Tenure Track Lecturer (women only) (Chemical Engineering・Environmental Chemistry)

    Shizuoka University
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    EngineeringProcess engineering
    Environmental science
    Leading Researcher (R4)
    Established Researcher (R3)
    28/10/2021 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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[Description of the institution]
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, and Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology

The successful candidate is expected to actively conduct pioneering researches (including development of Chemical Engineering based on Environmental Conservation, Resource and Energy Conversion and Processization) and education in the field of Environmental Applied Chemistry of the Department.
In addition to the research related to the above field, it is required to take charge of some classes, exercises, experiments in the graduate and undergraduate courses, and to provide research guidance or research guidance assistance to undergraduate and graduate students.

[Address of work location]
Hamamatsu Campus of Shizuoka University (Hamamatsu City, Japan)

[Available positions]
Tenure Track Lecturer one (women only)

[Starting date, employment date, etc.]
April 1, 2022 or at the earliest date possible thereafter.

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Conditions of employment
(1) Terms of employment: Five years.
(2) Assessment and evaluation during the employment:
On the basis of the original research plan, the interim research reports and the research reports at the end on the research submitted by the position holder, and of the results of interviews, etc., assessment and evaluation will be conducted on the position holder's research achievements, acquisition of competitive research funding, and capabilities in leadership and management and in giving lectures and guides on researches to graduate and undergraduate students. The assessment and evaluation will be scheduled as follows:
1) Yearly assessment on the progress of research will be conducted at the end of first, second, and fourth years.
2) Interim assessment and evaluation will be conducted in the month following two and a half years after the start of employment.
3) Final assessment and evaluation will be conducted before passing four and a half years after the start of employment.
Successful tenure track position holder will be promoted to associate professor and acquire tenure until the retirement age (currently 65 years old).
(3) Remuneration:
Annual salary system.

Additional comments

(1) Interviews on the past and present research activities, research plans, and ambition for education. Only those who have passed the document review will be notified for interviews. Travel expenses will not be disbursed.
(2) If several applicants are judged as having equivalent abilities, then non-Japanese applicants, or applicants with disabilities will get an advantage.
(3) If there was interruption period of research activities due to maternity leave or childcare leave, it will be taken into account upon request in the selection procedure.

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Shizuoka University

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