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N. 1 (one) temporary position for 18 months as Fourth level Researcher (R4) in the field of remote sensing and data analysis within the Highlander project (298_CRI_RSDA) - deadline for application September 29, 2021

This job offer has expired

    Fondazione Edmund Mach
    Environmental scienceEarth science
    Environmental scienceEcology
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    29/09/2021 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Italy › San Michele a-A (TN)


The position will require the use of remote sensing data, in particular, spectral and Lidar data and data analysis. The successful candidate will contribute, under the supervision of the project PI, to data treatment, data analysis and interpretation.

The activities are included in the frame of the EU H2020 Highlander project (https://highlanderproject.eu/) until the end of the project. He/she will also be responsible of the quality control of the data produced. He/she will contribute to achieve the tasks assigned to FEM by the EU Horizon 2020 project HIGHLANDER.


  • Perform remote sensing and time series data analysis;
  • Carry on regular maintenance of sensors;
  • Write technical reports;
  • Collaborate in the dissemination of scientific results;
  • Attend scientific meetings and collaborate in scientific publications.


More Information


  1. Family Audit certified company, with flexible working time and human resources management policy, for the wellbeing of the employees and their families;
  2. In-house dining hall and coffee shop in San Michele all’Adige, as well as a payment card for meals taken in registered non-company facilities, with the value of Euro 6.00 per meal;
  3. Bike-sharing facility and free car park within the San Michele all'Adige campus and at the peripheral locations;
  4. Free “Education Roaming (Eduroam)” WiFi on the San Michele all’Adige campus (90% coverage) and in facilities of other entities affiliated with GARR for the Wi-Fi service;
  5. Employee discount for the purchase of products from the Edmund Mach Winery sales point;
  6. Staff sports club, with discount for members and promotions of sport-recreational activities (on-campus gym);
  7. Internal market of agri-food products prepared by the Foundation students.

Eligibility criteria

The Edmund Mach Foundation operates in compliance with the legislation in force concerning fixed-term contracts.

Candidates are invited to state whether they belong to the categories referred to in Law 68/99, and to indicate this in the curriculum vita sent in application for recruitment.

The candidate must meet all the requirements and qualifications laid out, on the closing date for submitting applications as stated in the public announcement, as well as on the date of recruitment and placement. Candidates are in any case required to promptly inform the Foundation of any change in the data declared in the application for participation in the public notice.

Failure to meet the specific and general requirements will result in exclusion from the selection process. The Foundation, however, reserves the right to verify the above requirements and may at any time terminate the selection process for a candidate who does not meet them.

Should the verification reveal inconsistencies, doubts or uncertainties, the Foundation also reserves the right to request further clarifications and/or documents to be produced, within the peremptory deadline indicated by the Foundation.

The assessment of the possession of requirements and evaluation of qualifications is based exclusively on the information declared in the application form (Annex A).

Selection process

Selection process:

  • By educational qualifications (maximum 30 points) and interview (maximum 70 points). The results of the selection are based on the sum of the points awarded for the educational qualifications and interview.

On the basis of the information provided exclusively in the application form (Annex A), the Foundation will select the best 10 candidates for admission to the interview. This preselection will be conducted on the basis of the highest scores achieved, according to the following criteria (maximum 30 points):

  • Phd in Ecology or Environmental Sciences, Agriculture/Forest, Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies, Mathematics, Computer Science (4 points);
  • Work experience in the areas of Ecology, Plant physiology, Remote sensing, Environmental or Agronomic/Forest studies in highly qualified research institutions or universities (between 0.5 and 2 points for each year, depending on the relevance of the research activities, up to a maximum of 8 points);
  • Internship in the field of remote sensing or ecological data analysis in qualified research institutions or Universities (between 0.5 and 1 points for each 4 months, depending on the relevance of the activities, up to a maximum of 3 points);
  • Scientific publications in journals with Impact Factor (IF) in the field of Ecology, Plant physiology, Remote sensing, Environmental or Agronomic studies (between 0.5 and 2 points for each publication, depending on IF: 0.5 if IF<2; 1 if IF between 2 and 4; 1.5 if IF between 4 and 10; 2 if IF higher than 10; and up to a maximum of 10 points);
  • Number of scientific publications or oral communications in Scientific meetings in the field of Ecology, Plant physiology, Remote Sensing, Environmental or Agronomic/Forest studies (0.2 points for each publication/oral communication up to a maximum of 5 points);

Additional comments

Applications must arrive by and no later than 23:59 (the date and time of receipt shown in the electronic mail account of the Foundation shall be valid) on September 29, 2021.

The recruitment procedure will terminate at the latest by March 29, 2022.

Applications to participate in the selection must be sent in electronic format to the email address (not certified email address, a.k.a. PEC) curricula@fmach.it , indicating the recruitment code (298_CRI_RSDA - R4 temporary remote sensing) in the subject of the message and must consist of:

  • the candidate’s curriculum vitae, saved with the file name and extension as follows: Surname First Name_CV.doc or .pdf;
  • the application form (Annex A), as per the model available on the webpage announcement, which must be saved with the file name and extension: Surname First Name _Application.pdf. The application must be completed in full, without any resort to references to other attached documentation and/or information;
  • a copy of a valid identity document.

Any person encountering difficulty in submitting the application due to disability is invited to contact +39 0461 615542.

The results of the selection will be communicated by:

  • publication of the suitable candidate ranking on the webpage dedicated to the present recruiting announcement, with the details of ranking order, surname and name; the publication of the candidate’s name in the list of suitable candidates shall not be subject to the right of confidentiality, therefore the candidate may not request that their name be removed from the said list;
  • at the end of the procedure, communication to all candidates whether included in the ranking of suitable candidates or not, by individual email (not certified email, a.k.a. PEC) to the contact address used to send the curriculum vitae and the application.

This Recruiting Announcement is issued in compliance with equal opportunities between men and women for access to employment, pursuant to Legislative decree no. 198 of 11 April 2006 "Code of equal opportunities between men and women, pursuant to Article 6 of Law no. 246 of 28 November 2005".

Assignment:  Research and Innovation Centre (CRI), Sustainable ecosystems & bioresources department (DASB), Forest Ecology and biogeochemical cycles Unit (EFCB).

Provincial Collective Contract for Personnel of Research Foundations (https://trasparenza.fmach.it/Amministrazione-Trasparente/Personale/Contr...), Fourth level Researcher, current gross remuneration of Euro 34.563,94, including 13th and 14th month’s pay.

Web site for additional job details

Offer Requirements

    Environmental science: Master Degree or equivalent
    Computer science: Master Degree or equivalent
    Geosciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent


During the interview, which will be conducted in English, the following knowledge will be verified, and in particular (maximum 70 points):

  • Use of spectral data for plant biophysical parameters estimation (up to 15 points, threshold 10);
  • Time series data analysis (up to 20 points, threshold 12);
  • Data base organization (up to 15 points, threshold 10);
  • Statistical modelling using in particular the R software (or equivalent) and image elaboration software (up to 15 points, threshold 10);
  • Knowledge of the activities and organization of Fondazione Edmund Mach (up to (up to 5 points).

In the interview, the candidate must achieve a minimum score of 50/70 points.

Specific Requirements

  • Master of Science in in Ecology, Botany, Plant Physiology, Forestry, Environmental, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science;
  • Knowledge of written and spoken English (minimum level B2), evaluated during the interview.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Fondazione Edmund Mach
Italy / Trentino
San Michele a-A (TN)
Via Mach 1

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