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    01/11/2021 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
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Rector of SUA opens a call for the research postdoctoral post

Eligible applicants for the postdoctoral post are persons who have completed PhD. study at the university or research institution no later than five years before starting postdoctoral post.

Application deadline: 1/11/2021

Offer starting date: 1/12/2021 or negotiable

Employment contract: 1 year with the possibility of extension to 3 years

The basic tariff salary is determined according to the number of years of experience starting from 1,079 EUR.

Applicants for this post must professionally profile themselves to the topic of the postdoctoral post: 

Numerical study of climate change impact on soil temperature variation affecting agricultural productivity of Nitra river basin in Slovakia

Links to research project:

The AgroBioTech Research Centre of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the field of agricultural science related to numerical modelling of temperature and moisture variation in the agricultural soil with special focus on the impact of climate change on soil temperature variation affecting agricultural productivity of Nitra river basin in Slovakia (with the scopes in modelling of water uptake, hydraulic redistribution and fertilizer induced contaminant transport in the agricultural soil). The postdoctoral position is linked to the work on the solving of ongoing project “SMARTFARM (2019-2023)”, specifically work on activity No. 3 entitled "Management systems preserving biodiversity and mitigating the impacts of climate change".

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Dušan Igaz, PhD., e-mail: dusan.igaz@uniag.sk

Contact: The AgroBioTech Research Centre of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Tr. A Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovakia

Brief introduction to the research topic:

Soil temperature is an important parameter to keep the ecological balance on this earth. It plays vital role in various biological processes which affect fertility and productivity of the soil. Therefore, understanding of soil temperature variation induced by climate change is very essential for managing agricultural production in an area. During last few years, soil temperature in the agricultural land on Nitra river basin in Slovakia has been found to be considerably affected due to the climate change. As a result, the crop growth on this basin area has also been significantly affected. In such situation, the numerical study of temperature variation in agricultural soil using any efficient tool needs to be conducted for finding the plausible solutions to this problem. Further numerical investigation might be carried out for modelling of water uptake, hydraulic redistribution and fertilizer induced contaminant transport in the agricultural soil.

Objective of the research project:

The main objective of this postdoctoral research work is to numerically investigate the climate change impact on the variation of soil temperature affecting the fertility and agricultural productivity of Nitra river basin in Slovakia.

Research methodology:

Apart from the academic expertise, the candidate may require good knowledge to carry out numerical simulations of heat transport in the software tools like HYDRUS 2D or VADOSE/W for this postdoctoral research study. The hiring university has very well equipped laboratories and other useful resources may be needed by the candidate for the postdoctoral research study. However, if necessary the experimental laboratory and field setup may be developed by the university to be used by the candidate.

Necessity of the Research project:

Agricultural production provides the necessary foods which should be sufficiently available for the growth and development of human body. The agricultural crop production of a land depends upon its fertility which is the function of soil temperature. Hence, this postdoctoral research project finds its necessity to explore the future potential based on the numerical study which may show the risk to maintain the suitable range of soil temperature so as to be alert in advance for avoiding the deficiency in agricultural production. In addition, this project outputs may be helpful to find some sustainable measures for maintaining suitable range of soil temperature in the agricultural land for the survival of plants and trees in the area of research study.

Description of the professional content of the postdoctoral post:

Primary task of the postdoctoral position will include:

  1. Collection of required field data:
  • Sampling of soil for evaluating useful soil hydraulic properties
  • Measurement of soil temperature using electronic device
  • Measurement of daily weather parameters using suitable equipment
  • Sampling of plants for determining various parameters to know crop yields
  1. Collection of past and futuristic climate data
  • Collecting past climate data measured by Slovak Hydrometeorolgical Institute
  • Forecasting of futuristic climate data based on Statistical Downscale Model
  1. Numerical modelling of soil temperature variation
  • Simulation of temporal variation of soil temperature using appropriate tools such as HYDRUS 2D or VADOSE/W
  • Exploring the future potential if there is any risk to maintain the suitable range of soil temperature
  • Identification of sites (in GIS environment) with susceptibility to excessive drying in the model river basin
  • Formulation of strategy and recommendations for proper agricultural practice

Required proficiency of the postdoctoral candidate should include the skills and experiences in the above mentioned tasks of the postdoctoral research study.

Required Knowledge of the applicant:

  • Good knowledge in English language
  • Adequate technical understanding in physical, chemical and hydraulic properties of soil
  • Good concepts to analyse various weather parameters and climatic data
  • Good experience for conducting laboratory experiment to determine various soil properties
  • Good understanding in plant physiology, crop yields, plant root zone, hydraulic redistribution and biological processes from agricultural point of view.
  • Good skill to handle electronic devices for measuring soil temperature and weather parameters
  • Proper knowledge for executing simulations in various numerical tools such as HYDRUS 2D or VADOSE/W and modelling of soil heat transport and soil moisture movement
  • Good experience in preparing research articles for peer-reviewed scientific journals

Minimum research output in terms of scientific papers during the postdoctoral position:

  • Preparing at least two manuscripts and communicating these to good peer-reviewed journals with Q1 or Q2 quartile based on the Web of Science.
  • Writing at least one international conference paper

Other requirements: moral integrity and good work ethic

Selection process:

In the first round, selection committee appointed by the Rector will assess submitted applications in accordance with required conditions and documents defined in this call. Applicants who have not met defined requirements of this call do not advance to the second round.

The second round means interview in Slovak or English. Applicants will present their vision, research proposal and professional suitability with the post offered in the maximum 10-minute presentation. Presentation will be in the form of guided interview between the applicants and members of the selection committee.

Selection committee will determine the overall ranking of applicants. The final decision on selection process will be issued by the Rector of the University.

Application for the postdoctoral post includes the following documents submitted in Slovak or English:

  • Written request to apply for this post
  • Letter of motivation
  • Project proposal
  • CV emphasising scientific research activities relevant to the topic
  • Basic scientometric indicators of the applicant (list of publications with emphasis on works indexed in WOS and SCOPUS and journal works, overview of citations, patent activity, transfer of knowledge into practice, studio/atelier activities)
  • List of research grants/projects and brief description of the most significant results achieved
  • List of completed internships (advantage)
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Other information, if any, illustrating the applicant's professional profile
  • Certified copies of diplomas of the second and third degree studies (master and PhD.)
  • Certified copy of an extract from the judicial record not older than 3 months

How to apply:

Send your application by mail to

Reference number UP-2021-106

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Human Resources Unit

Tr. A. Hlinku 2

949 76 Nitra

Slovak Republic


Additional admin info: hana.zach@uniag.sk

Additional research info: dusan.igaz@uniag.sk






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