Junior Professorship (W1) focused on Systematic Theology and Contemporary Issues with a special concentration on ethics with tenure-track to a Full Professorship (W3)

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    Established Researcher (R3)
    30/09/2021 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
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The Faculty of Humanities of the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg (Germany) invites applications for an immediate opening for an

Assistant professor position (W1, Junior Professorship) with tenure track

in the Institute for Protestant Theology and Religious Education

This position is remunerated based on the W 1 salary bracket and is focused on

Systematic Theology and Contemporary Issues with a special concentration on ethics.

This is a tenure track position that will lead to a

Full Professorship (W 3) in

Protestant Theology with an emphasis on Systematic Theology and Contemporary Issues.


The successful candidate for the junior professorship will also become a civil servant for a probationary period of three years. This probationary civil servant status can be extended to a period of six years. The appointment to a full professorship (W 3) and the permanent civil servant status will only be granted if the assistant professor has proven that he/she meets all the required guidelines of the university’s internal quality assurance concept. This position is funded by the “Bund-Länder-Programm zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses“ (tenure track program)

The applicant will be responsible for teaching and researching in the field of Systematic Theology and Contemporary Issues with an emphasis on ethics. Furthermore, the candidate should have an internationally oriented background and be able to demonstrate the ability to conduct interdisciplinary work with the various fields in the Department of Humanities.

The teaching requirements for this position include the various course offerings of the University of Würzburg’s modularized degree programs, especially in Protestant Religious Education for primary, middle and secondary schools and Religious Education Didactics. It is also expected that the candidate will have experience in obtaining grants and other external funding as well as in cooperating in interdisciplinary research projects.

The stipulations laid out in the Agreement between the State of Bavaria and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria right of the Rhein from 15.11.1924, and its current version, do apply to filling this professorship.

Prerequisites for this position are a university degree, a doctoral degree, demonstrated teaching skills and additional academic achievements, as well as outstanding postdoctoral work in Systematic Theology with a focus on the aforementioned fields (cf. Art. 14 Para 1 BayHSchPG). Applicants for tenure track positions should be in the early stages of their professorship and will have moved universities after their postdoctoral work. If the candidate completed his/her postdoctoral work at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität, then he/she must have completed at least two years of employment at another institution of higher learning.

Candidates who, at the time of application, have been employed as researcher at a German university for more than six years total (including doctoral studies) are not eligible to apply. (cf. Art. 14 Para 3 BayHSchPG).

The University of Würzburg places great importance on supporting undergraduate and doctoral students and it expects its faculty to be equally dedicated to the student body.

The University of Würzburg is committed to building a diverse faculty; women are strongly encouraged to apply for this position. Persons with disabilities will be hired preferentially if otherwise equally qualified.

Applications including a cover letter, CV, academic certificates, research and teaching statement, publication list, and a list of active and past research grants should be submitted, preferably in electronic form, by 30.09.2021 to the Dean for the Department of Humanities, Prof. Dr. Johannes Hewig, Wittelsbacherplatz 1, 97074 Würzburg, berufungen.hw@uni-wuerzburg.de. We also request that applicants complete an application form and email this to us. Additional information regarding the application process can be found at https://go.uniwue.de/berufungen-hw.

By applying for this position, the applicant consents to his/her application documents being saved electronically and consents to having these documents copied. Furthermore, the candidate gives us permission to store these documents and, if need be, to forward them to university reviewers. The candidate also expressly consents to their documents not being returned until the application process is completed.

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