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    EngineeringMechanical engineering
    EngineeringSystems engineering
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    05/11/2021 23:00 - Europe/London
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  1. Work plan:

It is intended to develop a functional prototype, in a laboratory environment, regarding the communication between a robot and other modules on the shop floor (for example, a conveyor belt or a stock warehouse) already existing in the laboratory.

-Identify automation requirements in production line management.

-Identify the means of communication between the robot and the remaining modules and define the appropriate moments to establish this communication.

-Application of lean management tools to control and monitor the production line.

-Conducting tests with different procedures and parameters to identify solutions for the operation of the process.


  1. Duration of scholarship(s):

The scholarship will have a duration of 5 months, expecting to start in november.


  1. Application deadline and form of application submission: The contest will be open from 15 of October to 5 of November 2021.

Documentation to provide when applying: The applications must be formalized, mandatorily, by sending the following documents: Curriculum Vitae, motivation letter, certificate of habilitations and proof of enrolment in the current academic year (may be replaced by a declaration of honor attesting to its delivery when formalizing the contract).

How to present applications: applications must be sent through electronic mail, to Prof. Dr. Susana Duarte (scd@fct.unl.pt), with carbon copy to Prof. Dr. Nuno Mendes (nam.mendes@fct.unl.pt), including the requested documents as attachments in PDF format. All applications received will have a confirmation of receipt, also be sent by email.

Documentation to provide when formalizing the contract: Proof of enrolment in the current academic year.

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  1. Amount of monthly maintenance allowance:

The amount of the scholarship corresponds to €446.12, having as reference the table of values of the scholarships awarded directly by FCT, I.P. in the country, with payment made monthly by bank transfer.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Selection methods:

The selection methods to be used will be as follows:

If the jury, considers it necessary, the 3 candidates with the best classification in the curriculum assessment will be selected for interview.

• Curriculum assessment (WITHOUT interview): Maximum 100 points.

o Average for the effect of completing the course in Engineering in the specified areas – Score from 1 to 30.

For weighting purposes evaluation, it will be considered: 10 points if the average is between 12 and 14 values, 20 points if the average is between 15 and 17 values, ​​and 30 points if the average is between 18 and 20 values.

o Knowledge of automata programming and interface application development – Score from 1 to 20.

o Knowledge in Shop Floor Management and Lean Tools – Score from 1 to 20.

o Knowledge in Industrial Automation – Score from 1 to 15.

o Good domain in Portuguese and English languages ​​– Score from 1 to 15.

• Percentage weighting WITH interview: Maximum 100 points.

o Result of curriculum assessment WITHOUT interview (previous point) - 60% weighting

o Interview (Score from 1 to 100) - 40% weighting

Selection process

  1. Composition of the Selection Jury: ………………………………………………………………………………………………

President of the Jury: Prof. Dr. Susana Carla Vieira Lino Medina Duarte

Effective Members of the Jury: Prof. Dr. Helena Maria Lourenço Carvalho Remígio

Prof. Dr. Nuno Alberto Marques Mendes.

Substitute members of the Jury: Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Ferreira Barroso

Prof. Dr. António Carlos Bárbara Grilo


  1. Form of advertising/notification of results:

Candidates will be notified, up to 90 days after the deadline for submission of applications, by email, about the results proposed by the jury, having access to the minutes and the final ranking list. After notification, the candidates will have 10 working days to comment about the draft decision, in the context of a prior hearing of interested parties, under the terms of the Code of Administrative Procedure. The final decision will be taken after the expiry of the prior hearing period, again notified to all candidates by email, with a claim being made, within 15 working days (to the email address used for the notification), or appeal, within 30 working days, addressed to NOVA.ID.FCT's Management through the address coord1@novaidfct.pt.

Additional comments

  1. Drafts:


The drafts of: i) fellowship contract, ii) final report to be presented by the fellowship holder, iii) final report to be presented by the scientific advisor, and; iv) declaration on honor, can all be found on NOVA.id.FCT website.

Web site for additional job details

Offer Requirements


  1. Category/profile of recipients:

Mandatory requirements:

Registered and finalist in an Integrated Master or Master in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering and Management or Electrotechnical Engineering.

Preferred factors:

Programming skills in high-level languages such as C#, Visual Basic, MatLab, LabView, or Python; Knowledge of flexible automation, automata programming, industrial communication networks, general electronics, and industrial sensors; Knowledge in shop floor management/lean tools; Good domain in Portuguese and English languages.

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