of this procedure;

d) Scientific and pedagogical report on the contents, teaching methods and bibliography of an existing curricular unit or one to be proposed within in the disciplinary area of this procedure;

e) Declaration, under oath, that if the jury chooses to request the documentation indicated in the previous items or any other scientific documentation cited in the candidate's curriculum vitae, on paper, it will be delivered within 10 working days;

f) Declaration, under oath, that if selected in the competition he/she is qualified to teach in the English language without any limitations in communicating with students in that language. The evaluation of this domain may be requested by the Scientific Council;

g) If the candidate is not of Portuguese nationality or from a country whose official language is Portuguese, the candidate must declare under oath that, if selected in the competition, will commit to acquire, within one year after signing a contract, a level of knowledge of the Portuguese language (written and spoken) that will allow the assignment of teaching service without any limitations in communicating with students in that language. Evaluation of such proficiency may be required by the Scientific Council.

4. Supporting documents of the general requirements can be replaced by declaration in the form, mentioned in point 1.

5. If some member of the jury does not understand the Portuguese language, it is mandatory that the hearing or complaints documents to be considered by the jury are presented in English.

6. Failure to submit any of the documents that must accompany the application on time will result in the application not being admitted.

7. Curriculum vitae should be organized as listed in point VI.3, above.

IV – Submission of applications:

1. Required documents should be submitted up to 30th working day after publication of this Notice.

2. Candidates must present the documents, in digital format (PEN), by post or in person at the Divisão de Recursos Humanos (Division of Human Resources), Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, located at Campus de Caparica, 2825-516 Caparica.

V - Public hearings and request for further documentation

1. The Jury will decide at the first meeting on the need to hold public hearings for all the candidates approved in absolute merit and which are exclusively aimed at better clarifying what is contained in the curriculum vitae submitted by the candidates, under the terms of paragraph b) of n. º 4 of article 50 of ECDU, which may be held by videoconference. The jury must ensure that these are held under equal conditions for all candidates.

2. Should it be necessary to hold public hearings, they shall take place between the 30th and the 70th day following the deadline for submission of applications. All candidates shall be informed at least 5 days in advance of the date and place where such public hearings shall take place.

3. The jury may also request candidates to submit additional documentation related to the curriculum submitted, based on the provisions of paragraph a) of number 4 of article 50 of ECDU.

VI - Evaluation criteria

1. The purpose of this competition is to assess the candidates' ability and performance in the different aspects that, under the terms of article 4 of ECDU, are part of the functions to be performed if, as a result of the competition, they are hired. Under the terms of this article, university professors are, in general, responsible for:

a) Carry out activities of scientific research, cultural creation, or technological development;

b) To provide the teaching service assigned to them and to accompany and guide students;

c) To participate in university extension tasks, scientific dissemination and economic and social valorization of knowledge

d) To participate in the institution's management;

e) Participate in other tasks assigned by the competent management bodies that fall within the scope of university teaching activity.

2. The curricular evaluation of the various candidates in each of the areas described below must take into consideration the disciplinary area in which the competition is open.

3. The parameters to be taken into consideration in the curricular evaluation of the candidates, in each of the areas, and the weighting to be given to each of them in the final classification are as follows,

with particular emphasis on the relevance, quality and timeliness of the candidate's curriculum vitae over the last five years:

In evaluating applicants Scientific Merit (MC –70%), the following indicators will be considered:

MC1- The scientific production (books, book chapters, journal articles, papers in conferences, patents and other forms of scientific production that are deemed relevant by the jury) in terms of quantity and quality, valued by its impact and recognition among the scientific community. It should be valued the scientific merit of the applicant whose scientific output reveals autonomy and scientific leadership. The scientific production and recognition of the applicant will be evaluated by the quality of journals and venues chosen for publication and the references and citations of his/her work made by other authors.

MC2- The ability to organize and lead scientific teams, successfully proposed research projects, as well as supervision of advanced education (master, doctoral and post-doctoral students).

MC3- The national and international scientific recognition revealed by the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, examined by several factors, among which the participation in panels of academic examinations performed outside of his/her home institution, the participation in evaluation panels of projects and research centers, the participation in committees of scientific conferences, the establishment and participation in editorial boards of international scientific journals, scientific awards, the participation in research networks and the leadership positions in professional and scientific societies in his/her respective areas of reference.

MC4- The social and economic impact of scientific activities developed by the applicant. Particular attention will be given to achievements in technology transfer and creation of technology-based companies.

