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    University of Aveiro
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    07/10/2021 23:00 - Europe/London
    Portugal › Aveiro
    BIM /CESAM/ PTDC/CTA-AMB/2518/2020


A position is opened for a Research grant (“Bolsa de Investigação”) within the scope of the project SLEEP- Shedding light on freshwater ecosystems under environmental change and pollution” reference PTDC/CTA-AMB/2518/2020 at Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM), University of Aveiro and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, in its State Budget component (OE), with the following conditions:

1. Scientific Area: Ecology; Ecotoxicology

2. Admission requirements: Master Science degree in Ecology, applied Ecology, Ecotoxicology, applied Biology or related areas. Preference will be given to candidates readily available to join the research team and candidates with some expertise in ecotoxicological assays.

Academic degrees and diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions require recognition by a Portuguese higher institution under the terms of Decree-Law no. n.º 66/2018, of 16th August (Legal regime of recognition of higher education degrees and diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions) and of Art 4 paragraph 2 section e) section e) Decree-Law no. 60/2018, of 03rd August, The formalities defined in those legal documents should be fulfilled until the contract starting date.

3. Eligibility: Applicants must comply with paragraph 2 of Art. 2 of the Research Grant Recipient Statute (in Portuguese), as in Decree-Law no. 123/2019 of 28th August, and also the regime established in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Art. 6 of the FCT Regulation for Studentships and Fellowships (in Portuguese). Candidates must be enrolled (or present proof of meeting the requirements to be enrolled) in a Doctoral Program in Ecology or Ecotoxicology or related scientific areas.

4. Work plan Ecotoxicological assays (laboratory and mesocosms systems) with freshwater invertebrates exposed to different pollutants. Assessment of apical and biochemical responses. Support of other project activities. Data analyses and preparation/ presentation of project results (including scientific articles)

5. Applicable legislation and regulations: Research Fellowship Holder Statute (in Portuguese), as in Decree-Law no. 123/2019 of 28th August; FCT Regulation for Studentships and Fellowships (in Portuguese), as in , Regulation no. 950/2019 of 16th December; Decree-Law n.º 66/2018, of 16 August (Legal regime of recognition of higher education degrees and diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions).

6. Workplace and supervisor: The research will be conducted at CESAM and the department of Biology of University of Aveiro under the scientific supervision of Doctor João Luís Teixeira Pestana

7. Grant duration: The grant will be awarded for a period of 12 months, starting 1st November 2021, and may be renewed.

8. Monthly maintenance allowance: €1.104,64, according to the table of grant amounts of FCT, IP for positions held in Portugal - Regulation 950/25019, annex I.

9. Selection criteria: Curriculum evaluation (100%) which will be carried out according to the following criteria and weighting: Academic qualifications (30%); Expertise in ecotoxicological assays (30%); Scientific publications (40%).

- If deemed necessary the jury reserves the right to invite the three candidates with the highest score in the Curricular evaluation to conduct an interview that can be done in person or remotely, via zoom or other appropriate means. In this case, the curricular evaluation is valuated in 80 % and the interview in 20%

10. Composition of the Jury: The Jury is composed by Amadeu Mortágua Velho da Maia Soares, (President of the Jury, Full Professor, University of Aveiro), João Luís Teixeira Pestana (1st effective member, Assistant Researcher, University of Aveiro), Susana Patrícia Mendes Loureiro (2nd effective member, Assistant Professor with Habilitation, University of Aveiro), Isabel Maria Cunha Antunes Lopes (1st alternate member, Principal Researcher, University of Aveiro), Marta Sofia Soares Craveiro Alves Monteiro dos Santos (2nd alternate member, Assistant researcher, University of Aveiro).

11. Application deadline and form of submission: The call is open from the 23rd September to the 7th of October 2021, and applications are only allowed within the established deadline. Applications must be formalized by sending a letter of application accompanied by the following documents: (i) Curriculum Vitae, (ii) letter of motivation, (iii) at least one reference letter, (iv) certificate of qualifications and other supporting documents deemed relevant. You should also indicate the e-mail address to which, by that indication, you agree to be notified for all purposes under this procedure.

Applications must be sent by email to jpestana@ua.pt and to cesam-concursos@ua.pt

with the subject “Application BIM-SLEEP”.

12. Form of publicity / notification of the results: The results of the evaluation are disclosed within a maximum period of 30 working days from the end of the submission of applications, by notifying the candidates by email. Candidates are informed, in the context of a prior hearing, under the terms enshrined in the Code of Administrative Procedure, of the draft decision, and may, within 10 working days from this notification, comment on this decision.


University of Aveiro, 22nd September 2021

João Luís Teixeira Pestana

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