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Associate Professor in Archaeology

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    Umeå universitet
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    10/01/2022 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
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The Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies belongs to Umeå University’s Faculty of Humanities and has about 110 employees. The Department combines researchers, teachers and students within the fields of archaeology, environmental archaeology, philosophy, history, history and education, history of science and ideas, religious studies and theology under one roof. The department also hosts two national research infrastructures: The Environmental Archaeology Laboratory and the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database (SEAD).

We are now looking for an associate professor in archaeology. The position is full-time and permanent.

The position involves teaching both on campus and on internet-based courses. Teaching takes place largely within the Bachelor Programme in Archaeology which has an environmental archaeological profile and the Master's Programme in Landscape Archaeology / Environmental Archaeology. Teaching on theoretical, laboratory and field-based courses is included.

During the first two years, the position includes 60 % teaching/administration and 40 % competence development time. After the first two years, the position includes 80% teaching/administration and 20% competence development time. Competence development time is normally devoted to research and work with applications for external research funding and associate professors are expected to contribute to the development of the subject area by actively applying for external research funding. Apart from teaching, administrative tasks related to teaching as well as staff and planning meetings and meetings regarding the subject area are included in the employment.

Qualification requirements
A person who has demonstrated educational expertise and holds a doctorate in archaeology or has attained equivalent academic competence or other professional skills relevant with regards to the subject area of the employment and the tasks to be included in the employment will be considered eligible for the position.

The ability to teach in English is a requirement for the employment. The ability to teach in Swedish (or another Scandinavian language) within two years from the start of the employment is a requirement to be eligible for the position.

Assessment criteria
Research and educational expertise within the subject of archaeology, experience of administrative activities, development work and leadership duties as well as good ability to work with others represent the evaluation criteria in the selection of the candidate.

The research expertise must have been demonstrated by independent research production. The criteria for assessment are:

  • breadth and depth of research - quality and scope
  • originality of research
  • productivity
  • contributions to the international research community
  • assignments within the research community
  • the ability to competitively obtain external research funding
  • collaboration with the surrounding society

Educational expertise must have been demonstrated through documented experience of teaching on a scientific basis within higher education. The criteria for assessment are:

  • an ability to plan, implement and evaluate teaching and an ability to supervise and examine students at every level of education
  • an ability to vary teaching methods and examination formats in relation to anticipated study results and the nature of the subject
  • experience of collaboration with the surrounding society in planning and implementation of education
  • participation in the development of learning environments, teaching aids and study resources
  • a reflective approach to student learning and one’s own role as a teacher

These skills can be obtained through higher education teacher training, other training relevant to teaching within higher education and/or documented, proven experience of teaching in higher education.

Weighing the evaluation criteria against each other
Equal importance will be given to the evaluation of the educational expertise as well as the research expertise. Particular importance will be given to the research and educational expertise. In weighing these two evaluation criteria, equal importance will be given to both. In addition, importance will be given to the other evaluation criteria.

A large part of the teaching is done within the Archaeology programme (which has an environmental archaeological profile) and the Master's Programme in Landscape Archaeology / Environmental Archaeology. Special weight will therefore be given to teaching expertise and research expertise within laboratory archaeology, environmental archaeology and within landscape archaeology.

In the evaluation of research expertise, special weight will be given to the ability to obtain external research funding and scientific publications with peer review.

In the evaluation of educational expertise, special weight will be given to expertise concerning teaching at the second-cycle (Master’s) level. Weight will also be given to expertise in terms of teaching in English.

The planning and execution of teaching and examination is largely carried out in teams of teachers. Importance will be given to a good ability to work with others.

The qualification and evaluation criteria can be found in the Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University: https://www.umu.se/globalassets/fristaende-webbar/regelverk/personal-lika-villkor-och-arbetsmiljo/rule-appointments-procedure-fs-1.1-1134-21-1.pdf.

The application must be submitted through Umeå University’s e-recruitment system Varbi no later than 10 January, 2022.

Information about which documents must be submitted with the application can be found in the Guidelines for applications for employment and promotion at Umeå University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities: https://www.aurora.umu.se/globalassets/dokument/enheter/humfak/for-vara-anstallda/personalfragor/guidelines-for-applications_employment_promotion_faculty-of-arts-ads-published-from-190923.pdf.

Please note that digital copies of publications are to be submitted with the application. For this position, a research plan is not to be submitted.

Further information
The position is full-time and permanent. Starting date is 1 August 2022 or according to agreement. The place of work is Umeå. In order to carry out teaching, attend planning meetings and fulfil other tasks that are part of the employment, a high level of attendance at the department is required.

There are currently fewer female than male associate professors in archaeology, and we therefore especially encourage applications from female applicants.

For more information about the position, contact subject coordinator Peter Holmblad (+4690-786 79 19, peter.holmblad@umu.se) or Head of Department, Jonas Nilsson (+46 90-7869990, jonas.nilsson@umu.se).

For more information about the department, see: https://www.umu.se/en/department-of-historical-philosophical-and-religious-studies/. For more information about working at Umeå University, see: https://www.umu.se/en/work-with-us/working-at-umea-university/.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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