In evaluating the applicants Teaching Merit (MP –10%), the following indicators will be considered:

MP1- The teaching activity of the applicant, in particular his/her ability to foster and coordinate educational projects, such as the development of new courses, creation and coordination of new programs or curricula, reformulation of existing courses, participation in bodies of pedagogical management and implementation of projects with impact on teaching and learning.

MP2- The production of teaching materials, such as books, pedagogical related articles and documents, in their various forms, to support students learning.

MP3- The teaching of courses in different types of programs - bachelor, master and doctoral programs, postgraduate courses and summer schools nationally and internationally.

MP4. The quality of teaching activity, supported on objective analysis and data. To this end, the jury may utilize the information provided by applicants, such as reports of educational evaluation conducted by peers and the result of students’ satisfaction surveys.

In evaluating the Merit of Other Activities Relevant to the mission of the University Institution (MOAR –5%) the following indicators will be considered:

Participation and performance in the management bodies of institutions where the applicant was previously involved. Participation and performance of tasks assigned by the management bodies of institutions to which he/she was bound and which fall under the mission of a university professor. Participation and

performance of tasks of university services and promotion of science. The performance of tasks that value the economic and social advance of knowledge, particularly through services provided to the community.

In evaluation of Educational and Scientific Merit of the Report (MPCR 15%) the following indicators will be considered:

The quality of the report (structure, contents relevance, presentation). Up to date of the scientific content and the appropriateness of the proposed course organization, including analysis of the impact of future technological developments. Up to date of the teaching/learning proposals. The quality of the recommended bibliography and the quality of the corresponding comments. The critical analysis of alternative strategies of teaching/learning that were considered. The level of innovation introduced.

VII – Requirements for admission and exclusion of candidates in absolute merit

1. In accordance with the Regulamento de Concursos da Carreira Docente Universitária da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (University Teacher Career Application Regulations), the jury will deliberate on the admissibility in absolute merit of the candidates, by justified roll-call vote, in which abstentions are not allowed.

2. Each member of the jury presents a justified proposal for admission in absolute merit (final classification equal to or above 50) or for exclusion (final classification below 50) for each of the candidates, according to article 16 of the same Regulations.

3. The candidate who obtains the favorable vote of more than half of the members of the jury is considered approved in absolute merit.

VIII - Ordering and voting methodology

1. Once the approved candidates have been definitively identified in absolute merit, the jury will proceed to the ordination of these candidates following the procedure established in the the Regulamento de Concursos da Carreira Docente Universitária da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (University Teacher Career Application Regulations).

2. Each member of the jury will carry out their evaluation exercise by presenting a written opinion, which will later be included in the minutes, in which they propose the ordering of the candidates duly founded on the evaluation criteria indicated in point V of the present announcement, scoring each candidate in relation to each criterion on a numerical scale from 0 to 100 points, as indicated below:

The scientific merit (MC) 70% (Indicator: MC1 and MC2 – 0 to 70; MC3 and MC4: 0 to 30)

The teaching merit (MP) 10% (Indicator: MP1 and MP2 – 0 to 50; MP3 and MP4: 0 to 50)

The merit of other activities relevant to the mission of the University Institution (MOAR) 5% - 0 to 100

The educational and scientific merit of the report (MPCR) 15% – 0 to 100

3. The candidates admitted with absolute merit will be ordered by a vote of the jury members, respecting the order presented in the opinion referred to in the previous number, under the terms of sub-paragraphs a) to f) of no. 11 of article 16 of the Regulamento de Concursos da Carreira Docente Universitária da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (University Teacher Career Application Regulations).

IX - Notifications and Hearing of Interested parties

1. A prior hearing shall be held, under the terms of the Administrative Procedure Code, for candidates who have been excluded or have not been approved with absolute merit, and for candidates who have been placed on the ranking list of candidates who cannot be filled for the position open for competition. All candidates are notified of the jury's final decision.

2. Notifications are made by e-mail.

3. The application process may be consulted by the candidates, at the Human Resources Division of FCT NOVA, under the terms indicated in the above-mentioned notification.

IX - Committee:

President: Doctor Telmo Jorge Gomes dos Santos, Associate Professor with Aggregation of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, by subdelegation of the Dean.


- Doctor Manuel Carlos Gameiro da Silva, Full Professor of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra;

- Doctor Paulo Jorge dos Santos Pimentel de Oliveira, Full Professor of Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade da Beira Interior;

- Doctor António Luís Nobre Moreira, Associate Professor of Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade de Lisboa;

- Doctor Telmo Jorge Gomes dos Santos, Associate Professor with Aggregation of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa;

- Doctor José Fernando de Almeida Dias, Associate Professor of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Professor Virgílio Cruz Machado, Dean

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