part-time scientific project employee (m/f/d) at the Chair of General and Analytical Chemistry // RefID 2109WPC

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    16/12/2021 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
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One vacant position for a part-time scientific project employee (m/f/d) at the Chair of General and Analytical Chemistry at the Department General, Analytical and Physical Chemistry probably at the earliest possible date, but at short notice from 2022-01-01 in an employment contract limited to 3 years.

Salary group B1 according to Uni-KV, monthly Fee excluding payment: € 2,237.60 for 30 hours per week (14 times a year).


We are looking for a researcher with high personal motivation for scientific excellence and integrity, with the ability to solve problems and enjoy working together in a research team in an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented environment.

Requirements: Completed degree in natural sciences, with a focus on analytical chemistry.

Additional qualifications: Practical experience in laboratory work; Experience with element analysis (e.g.: ICP-MS); experience with isotope ratio analysis would be an asset;

Responsibilities: We offer a challenging project work on the subject of " High-precision Ni and Fe isotope ratio analysis to study mobilisation of Nickel by hyperaccumulating plants" as part of a dissertation. The work is embedded in a FWF-funded research network in an international project team between the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, MARSS / CNRS Pau, France and Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

Metal hyperaccumulation is a fascinating phenomenon. About 1% of higher plant species are able to accumulate 100-1000 times higher concentrations of trace elements than “normal” or nonaccumulating plant species in their aboveground tissues without showing any symptoms of toxicity. Most of these species accumulate nickel, whereas the accumulation of other elements (e.g. arsenic, cadmium, zinc) is much less frequent. While physiological and molecular processes have already been investigated in depth, Ni solubilisation processes in the rhizosphere are still largely unknown.

Novel rhizosphere research methods, including root exudate analysis from soil grown plants and highend isotope ratio analytics may offer new opportunities for gaining detailed insight into biogeochemical processes in the rhizosphere of Nickel hyperaccumulators.

This project aims to elucidate plant/microbe induced Nickel solubilisation mechanisms by assessing biogeochemical changes in the rhizosphere induced by roots and associated microorganisms. Isotope ratio analysis will be developed and implemented as a novel tool in rhizosphere research and applied for determining the major soil Ni pools acting as a source for plant-available nickel.

The focus of this PhD thesis lies in the development of analytical methods for high-precision isotope ratio analysis of Fe and Ni, including isolation methods and measurement procedures based on mass spectrometry (MC ICP-MS and TIMS).

We offer a varied and independent job in an international team with high-end lab infrastructure and instruments. A team-oriented working atmosphere, intensive cooperation with project partners and options to teaching offer ideal professional and personal development opportunities. The Montanuniversität promotes career paths and offers excellent framework conditions for social diversity in a contemporary working environment. The Montanuniversität Leoben aims to increase the proportion of women and therefore expressly encourages qualified women to apply. Women will be given priority if they have the same qualifications as the most suitable competitor.

For your application, please use our online application form on the homepage: https://www.unileoben.ac.at/jobs.

For more information, contact thomas.prohaska@unileoben.ac.at or johanna.irrgeher@unileoben.ac.at.


Reference ID: 2109WPC

End of Application: 2021-12-15

The Montanuniversitaet Leoben intends to increase the number of women on its faculty and therefore specifically invites applications by women. Among equally qualified applicants women will receive preferential consideration.

For the application please use the online form on the homepage: http://www.unileoben.ac.at/jobs

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